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  1. Looks like Denimio got their XX-009 restock, but no 36.

    Just my luck huh?

    i just went to denimio and saw a 36 on the drop down menu...did you try ordering it?  i'm contemplating a 32 or 33


    (edit: the 36 is non-wash...the one washed is listed as sold out, but i presume youd want non-wash?)

  2. Deng those are nice. For my next pair I'm looking for a more relaxed fit compared to what I currently have in rotation (3sixteen 21bsp, Resolute 710 and Sugar Cane 2014). So I'm torn between the Flat Head 3009 or the Warehouse 800 or 1001.

    wh no question for something more relaxed than those

  3. Damn, decided to test out washing my SD-103s in an actual washing machine (only done hand washes in the tub so far) and I ended up with some unsightly washer marks. Kind of disappointed. It's not terrible, only really noticeable if you're looking for it but it's bothering me.


    Anyone have tips on avoiding that? I turned them inside out, ran it on the "delicates" setting and pulled before spin cycle. My washer is an ancient machine in my apartment building, could be that mine doesn't have all the fancy new settings and things that more modern ones do.

    hand wash or try a gentler machine washer seem to be the must useful tips, there's also a dedicated jeans washing thread with a lot of new and timely information about jeans washing

  4. is the MF Workman shirt worn in the SE pic (i'm assuming it's a size M) is pre or post wash?


    is there a release date for the new roy shirt?  can there be a "no phone orders until 12:30pm" policy (or some other policy?)? it seems like there was an issue in the past of going to SE shortly after opening on roy release day and several sizes already sold out due to phone orders and momentarily feeling like "whats the point of going to a brick and mortar store?"

  5. And how importNt is the color of the threads? Looking at the SCs they use a yellow thread, and my denimes have a orange/rust-brown color (real nice). I don't think that old Levi's had so many variations in just ten years.

    Btw: not wearing my 66 everyday is killing me as they fit like a dream, so far I only got 4 days in them....

    I am pretty stoked on your new porkys' too Volvo, hope everything works out as planned!

    perhaps the color on the thread of my sc66s of which ive posted photos is not coming through, but it's indeed stitched with orange/rustish-color thread throughout, except for a single yellow thread down the front of the fly; ive been wearing the sc66s every day..they're extremely comfortable without looking *too* sloppy

  6. I should stress that these are 100% cotton - the only 'stretch' in these comes from the four way weave and works wonders.


    i'm pretty sure this is incorrect;  nice pics!


    I could go on about the selvedge line in the waistline, but I hope you get the point. $650 is reasonable for what you're getting.



    while i think you've done a terrific job describing how making a single pair of custom jeans might "add costs" to the manufacturing process when compared with making 25+ jeans, i don't think you've really explained how any of this creates value for the consumer to the tune of $650

  8. Qualitatively, is there much between the two construction wise?  It might be me but for example the 66 seem to have a slightly higher stitch count? I wonder whether there is much noticeable difference with the 66 being made in USA while the 47 made in Japan.



    Definitely more stitching count in the 66 as far as I can see.

    I decided to hold o on Sugarcane til I will buy my next antifit pair (47's) top block on Sc66 is too loose for my taste, but it will work well for you as far as I can see!


    as suggested, it does seem the sc66 has a higher stitch count than the sc47, as well as some other details; overall the construction feels great on both, the sc47 have around 7 months effective wear and several washes without any noticeably weakened stitches or weakened areas in the denim


    the top block of the sc66 is kind of unusual but i think would fit comfortably those who, like me, are small waist & big ass/thighs proportioned 


    waistband stitching on sc66 seems to have higher stitch count


  9. i received the sc41966N (sz 32) from PSA yesterday and gave them a hot soak/line dry; they started out huge, shrunk A LOT and will probably shrink a bit more in the next couple of washes (which i guess is OK).  i snapped some pics to compare with the sc41947N (also sz 32)


    sc66 on left, sc47 on right, the sc66 has a slightly longer rise and is slightly narrower in the leg -- i think this will be more visible once the sc66 is fully shrunk (it's very noticeably slimmer in the leg when worn however)





    i didn't notice a size difference in the coin pocket but maybe there is one (the sc66 does have a tag attached where the sc47 does not)





    though i did notice the rivets are different


    sc66 rivets





    sc47 rivets:




    and the sc 66 has the bigger back pockets




    and of course the sc 66 has the paper tag




    regarding the denim characteristics, the sc 66 denim seems sleeker and possibly starts out darker than the sc 47 after the initial soak, though i could be wrong (i just don't remember the sc47 being so inky-dark as the sc66 ); the sc 66 also seems to have come out of the initial soak stiffer than the sc 47, and was one of the stiffest denims i can remember;  the sc66 denim is slubbier than the sc47 denim, and feels like it might have a looser weave, but it's not very hairy like some other 66-types...both are great!

  10. with [the 2109] the measurements of the pant do not sync with the intended silhouette and the demin's characteristics

    i'd be interested in hearing more about this if you wouldn't mind elaborating..?

  11. those sc66's look fantastic, i'm hoping my pair develops as nicely -- i should receive them today!  i took the same size as my sc41947N and i'm eager to see how they compare

  12. the denim and construction certainly look nice in the pictures above, however i'm surprised it is so faded after 6/7 months and 2 machine washes; maybe it's my monitor or the photo, but the OA denim does look seriously faded for that amount of wash/wear

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