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  1. not sure where you get all of that, was just trying to make what i still think is a very valid point that hasn't been addressed by any of the posts that came responding to my original post (to be clear, b_f's post was both on point and highly constructive)


    i'm done posting on this issue.

  2. then the fact that t&y pays is irrelevant as to my comparison to SE (and i don't understand yet how it's relevant to the other comparisons)


    why am i a dick? i just posted my thoughts on the pic, and that continues to elicit questions, arguments, etc.. including from you

  3. what difference does it make that they pay for this thread? does SE pay for theirs too?


    i haven't seen commercials from the only entities i compared t&y with, no.  i imagine they would be in poor taste if they were made.


    if t&y's interaction with customers on this forum is for the sole purpose of making sales, as you imply, then this further highlights my original and only point.

  4. Why is it such a big deal for a brand/store/company to give examples of their customer service? Isn't that a normal business practice? If a store prides themselves in serving customers, I think they have all the right in the world to let us know.

    link to references to it being a big deal? 


    normal business practice is to have garments massed produced in places like china or bangladesh.  please apply your logic with regard to this point to other posts on this board (i.e. those stating that japan- or american-made is preferable).


    link to references to the store's rights?



    my point was simple: i think that stopping to take a picture of your awesome gesture before sending a package, uploading it to a post in this thread (which, more than the SE thread, is turning out to be a lame ad-space) with commentary about how "this is just what we do for our customers!" was douchey, in poor taste, and not in line with the conduct of other retailers and artisans on these forums (e.g.. self edge, iron heart uk) who are more established and, by my estimation, more respected in the community.

  5. I think the practice in these parts is to let your happy customers themselves post about how cool the little random things you sent them are and how great your customer service is...kind of weird to be posting this yourself...


    One of our loyal customer asked for a Dinausor to be sent with his order today. We drew Denver and sent the order out !




  6. i'm also debating buying a pair of sugar cane on rakuten..torn between the 2009, 1947, okinawa, and hawaii...i'm leaning toward the 2009 b/c of the fit and i like the fuzziness of the denim..though it doesn't fade very nicely and isn't as "interesting" as the other models...thoughts?

  7. looking nice..i have a bit more wear but mine look very similar fade-wise..i really like this sanforized denim...i'm also happily in for the long haul on these and am interested to see how they develop over at the year+ mark

  8. you're a great advocate for the 816s...how did you size on them relative to other IH bottoms (I'm a 30 in 634s)?  did you have them tailored at all?  would really like to get that fit!

  9. @ironheartfan

    these was a gf bday present and as soon as i told her that i should've sized down and i should sell these, oh boy she was pissed.


    i think after some hot water and agitation (doesn't have to be another lengthy 1hr soak) and some breaking in they'll shape up rather nicely

  10. @no.28 what temperature was the soak? if it was just cold, i'd do a hot agitated soak and it might work out for you, otherwise try sizing down one (may not work) or a different cut

    @malikadog if you want a slimmer leg opening i would go with the se05bsp; also fwiw i found that the 103bsp can be hard to fit

  11. hard to judge fit with all the stacking going on, things look big up top so i wouldn't worry about the thigh (though you know better than us how the thigh is), from the looks of things you maybe could have sized down one....whose room is this?

  12. Hey guys im looking at a pair of IH 634s on rakuten, wondering if it's worthwhile getting them off here rather than selfedge ( half price ) and how is sizing with these? I wear 31 nudie / 33flathead, thanks in advance.

    i like to buy in-store if i don't know my size (and i usually end up trying on a lot of things and occasionally choose something I didn't expect to like);

    that said, if you can buy from a reputable seller on rakuten they will be shipping you the same product. there is arguably more risk with rakuten as the seller may not be fluent in english, may be hard to get ahold of, there is a greater chance the package will be lost in shipping, you may need to pay fees associated with it being shipped from japan, etc. many of these issues can be mitigated by buying from a reputable rakuten seller.

    i'm not familiar with nudie sizing, but will say that I am a 31 in 3009 and 3001, 32 in se05bsp, and 30 in 634s

    maybe go to self edge, try on a bunch of pairs including 634s, purchase a pair from SE that you can't find on rakuten, then buy your 634s size on rakuten at a later date..best of both worlds ;)

  13. Since you have both the 2109 and 3109, are they both slubby like the 1109? I'm guessing the 3109 isn't slubby but I don't know about the 2109, thanks! I'm jealous

    the 2xxx denim isn't slubby at all compared with the 1xxx denim

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