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  1. For the Okinawa shirt, should I order a medium or large? 


    I am a size 40 in The Flat Head shirts, and a medium in 3Sixteen shirts... 


    I want to go try it on at Self Edge, but they only have small or medium. 


    Thanks in advanced fellow denim enthusiasts :D

    i wear a 40 in flathead shirts and medium in MF shirts and the (rinsed) medium i tried on was almost big enough to wear as a shirt jacket (which is how i would wear it if i had bought it, i didn't buy it b/c the chest-pocket looked weirdly large on me for some reason..);  i didn't try on the large so i can't say whether it would be too large to look good for you..maybe it could work as a shirt jacket.  if you want a fitted shirt you may want to try a small or medium hot wash&dry.  oddly enough i did get the new indigo metisse shirt in a size large and it fits perfectly after a warm wash&dry..

  2. just put on a pair of 634s for the first time in several years; it's amazing how, as all of the various types of denim come and go, a worn in pair of this denim remains unique and impressive

  3. i guess we agree that he didn't claim that lofgren was produced in china; imo he raised skepticism about the integrity of these makers who unreasonably jack up their prices and how far they are willing to go for their profits.  and really, in the words of "the master": "who knows?"  


    being hyper defensive doesn't make me as a consumer feel any more confident about these producers, indeed it makes me even more skeptical.  i wasn't sure why you became so hyper defensive until i remembered these: http://www.selfedge.com/john-lofgren-and-company?product_id=1219  i dont' blame you, i guess we all have to find a way to eat our donuts

  4. I know the differences between those terms @ironheartfan123 if I could explain it well I wouldn't have quoted that post (besides it's what the "Quote" and "Multiquote  are there for), but to get back to objectivity and for your benefit I'll try to explain.  "Rinsed" is a term used by Levi's to say it has been "processed", but I think it's different from your normal DIY soak/rinse of water in pail/tub, it probably involves factory chemicals (besides, someone mentioned about a resin treatment).  The keyword mentioned in that post I quoted is "open the fibers", which could be a result of DIY soaking, and not the factory processing? That's why I'm asking if I need to DIY soak it (it's not for the shrinkage but for the "opening of the fibers" thing which could lead to "better" fading, if that is in fact true).  I hope I explained it well this time.

    i sincerely thank you for reminding me why i don't purchase anything made by Levi's/LVC

    Thank You.

    *vanishes from LVC thread*

  5. That wasn't actually for you, it's for others to get additional info of what I was trying to arrive at, but I think you took it personally as offensive to you.  Anyway. it's not my problem, it's yours. :D

    i don't have a problem and i wasn't offended, i just clicked the red rep button; in terms of what you are "trying to arrive at" i gave you the same answer you just thanked paul_t for a few posts back (and i think you didn't accept it because you were still confused about the differences between sanforized, unsanforized, soaked, rinsed, etc. and thought i was maybe missing something mentioned in that long quote)


    after re-reading the forum rules, i think your inital post to me about why i negged would've been better off in PM and hoggresser's abusive and insulting post should be deleted

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