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  1. I've bought from shops in-person even when I truly wasn't expecting to walk out with anything.... I've... set aside a certain amount of money to buy a new pair of denim. I walked into BiG with only browsing in mind. I walked out empty because of the price tag despite liking a pair. Then I find it for a more affordable price online.


    you're on sufu since aug 2012, you shop in stores, you have a denim budget, you browse prices online...and you just found out that it's more affordable online?

  2. i think all we know right now is that the box cleared u.s. customs, someone knows where the box is, and the box is being moved towards s&s...(at least it didn't get seized by customs); i've had a package take a few non-holidays to move from one part of l.a. to another.. hopefully it's just usps being slow

  3. anyone know if the current flannels measure the same in the same size as the ones a few years ago? my sz 40, which shrank after a machine wash (no dryer), fits like a glove but i'd probably size up if theyre smaller (even slightly smaller) than the ones from a few years ago

  4. perfect fades/color on that WH denim, makes me sad that i won't be wearing mine for a while


    just noticed the cotton/linen blend above those look really good, ive always wanted a pair!

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