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  1. nice fit on the 66s will look great after broken in (and hemmed)...i love the 66s i have (lucky enough to get a non-star pair), i'm small waist and big ass/hips/thighs proportioned so probably haven't noticed the small waist/big everything else phenomenon as much..i do think that people who aren't similarly proportioned might not be able to handle the high rise and wide top block of the 66, which can look/feel somewhat top heavy...i did notice however after trying on the WH 1003sxx that the waist is about the same as my 47s in the same size, but the rise is significantly shorter and every other measurement feels smaller too (except there's maybe slightly less taper), so i think i can see it 

  2. just received a sz32 1003sxx from frisbee, my pre-soak measurements (in inches) for anyone interested:

    waist: 33.5

    front rise: 11.5

    back rise: 15

    thigh: 12

    knee: 10

    leg opening: 9

    inseam (hemmed to): 32.75


    frisbee was very easy to do business with and didn't charge me extra for shipping even though the jeans came in a large WH box that they wrapped with an excessive amount of bubble wrap in order to keep it in mint condition; the total after a reduced shipping fee was 25,600 yen which i think is reasonable..didn't have to pay any additional fees at the post office when picking up


    the denim on these feels much coarser, thicker, and slubbier than my other pair of WH (an 800 from several years ago), though maybe that's just b/c it's still raw (i forget what raw denim feels like after a while)...definitely could've sized down one (went TTS) but i'm happy it'll end up as a true loose fit


    post soak measurements (soaked in cold water for ~30 mins and line dry):

    waist: 31.5

    front rise: 11

    back rise: 14.5

    thigh: 11.75

    knee: 9.25

    leg opening: 8.5

    inseam: 30.75 (hemmed prior to soak)


    shrank more than expected for a cold soak, feels like it will shrink some more and of course stretch (won't be quite as loose as i first thought)..denim and details look great

  3. i don't think anyone was contesting the idea that a shirt must fit well; j crew shirts are $70-$100 and consist of very cheap feeling materials mass produced in china and marked-up up because the brand is seen as a standard for upper-middle-class traditional white america; i have couple well-fitting j crew shirts but they each have this awkwardly long front and back tail (though not really long enough to tuck in) and i've noticed this on almost all j crew shirts over the years and it seems like it's part of their style; i really dislike the j crew tail and all it stands for.. 

  4. I've been considering a pair of Okis recently, and the size 36 one-wash measurements at selfedge (with the 35-inch waist) look right for me. I'm wondering how realistic it would be to fully shrink a pair of unwashed (from HPA, for example) all the way to the one-wash specs?


    I searched the thread, but with an archive this big it was pretty hard to find consistent info over the years.


    Thanks for any thoughts folks can share. Cheers.

    i think if you use a hot machine dryer they will shrink around the same; if you do cold wash/line dry i think they'll get close after 5 or 6 washes though not quite as shrunk..i would go with raw..

  5. yeah that's what i just realized with bF's fit pics, i thought having a big ass (comparatively speaking) would make the wide pocket spacing look worse but it's actually the opposite, so i think fc will actually work for me some day (it looks like that day is getting pushed back again since im probably getting a pair of wh)

  6. it looks like frisbee has a little bit of a discount on shipping and also has my size, has anyone bought from frisbee before? 


    no one else picked up the 1003sxx? i didn't like the buttons at first but they've grown on me for some reason and i really like all the other details, definitely getting this one (knowing my timing, as soon as i get them a more "official" 20th anniversary WH will probably come out, if so i guess that'll be good for the ppl waiting!) 

  7. that 1101 is a perfect fit imo...on the day i get a pair of FC it'll definitely be in this cut, still undecided on the denim, i like how stubborn the XX appears to be to fade, but i haven't seen any really faded pics yet so still can't decide!


    i had also been kind of staying away from fc jeans due to the pocket placement but they look really good in these fit pics

  8. Have to chime in here. To be honest, I think the argument that leg opening majorly affects comfort is silly. 

    i think itsbenhere probably meant the 3009 has a smaller knee measurement than the 3005, resulting in a less comfortable fit for the 3009... i have the 3009 but have only tried on the 3005 and while the top block does indeed feel the same, the knee feels a bit looser on the 3005 (i haven't worn the 3005 long enough myself to see if there's a difference in comfort b/c of that for me)...the leg opening though, yeah i don't think that usually affects comfort much either unless it's tight on your ankle or you feel uncomfortable looking like a carrot  :)

  9. If the denim is stf, then I always need a 13" thigh (pre-wash) minimum, measured the BiG way. My following pairs all have 13" (or bigger thighs):

    - Full Count 0105 SFS (size 32)

    - Full Count 0105XX (32)

    - Momotaro 0901 (32)

    - Sugar Cane Hawaii (32)

    - Sugar Cane slack denim (32)

    - SDA 101 (32)

    - SDA 001 (31)

    - Warehouse 1001 15th (32)

    - Warehouse 415 (32)

    - plus others I've bought one-washed.

    My Ande Whalls are all sanforized and stretch to 13" in the thigh (size 31) and most (if not all) of my LVC have the magic 13"! I've also found that the higher the waist, the slimmer the thigh I can get away with.

    you (and your 13" thighs) are absolutely correct, thighs on the the most generous repro cuts can get to 13" post-stretch

  10. I want to say yes but it really depends on the cut. I need a large thigh measurement, around 12.5-13 post soak in a size 32.

    13 inches thigh post soak on a size 32? where do you measure the thigh? are there any jeans other than true repro cuts with those measurements? i think my sc 47s and 66s (both size 32) each measure under 13 inches at the thigh and they're considered somewhat generous cuts

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