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  1. I love my 1001sxx man theyre part of osaka5 ofr a reason ill need to pickup a pair of 50's cut sda with super high front rise any reco!?

    i can relate to all the recent WH love, ive been wearing the anniversary 1003sxx a lot b/c it's so comfortable and while it's suppose to be the same denim as the 800 that i have from several years ago, its darker and slubbier....i'd also be interested in an sda with a higher rise, do they do that?

  2. as already said, the person, fit, activity level and other things can make a huge difference in how long the jeans last; given that setterman looks like an active outdoors guy with a relatively slim fit, i'm rather impressed with how the lighter-weight WH denim has held up, and the fade evolution is amazing; i think if i wore the same model in my usual sized up 1 it would last me at least 3-4 years of daily (mostly office) wear !


    (that said i always tell friends new to denim that they can expect around 2 years daily wear and may need repairs down the road)

  3. You are missing the point on the impact of this conversation about Tanuki initiated by Kiya, basically he is criticizing the marketing strategy of this new brand that his competition is launching.

    It's a different story if he is doing that behind closed doors, but for a business owner to do that to his competition on a public forum, there seems to be something wrong in that practice.


    no one was commenting on his/her competition (and there would have been nothing "wrong" with it had someone done so); if people agree with the view that Tanuki is a gimmick brand based on its "secret master" story and thereafter decide not buy those jeans from blue owl (or associate blue owl with gimmick products), that's blue owl's own fault only for carrying the gimmick product; the comments were personal views expressed about a truly contrived origin story and denim brand. i personally like the insight from a shop owner on why such products might create issues when trying to run a store with integrity (which doesn't sound easy) and while no store is perfect, i appreciate the relative integrity, authenticity, and purpose of SE and their willingness to be real people with personal views

  4. i'm not at all crazy or unhappy about this topic, it just so happened that several people responded (including asking for me to elaborate) and i replied; i think some of you are reacting to things i never said


    in regards to pharrell being a plagiarist, i was referring the multi-million dollar lawsuit he lost to marvin gaye's family (adsevil you can go ahead and explain how this would not be relevant to his image if you want)


    i'm kind of baffled how pointing out that SE has the ST cut in many different types of denim (and implying this could be part of a "trend") means i'm not accepting of people who have different opinions; so you know, i completely respect people's different opinions (and their different styles and their different sized asses/thighs)--especially when they're stated in a clear and calm manner....i'm also baffled how my comments on pharrell somehow implied kiya is a "bad person" (in fact i said SE was still a good shop that i go to)....apparently i touched a nerve with some of you, which actually wasn't my intent at all

  5. Can you elaborate on this? I'm genuinely curious what we've done recently is for pop-stars or hipsters.  

    We've pretty much been doing the same thing for 10 years and any new directions we've taken have been because i've personally become interested in new/different things/fashions over the past 10 years, which i feel is healthy for both a person and a retail store as long as you don't jump from trend to trend.

    couldn't posting a photo of pharrell shopping at SE change or change/enhance the image of SE (e.g. by implying that it is "cool enough for pharrell")? I'm not arguing that there's something wrong or untrue about that or that people who respect pharrell's taste shouldn't shop at SE, but i personally don't have any respect for him (he's a plagiarist among other things..)...while the rockabilly aspect of SE and some japanese brands may not have ever been something many people would find immediately familiar, it would seem a big shift from rockabilly to pharrell or maroon 5 (i'm not trying to imply that SE is actually making that sort of shift, but i think i could understand why they would go in a more mainstream direction)


    maybe related/unrelated, it seems like there are more big/wild print shirts in the past few years than before (not that there were none before, but seems like there are more big/wild prints now, and less simple shirts t-shirts excluded) there's also a lot slim tapered cuts like the 3sixteen ST cut in many different denims

  6. The idea that i'd be in this thread for self promotion is hilarious to me.  I'm here because it's fun, i still enjoy posting on forums.  

    You don't think after 10 years and 5 stores i'd be able to hire somebody to post on forums for us for promotion?   That sounds terrible to me, hence why you still have to deal with me in all corners of the internet.  

    Sometimes i think we could have more fans of the store if you got me off the internet.  (4)

    if you can switch hats between threads/posts that easily, it's truly great because i think there are people who give a lot of weight to your opinions


    i shop both online (never from denimio) and at b&m stores, mostly at b&m stores b/c i live in a city with good stores, like SE; while i don't like the recent direction of some of the SE-related posts (ie pop stars and hipster fashion) I still go to the store b/c i almost always get something unexpected that looks different in person, wasn't on the website, etc.

  7. Just ask BiG directly.


    Sure we can speculate, but another store owner/employee is not going to directly talk about another store in matters like this. It's not cool and doesn't come off as professional.

    my interest was not in the answer to the original question, but in pointing out that kiya didn't really answer the question after saying that he was going to; that fact combined with the warning that we not "point fingers" at BiG or SE (which wasn't even mentioned in the original question) gave me the impression that the response was more about self-promotion than providing the forum with unbiased quality information

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