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  1. Those SC's are nice. I've pretty been much obsessed with all of their denims for a while. They age so nicely and look cool at every stage. I need to get around to picking up a pair of the 47's. The size 33 have all the dimension I want except the waist might be a little snug but if they stretch comfortably I'm game.

    the waist definitely stretches and i'd recommend getting a snugger starting waist because it stretches and the legs are a little oversized for the waist

  2. i think the hardware quality of WH is excellent and anything higher may be overkill, but FH/IH hardware is imo a cut above WH and FH/IH denim is possibly more durable

  3. mrsmiff, will you be posting a list of everyone and their sizes/info as well? 

    i'd like to see this list as well before it's sent off to OOE to confirm that I'm down for a tagged 35 waist and a 29" post-wash inseam :)


    also hoping ooe offers a sneak peek or two of the denim, patch, or construction etc ;)

  4. thanks!  and that's good info; i measured my pair of sz 32 sc66, currently my favorite fit, its been cold washed and line dried 5 or 6 times and has been worn a handful of times since the last wash and this is what i got (with the post wash chart measurements for the sz 34 and 35 02's, to the right):


    sc66 sz 32                                        02 sz 34           02 sz 35


    waist laid flat: 16.5 (33)                      31.7                 32.7

    front rise: 11.8-12                               11.6                 11.8

    upper thigh: 12.7                                12.6                 13

    knee: 9.1                                             8.1                  8.3

    leg opening: 8.25                                7.7                  7.9 

    inseam, hemmed: 29


    my concern with the sz 34 is that it might be tight in the waistband and upper block...anyone care to weigh in?  :D

  5. i have that FH flannel in blue/black and its by far my favorite flannel ever and gets better and better with wear...i don't really need more than one heavy flannel or else i'd get the other colors too

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