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  1. Gotcha.... Mine fit me very well from the first wear. I guess I personally didnt need it...

    It's not just for initial fit, it's for fade placement too. Unless you never wash your jeans period, your fades and honeycombs will move out of position after a wash if you don't pre-soak.

  2. Yoke lining and reinforcement detail on the inside of back pocket are great

    I agree, I really like it. I own a pair of the SP-013 from last year, and they have the same yoke lining and back pocket reinforcement, only in indigo instead of black. That back pocket reinforcement is great for people who carry pocket knives in the back pocket.

    them some might tasty SDA, but the price is a killer.

    Definitely not in everyone's price range, but the MSRP is the same as the SP-013, and that one seems to be sold out everywhere with the exception of a few small sizes.

  3. Here's another nice one coming out in December, the D1507. It's a limited edition model (120 total) that appears to have the same natural indigo 17 oz. denim used in last year's SP-013. This time, the cut appears to be based on the SD-103, similar to the recent Pants Shop Avenue collabs. Other details appear to be black jacquard pocket bags and yoke linings, a triple stitched yoke, and exposed rivets.



    MSRP is a hefty 44,940 yen after taxes, but these look so cool, that I will probably cave and get a pair.

  4. yeah, I should have clarified. I just got too lazy to note the diff. Man I'm almost tempted to get another pair of blues just for the old patch.

    I'll post some pics of my oni's when it is sunny. I haven't put much work on them recently, but they are such nice jeans.


    old teaser pic


    Are those the 14 oz? I like the extra layer of denim on the bottom half of the back pockets.

  5. cool fit commo! mine look pretty much exactly the same. did u hem?

    Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I like the way these fit a lot. The waist and legs are perfect, maybe just a little bit of extra room in the seat.

    I asked for a 33" raw inseam hem, I think these came out closer to 34" when I got them. They shrunk about 2" in length after the hot soaks and are a little bit long now, but they should be perfect after the stacks settle and honeycombs start forming.

  6. Just out of curiousity, for those of you who are going for the 2nd preorder - have you gotten confirmation/made payment from Gordon yet? I've emailed him but have had no reply. Any heads up much appreciated!

    Can't wait to join you guys. :)

    It says on BiG's website that the 2nd preorder doesn't open until tomorrow, maybe that's when Gordon will start responding to emails.

  7. Also, I'm mad tempted to size up two based on the post soak measurements...Call me crazy? (usually a 30 in everything else, but 32"waist raw on a lower rise is a bit tight for me these days :X )

    They'll be really baggy, with a lot of hip flare, if you size up 2. I went TTS on mine, and even with that, I'm finding it to be a little baggy in the seat with a little more hip flare than I would ideally want.

  8. I've been viewing fit pics of PBJ xx007's and I don't understand why I see soo many differences in leg openings, some look like a huge opening while some seem really slim and fall nicely with say vans... How much is the exact measuring of the leg opening of say a tagged size 28 after a hot soak... Also, doesn't BIG offer to taper the denim for you before they even ship it out? Idk if its worth the wait to get tappered 007's...

    I know that BiG offers to hem jeans for you, but I've never heard of them offering to taper them.

  9. heh course not. with the left pant being LHT (i think) i'm hoping there wouldn't be any major leg twist

    On my RHT denim, I get more leg twist on the left leg than the right. I would think that it is the opposite with LHT, so if the left leg is indeed LHT, there shouldn't be much leg twist at all there.

  10. i searched up the 18oz's on rakuten to see some kind of picture of them, they have some with the reverse arcs(same oni arcs but they are filled in), i think the BIG ones are suppose to be reverse as well but they're suppose to be BIG unique too so I hope they look better than the ones i saw

    Yeah, there's a pic of them here:


    Looks like the arcs are bartacked in, and the denim looks like the flame denim used in the Eternal 868/872. I'd like to see what the BiG-exclusive arcs look like.

  11. beatle:

    how will the BB compare to the sexih07bk in terms of fit?

    From my perspective, the sexih07bk is a slimmed down version of a straight leg jean (as opposed to slim-straight) which seems to be similar to the BB fits posted a while back.

    your thoughts.

    Beatle has mentioned to me before that the BBs will be a bit slimmer in the leg than the SExIH07.

  12. I soaked yesterday and started today. Love the fit sized up. #26

    Thing is, my camera died yesterday when I was about to take pics. Is it okay I don't post starting pics or am I going to get shit for this later? It seems that since we are going over 2 years we're pretty lenient with starting dates and rules, so are you all ok with no dated starting pics from me?

    I seem to recall reading further back in this thread that Beatle said the only requirement was to post finished photos by the deadline. She wanted to keep things flexible and fun in this contest, and I don't recall her saying that initial photos are required.

    I'm sure she'll correct me if I'm wrong, though.

  13. ok im convinced does rising sun have duck jeans?

    Ed, I think they have two models of duck jeans. If I'm not mistaken, one is a standard model, while the other is a Dead Grass replica.

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