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  1. haha, i'm glad i don't know what you're talking about, the pearl color looks good with the shirt when it fades, at least on the 13, the true denim shirts i haven't handled, the cut on the 13 is kind of more like a work shirt which makes it somewhat unique

  2. i got a small and thought maybe i should've got a medium..they sold so quickly there was nothing i could do, but it's a good thing b/c they are a little oversized (i guess b/c they're kind of a work shirt, i wanted mine a little slimmer).  hopefully they don't shrink


    i'm kind of speechless when it comes to the shirt.  the fabric is amazing and imo a great choice for roy and this shirt. overall shirt is pretty classic and simple viewed on the outside and wearer gets to enjoy the intricate and almost insane/overwhelming level of detail that in roy is somehow so balanced that it seems minimal.  the buttons make it kind of a show piece (i guess you expect that from a $400 shirt)


    best thing about the shirt imo are that the fabric and roy's cut are so light, luxrious and airy, but some how also fitted, definitely most comfortable shirt i own..perfect shirt for me..



    (it took me a day to notice the hidden pocket at the bottom of the shirt, which is ingenious and cool esp if you like the buttons)

  3. Their clothes fit westerners better than others, they make their own and unique fabrics, their clothes age very well, they have a wide range of fits, fabrics, rtc to choose from with new stuff always on the horizon, they are more transparent and take more input from customers than other brands, the list goes on why theyre an awesome brand...im an ih fan but I started on wh and have stuff from all the different brands.. go ih!

  4. Hey kiya,


    those Iron Heart 301's are they selvage? Cuff doesn't look it. Btw do you guys accept paypal?

    from the first line of the SE's 301S description: 


    "Japanese Selvedge Indigo Denim (Non-Showing outer seam selvedge)"





    they are made of selvedge denim and my understanding is that the seam you would normally see on selvedge-denim jeans was removed in cutting in order to achieve the 301S fit (which is awesome)

  5. I'm seriously debating on buying a pair of F310's from SE on payday. I've looked at the measurements, but can anyone testify as to how the cut is on these compared to 710's? I'm planning on sizing the same as my Sams with the F310's. Good idea, or no?

    the f310 are slim in the top block thigh and knee similar to the 710 but are straighter from the knee down, with a bigger leg opening...the 710 is more tapered down from the knee... on sizing it depends what fits you're going for and what fit your sams are; in my experience the samurai shrinks less and stretches more and if you have a slim or tight fit in samurai you may want to size up 1 on the f310


    edit, oops didn't see someone with better info had already responded to this ;)

  6. We stopped carrying the 717 once the 727 came out, the rise on the 717 was too low and the top block of the 727 fits better. 

    Also, we have the 767 which is a straight leg jean with a medium/low rise and at SELA only we have a classic fit model with a true medium rise which is called the Fair Oaks 707 model.

    awesome news

  7. Stevenson's jeans outlast every other jean we sell at Self Edge.  Yes, that is not a joke.

    FYI, Ginno has been wearing his Stevenson 717 jeans for just a hair over 2 years, no repairs done.  I don't even know how thats possible considering he trashes his jeans normally.

    i tried on pairs of stevenson after seeing his jeans (i love the color and detailing) but found they were very baggy in the top block for what i wanted below.  maybe they have some new cuts coming?

  8. ^ depends, among other things, on the level of agitation in your prior soaks.


    if little to no agitation was used then an aggressive agitated warm-hot soak (or a trip through the washing machine) should yield a bit more shrinkage

  9. i've had 3009 for ~1.5 yrs but only 5-6 months wear...just starting to develop noticeable fade and the fit has broken in nicely.. i didnt like them much at first but now that they've shrunken completely and broken in the fit is awesome...will post some pics soon when i go on an upcoming trip :)

  10. i have 3009 and they start out hot due to the super dark indigo (miss that) and tight weave but after broken in and lightened up a bit they're perfectly fine in the summer imo

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