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  1. Does anyone have any information on the Elemental models? I know that the earth model and the water model have been released already, will the Fire and Air models be released later this year?

    The S5000GX-T, which is the earth model, is available in Japan, but the S5000GX-M, which is the water model, is only available for preorder at this point in time. There are 3 others (Fire, Wind, and Void), which will all be released this year.

    I know that BiG will be getting all 5 of them.

    Anything else you want to know about them?

  2. Now I'm completely confused. BIG told me to get the 1 but now I might just get the 3. Just didn't want them baggy. How is the rise on your wifes Geishas, I thought they were on the rather low side (can't stand medium) but June said they are medium to low. I usualy wear 7 inch rises and can deal with a 8 but nothing higher than that.

    The rise is a little bit higher on her Geishas than on her American brand jeans.

    The one thing that the BiG measurements don't really account for (Gordon even admitted this to me when I exchanged my wife's first pair of Geishas) is how the jeans will fit your hips. So if you're going to buy jeans through mail order, you're probably going to have to be OK with the possibility of exchanging them. Do *not* get them hemmed before trying them on, I can tell you from experience that it will save you a lot of trouble later on.

  3. Thanks for the info, just gave BIG my measurments and have Gordon figure it out since my "real waist" is 26 and 2 inches below is 31. Hipp bones are 34. That might me a little bit of too much information but maybe somebody here has a similar body and knows the chicks sizing. But if they stretch out I will be going with a 1. Thanks again.

    You're probably going to be a size 2 in the Geishas. My wife is a size 27 for most American brand jeans, and the size 2 Geishas fit her a little more snug than the size 27 American brand jeans do. Hers haven't stretched out that much either, though she's only worn them like 5 times so far.

    I doubt that the Geishas will shrink any more if they are one-washed. The wash is done in an industrial washing machine, and then the jeans are dried in an industrial dryer afterwards. So to me, further shrinkage seems really unlikely.

  4. I am looking for a pair of the SEXDBXS09, the Self Edge/Dry Bones/Superfuture collaboration jeans, in a size 32. I would prefer them in new or near-new condition, but I will consider a more worn-in pair if the price is right. I will also consider a size 31 or 33 depending on actual measurements. Please let me know what you have, thanks!

  5. LOL, sounds like it's time for a new belt. This one is kinda on its last legs anyway. Anyone have any suggestions for a quality belt for these jeans for less than $200 (that's the budget my wife has given me for a new belt)?

  6. Kiya, when are you restocking the SEXSPAFI30,000 jean?

    PS SPAFI = Some People Are F%#king Idiots jean. Seriously how many times does someone need to say it? Thus the reason for the numbering system. I alone have probably told people 30,000 times; Collaborations DO NOT get restocked.

    Over and out.

    In post #8960, Kiya mentioned a "final restock" of the SEXIH07. That was what prompted me to wonder if any of the other collabs might have more coming.

  7. I found a pair on rakuten with arcs and tab, if I order directly from them would they have to cut off the tab?

    I just bought 2 pairs from a Rakuten store, and the red tab and the arcs were both intact when the jeans got here (I'm in the US).

  8. I just got these in yesterday from corter, and while they are really nice, they don't fit great on me (waist is a bit too loose). So, rather than saddling him with a return, I'm just going to put them up for what I paid for them plus shipping.


    Here is how corter described them (description and pics used with his permission):

    Samurai 0500xx sz. 35, Lot 9, washed twice

    I bought these about 2 years ago, proxy'd from japan, but they've only got about 6-7 months wear on them. original arcs and tab are there. I sent them of to Hollywood Trading Company to have the seat reinforced before anything happened, so it's good to go for many, many more wears. I also had them taper the leg from the knee down slightly, to 8".

    I washed them and never wore them again last fall, so these measurements are pre stretch. I'm a 36 waist and they stretch to fit nicely.

    measurements (BiG style)

    waist: 35"

    thigh: 12.5"

    knee: 9"

    hem: 8"





    Thanks all!

  9. Just started working on a pair of the Blue in Green branded XX-013s that are manufactured by PBJ. These are a size 34, which is my normal waist size, and they start out pretty loose. I wasn't sure how much they would shrink, so I erred on the side of caution with the STF on them. I gave them a cold soak for about 3 hours, a very hot soak for about an hour and a half, and I machine-washed them on the delicate cycle, allowing full drying and checking the fit in between each step.

    Here are pics of them pre-soak:





    I soaked them in the baby's bathtub:


    Post-soak pics:





    I'm going to have to have my wife shoot future fit pics from further away, they are really distorted when it comes to proportions, LOL!

    I plan on wearing these full time and hope to post updated pics as time goes by.

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