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  1. I believe none of my RJB pairs have back pocket lining...

    my 106bsp does...i dislike it, it makes little creases that cause fades and can be felt esp when sitting down...if anything i would think the full lining causes more puckering (and irregular/unwanted pack pocket fades) i don't really see the point of them..half-lined makes more sense perhaps due to the benefit of added reinforcement and less creasing..but imo unlined is the way to go

  2. i have both denims and the old denim is a lot flatter, even flatter than TFH 3xxx denim, and the weave feels pretty tight like 3xxx denim, though softer; the blue color on the old denim is nice and includes a turqouise color when fading and also some of the electric blue reminiscent of 3xxx denim


    the new rjb denim is lightly slubby all over with an almost yarn-like texture and feels a lot more loose/breathable than the old rjb denim/TFH denim..i actually like the color of the old rjb denim about the same, but the feeling of the new denim is way better imo..and it still fades nicely and in a more subdued/subtle way than the flashier old denim/3xxx denim... 


    i actually just looked at both of them side by side and it's very hard for me to tell the difference between them by looking at them, but they feel totally different..the old denim feels almost like sanforized denim compared to the new denim due to the uniform flatness of it

  3. my body started rejecting slim fits around age 27; by age 30 i couldn't pull a slim pair over my calves without my body rejecting them. i don't think i even grew, just got older..jeans are mysterious. i'm also 5'9" and prefer my inseams around 29-30'' which usually allows me at least a single cuff

  4. Bsp owners, the inseam on the site says 41 how much shrinkage did you get? I read in the thread someone said 4 inches but I have never had a pair shrink that much.

    I want to hem to 35, I'm about 5'9".

    Much appreciated.


    fwiw, i have 3009 and hemmed to a 34 and it shrank to almost exactly 31 after several washes


    Come on bro, I'm 5'9" and work with a 29.5" inseam, although I sag a little and like a short inseam.

    Max you need is 32.5, stacks are out, correct inseam length is in...


    this is kind of like saying slim fits are out straight fits are in, but the reality is he has bsp's, slim usually look good with some stacking, there's not one correct inseam length, and not everyone wants to wear the 3005 with a 1 inch cuff and no break  :ph34r:

  5. thanks for the info! really great fits..i think i'm going to hold off on these though since the back pocket looks to be on the large side..i like big back pockets from a practical stand point but they don't look great on me

  6. i've been wanting to get a pair of SDA jeans for several years and this D1677 seems to have it all..i wish i knew how 101s fit, also waiting to see how this goes, i wonder how many sz 33s there are?

  7. Anyone else think its super lame that sugar cane doesn't do anything cool re: denim anymore?

    yes, the last "different" thing i saw them do was the cotton/wool blend which i don't find appealing at all..even something they used to do right like the 66 they added the star and made it worse..i wish they'd do some cool new things but it seems unlikely for some reason, it's also hard to say this b/c i'm a big fan of some SC stuff

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