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  1. it took me some going back and forth between jeans to notice, but the heavy-dutton buttons FH uses on the button fly is a detail worth noting as well; in terms of flatness, my experience with 3xxx denim is a bit different..when the sunlight hits the new/dark denim head-on, the inky-indigo is a sight to behold

  2. You're welcome! There's a second round going up on December 22nd with more stuff and some additions.

    I've got lots of things buried deep in storage.. loads of jeans with tabs and arcuates, samples of jean models that never got made, etc.. I can't part with any of it!

    any idea what time things will be on the website?  the tan colored TFH chambray in 40/42 is the one i've been after for years if there is one!

  3. i've been in touch w/ them regarding hemming; but now i'm going back and forth between 01 or 03....i've never had a tagged size 34 but the size chart confirms the advice here..


    Foxy:  could you comment on what you think of the differences between the three fits?  

  4. these will go in the closet for a later date.  I have too many pairs plus the contest.  To be fair, this was a couple years in the making.  I was in awe since the SUFU Ooe contest and like Aho said, the exchange rate is favorable enough for me to invest at this time.  But still, fuck you all :)

    i'm in the same boat and am about ready to pull the trigger on these; any cut/sizing advice?  going for something a bit similar to a sc47 in sz 32

  5. The sleeves look a bit short, but as they stretch a lot I recommend you stretch those out and then have the perfect fit.


    how did you go about stretching yours? i seem to remember you stretched it pretty nicely

  6. i like the presoak fit; my stuff also seems to shrink more than others though so maybe its just me; how much are you selling for? how can you live in viet nam and not know how to ship mail? lol for a good price i'll have someone pick them up 

  7. great fit on that; what's the weight like?  i kind of want something like this that is not super heavy but since it's IH i'm assuming it's at least somewhat heavy?

    edit: oops accidentally neg repped meant to pos rep.. i wish those buttons weren't so close together!

  8. What I'm trying to say is, the 5000vx 21oz seems to check most of my wishlist boxes all in one (Samurai - slim-straight fit - heavy denim), so I think I'll decide on them.


    good choice

  9. Sorry for not being clear enough. 


    In my mind, they should have hug my buttocks something like this http://system100-4.site-one.net/httplink/www.dartisan.co.jp/upload/item/53/10_0.jpg


    Unfortunately, the trousers sit like pictured here http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/rebirth/709/709-07.jpg


    There are other similar pictures on their website and their two blogs that show the exact same drape. I came to believe that probably it has something to do with wearing those while riding a bike. 


    It almost feel like, I presume, wearing a thong from time to time. 

    i'm not sure about the drape but the second picture definitely does have more of an "ass eats jeans" effect..idk i've nver worn these kind of IH pants sorry lol

  10. Great pickup, aho!



    I put this pair of 1950s Buzz Rickson jeans on the supermarket yesterday. They're brand-new and raw, which is extremely rare for this jean. They're a size too big for me, unfortunately. Link in the signature! 


    (and check out my Buzz Rickson Original Spec chinos!)



    what's the sizing/fit of these compared to other jeans (e.g. sc47)?  thanks!

  11. i believe the hawaiis have a green tab (at least mine do, if anyone is interested in buying them [sz 30] hit me up, they're too tight, esp after the sized up 47s i just got and love)

  12. i unexpectedly came upon a pair of raw 1947s; after a 30-45 mins warm soak and line dry they have a perfect loose fit everywhere but the waist which is a little snug though should stretch out just fine.  my only fear is that everything will shrink up significantly with repeated washings and i'll end up wishing they were one size larger.  this is my first experience with the raw SC denim, anyone have opinions/experience with it?  thank you!

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