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  1. Here's something new and interesting from SDA, the 2010 Christmas edition X's-31 jeans. Looks like an SD-103-ish cut in 21 oz. denim with indigo warp threads and black ink-dyed weft yarns. Black hair-on-hide patch, zip fly, retails for 29,190 yen. These look really nice, I like them a lot!





  2. More or less wondering why they retail $70 less than the 100 line. I'm guessing because it's American as opposed to Japanese denim.

    Cheers for the quick response though.

    I've also asked myself, dunno. They're pretty nice and outa stock, afaik. But hey, if I remember right there are two or three different models (I've seen besides my one a Lee-type and one with red threads). I've got the regular one:


    If I'm not mistaken, they don't have the hidden back pocket rivets. That's another thing that adds cost to the higher end line.

  3. Given that i perfectly understand the "be patient, wash them hot AGAIN before even thinking about tailoring" part and "wash them if you want them to shrink back", it has to be said that they'll stretch out in a matter of a few wears making the hip flare and other fit issues to resurface quickly.

    I was actually thinking about having my 710 slightly tailored with half an inch taken in along the whole leg length.

    Buying a new pair is NOT an option, and i can't find anyone willing to trade my 30 for a 29, so, tailoring looks like the best way to go for a better fit.

    Some people blindly abide by the gospel "denim shouldn't be altered", and i'm happy for them if they are strong believers in dogmas (and big spenders at the main premium denim outlets), however i think a slight correction made by a competent tailor is not the end of the world, or an unforgivable blasphemy towards denim religion.

    I would like to hear, if there is any denim heretic out there, about their first hand experience with Sams alterations.

    There's a pair of altered 710 on the supermarket at the moment, tapered from the knee down, that looks perfectly ok (and the owner hasn't been hit by any holy lightning, yet).

    I was thinking about going the same way with mine. Any Suggestion would be very much appreciated

    I don't think anyone here is saying to blindly follow the "don't alter denim" dogma. We are just saying that he should wash again before he considers tailoring because Samurais usually still have a significant amount of shrinkage left after the first soak, and not all of that (inseam, hem, etc.) is going to stretch back out. For the best fit when tailoring, you're going to want to have all of the shrinkage out of the garment before you alter it.

  4. i did, I want some shrinkage numbers. someone telling me 'size down 1 for this and 2 for that' doesn't cut it in my book.

    I own a pair of GX-Ms, but I bought them secondhand from someone who had already hot soaked them. So unfortunately, I don't know any exact shrinkage numbers for that model.

    Realistically speaking, though, you should expect pretty much any Samurai jeans to shrink about 2" in the waist and 3" in the inseam after a few washes. After some wear, the waist can stretch back out to raw size and even a little bit beyond if needed.

  5. Hey, I hate doing this but I this thread is so colossal I couldn't find sizing advice.

    I'm picking up a pair of the 17oz LTD ED S5000GX-M Water Element Models, and need some help. What is the shrinkage like on the S5000's in general? My jeans normally stretch out to a 32, and don't mind going through some pain to get a slimmer cut throughout. Suggestions??

    Did you not read the second post in this thread? It has sizing info for that cut.

  6. I think Kiya mentioned they have one of two micro-rib loopwheelers.

    I know brands like Deluxeware, Cushman's, BR, etc own or have easy access to loopwheeling machines too.

    Does SDA have their own loopwheeling machines as well, or do they outsource their loopwheeling too?

  7. Anyone have any experience getting sammies tailored? I have some 710s that fit perfect post soak until they stretched out a bit. They've got some hip flare that I'd like to get rid of and the waist has stretched out a bit too far. Would get getting them taken in about 1/2 inch on each leg fix this? or would I just ruin the proportions of the jeans and end up with weirdly spaced pockets?
    you want them tighte? wash them!

    I agree. Samurais rarely ever get all of their shrinkage out with the first wash or soak. I would definitely recommend a hot wash and tumble dry before making a decision on the tailor.

  8. sorry but i still can't figure out where to get a pair with arcs. can anyone give me a little more help?

    If you mean yellow arcs, they're more or less sold out everywhere. What model and size are you looking for?

  9. I would like to buy S5000VX...big has them in black arc...but I want yellow arc. is it safe to get it from second? because they only speak japanese..

    You are right that 2nd is one of the few Rakuten stores that doesn't speak a word of English, but you are safe ordering from them. Just follow the ordering instructions on the Rakuten English site.

  10. Appearently not that much... I never bought a shirt that exceeds 100-120$.

    IH's shirt prices are proportionate to their jean prices. Any other company that makes jeans in the same price range as IH also makes shirts in the same price range. If you're willing to spend $300+ on any pair of jeans, expect to spend $175+ on a shirt by the same company.

  11. anyone know how the studio crewneck sweatshirts fit? i am a big guy so i am hoping they are not to fitted at the bottom because it looks like the shoulder and pit to pit on the xl would fit comfortably.

    They look pretty boxy, so you should be OK, but be aware that with most SDA tops, I've had to size up one from my normal US sizing. Never tried a sweatshirt by them, though, so I couldn't tell you if that is the case with them.

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