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  1. Does anyone have experience with models for women? preferably skin tight. Thanks.

    My wife has a pair of the Geishas that they sell at BiG, but they won't be skin tight, they are cut pretty straight for a women's jean.

  2. Bought a used pair of sammies, the 2 top buttons were pretty loose on them and on my second day of wearing the jeans the top button fell off.

    Is there any way to get spare buttons for these? Who should i try to contact? Sorry if this been discussed before.

    thanks for help.

    Contact Gordon at BiG ([email protected]). He replaced a button for me on a pair of Momos with a Sam top button. He may not have any around though, so there may be a wait.

    Alternately, you email Kiya at SE, Blue Owl, or Denimdoctors and see if they can provide that repair service. Or check around your local tailors that do denim repair.

    Or you can look online for denim buttons. Craft stores sometimes have them. Some are hammered on, some are screw-back.

    You could also contact Samurai about it, I had them fix a loose button for me once before, and they did it for free. The only problem is that it is pretty pricey to ship the jeans to them and then have them ship it back to you after the repair if you don't live in Japan.

  3. Anyone try on the elephant weird guys or see what the frankensteins look like in person? Both of those look pretty rad. Got too much to work on right now though with the green, grey, and indigo weird guys...

    Are the elephant ones even out yet? I can't find them for sale online anywhere yet.

  4. Just realized I put the wrong e-mail address in my order... Looks like it'll be a complete surprise once they arrive.

    If you put the wrong email address in your order and haven't talked to BiG recently, you should probably get in touch with them, because they recently sent out a mass email to everyone who preordered mentioning that the yellow stitching they were going to do on the front pockets ended up being orange instead. They wanted confirmation that it was OK before they shipped out the jeans.

  5. I wanted to get a pair of these because they seem to be high quality jeans at a good price point....but obviously because of the limited availability of these I have to rely on testimonials on the net and reading some of the last few pages am I to understand that Roy's jeans aren't really that special on their own compared to other jeans that can be bought off the rack?

    The bottom line is that for the price, these are arguably the most well made jeans that you can find.

  6. I dropped by this afternoon also. The store looks great, it's a small space but looks very open the way it is arranged, and the large windows allow a lot of natural light. A nice touch was the selvage denim curtains in the fitting rooms. Pants and outerwear were downstairs, tops were upstairs. Some accessories were on each floor.

    Kiya and the staff were very friendly, helpful, and informative. I would recommend everyone to check this place out if they are in the area.

  7. Hello,

    I would love some advice on sizing for the BIG PBJ 013's. They have a size 29 left and I was wondering if it would be ok for me. I wear 30 in NS, 30 in Sam 710, 30 in 3sixteen. The 29 according to BIG has an actual waist of 32, so with just a hot wash and no hot dry will these shrink and stretch back out enough? Or should I wait for a restock? How much stretch is there with these jeans?

    Thanks for your help

    I would actually recommend that you size down one and go with the 29 on the XX-013. I went TTS on mine, and they were way too loose. They didn't shrink as much as advertised, and they still stretched back out to raw size anyway.

  8. man I just got dinged by customs for my 5507's. These made me way more broke than I anticipated.

    Yeah, that's happened to me before. I always get dinged by US customs for any high end jeans that are shipped with DHL. Have never gotten dinged for anything shipped through EMS, so I steer clear of Japanese stores that ship using DHL now if my order is over $200 for clothes (under $200 is duty-free in the US).

    From my experience, these are the Japanese stores that ship using DHL:

    Blue Marble


    These ones use EMS:



    Pants Shop Avenue



    Iron Heart UK also uses EMS, as far as non-Japanese international denim stores go.

  9. i see your point and where you're coming from with sustainability and everything and i respect that. but at the end of the day, i want to put this out. the only reason why i buy ROY denim is because roy slaper makes them himself. everything from cutting them to putting them together. thats the reason why i buy them. if i wanted to buy something that someone else put together under ROY's name, i would rather spend that money on something else.

    end of the day, i would rather receive a christmas card somebody made by themselves rather than a fancy one that can be bought from a departmental store.

    I totally agree. A big part of ROY denim's appeal to me is that the man makes it himself and does a damn fine job of it.

  10. Saw the citrus weft in Barney's this weekend. Not a fan. Even without fading you can see the red stripes going across. Not being a matchstick horizontally striped legs are not appealing. I'm not certain I would really want to see stripes showing through in any direction so clearly, but I think I'd like vertical stripes better.

    Just picked up a pair of the citrus weft at Barney's Co-Op in Costa Mesa today. I was leery of them after reading your post, but the red stripes were more subtle in the indigo than I was expecting from that. Plus the price wasn't bad ($175 retail and all N&F denim is 20% off at Barney's right now), and since these are limited to 75 pairs total, I figured that I'd go for it.

    I also saw the camo weft model there as well, which was possibly even more impressive than the citrus weft. It was more expensive, though ($250 retail), so I went with the citrus today.

  11. Hi guys,

    I'm moving to Minnesota soon and I want a pair of very heavy jeans with a very slim fit (at least 20 oz) to help me make it through the winters.

    Right now I'm wearing PBJ XX-011s (3 or 4 months) and I like them but the denim is too light and I sized one too big. They are tagged 33 but are too big in the waist and the lower legs. I think I'm a true size 34 waist.

    I've been thinking about the 24oz Samurai LHT model with tab and arcs from Rakuten (I think that's what these are http://en.item.rakuten.com/eight-g/820/) but will they ever be as slim as I want them without sizing down like crazy? Plus I like the tapered cut (due to the slimness), will straight legs be slim enough? I have larger thighs and slimmer calves. And any down-sizing advice for these?

    I'm also open to other brands like Iron Heart, TFH, etc, but aside from Naked and Famous and PBJ, I don't know the product lines of any other company very well. Are there any very heavy yet tapered jeans?

    Thanks a ton guys

    I don' t think the Samurai 24 oz. LHT model will ever be slim enough for you if you want something in the neighborhood of an XX-011 for slimness.

    If you want something slim, tapered, and heavy, I would recommend the Iron Heart 301S. The upcoming Devil's Fit could work, but it is less tapered than the 301S. The Beatle Buster could also, but it is less slim than the 301S or the Devil's Fit.

    There aren't a whole lot of slim jeans out there that are 20 oz. or over at this point in time. Even the heavy N & F jeans are all sold out right now.

  12. I forgot where I read it, but I'm pretty sure it was about a month or two ago.

    Exchange rate got it up that high? Damn.

    A couple of months ago it was about 93 yen to the dollar. Now it is only 85 yen to the dollar. That is almost a 10% difference in value. Also, did the price you saw earlier include shipping and tax?

  13. I need help finding my next pair of jeans. I was going to buy Flathead 1001s, but to my dismay they're now discontinued. I'm looking for something similar to that cut or the Samurai 710 cut. Thank you

    What size are you looking for? These two Rakuten stores still have several sizes of the 1001s left:

    2nd: http://en.item.rakuten.com/2nd/fh-1001/

    Earthmarket: http://en.item.rakuten.com/earthmarket/fh1001/

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