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  1. i was wondering what would look better on someone with bigger thighs (me) but wants a pair of jawnz with a smaller leg opening. i have a pair of 634S that i love, but i'm interested in something with a roomy thigh like the 634 but a smaller leg opening.

    right now it's between eternal 811s and samurai 710s. any suggestions?

    I would go with the Samurais for you. The 710 and 811 have similar thigh diameters, but the 710 has the smaller leg opening of the two.

  2. I bought the Studio D'Artisan 1349 chinos and really like them a lot. They fit on the slim side and are probably the nicest chinos that I've ever owned. They also have orange stitching, which stands out a little bit and looks really nice.

    You can see what they look like here: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=6907&category_id=&manufacturer_id=12&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28

  3. Hi there, first post so please be gentle. A little bit of a silly question since people will have had various results but some of you have had so many jeans its worth asking in my opinion. What are the toughest jeans, Iron Heart, The Flat Head, Samurai or Ande Whall ? Iron Heart claim to be the toughest but is that all a boast. Please let me know what you think about the four brands that I listed....

    Of those 4 brands, I would say that Iron Heart is the toughest. They use the heaviest and most wear-resistant denim of these 4 brands, and they use poly stitching, which is more durable than the cotton stitching used in the Flat Heads and Samurais. Ande Whall also uses poly-core stitching for durability, but I think Iron Heart wins out here because the denim is heavier.

  4. ^and somehow i think you're the only one which measured them right or do the measurements differ from pair to pair?...would be the only reason for all these different numbers imo...

    I got a size 34 also, and my thighs measure 12.5" BiG-style raw.

  5. I've got a Corter Premium Leather Belt in natural/untreated color for sale. I have only worn this belt 3 or 4 times and am letting it go because I have too many belts now. Corter doesn't specify the weight of the leather on this belt, but it is heavy and thick, the same thickness (7.5 mm) as my Tanner 13 oz. belt. The belt measures 35.5" from the fold in the leather to the middle hole, I think this typically qualifies as a size 34 for a belt this thick.



  6. I have a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-007 14.5 oz indigo denim jeans for sale. In this model, both the warp threads and weft yarns have been dyed with indigo, so they come out really dark new and fade with a more blue color than standard denim. The selvage line is blue. I would call the XX-007 a skinny to slim jean in terms of fit.

    These have been worn for about a month and have some fading on the knees, seat, and hems. They have been chainstitch hemmed and were purchased one-washed, so there shouldn't be any shrinkage left. I have not soaked or washed these jeans myself yet. They are tagged size 32, here are my measurements (BiG method):

    Waist: 34.5"

    Front Rise: 10.25"

    Back Rise: 14.25"

    Upper Thigh: 11.5"

    Knee: 8.25"

    Leg Opening: 8"

    Inseam: 32"







  7. I'm hoping for more dark gray than black though. Too many black jeans as is!

    Agreed. I wouldn't want it to be a black jean, but a black weft would have been cool. A really dark charcoal gray would look good too, I think.

  8. I was already aware of that I'm just hoping its slightly darker than a pale grey.

    Me too. I'm hoping it's almost black, if it's just a dark gray it will look a lot like the 5000AI-SP. Not that that's a bad thing at all, it'd just be nice to see something new for the Void model.

  9. just saw the momotaro*context collab, the denim looks alot similar to whats used on pbj 007...
    they should be a tad darker, right ( indigo warp and black weft verses indigo warp and weft on the xx007)

    The denim is also partially sanforized and slightly heavier than on the XX-007. From the pictures, it doesn't look as slubby as the XX-007 denim. I like the look of it, though.

  10. I wonder how many more jeans Iron Heart will produce with this special over dyed denim. 301's and 634's

    I guess the sexih07bk that I bought are not that special.

    If the overdye was what made the SExIH07BK special to you, you should be aware that it wasn't even the first Iron Heart model to have the overdye. There was a run of 634S that had the black overdye a few years ago, the current production is actually the second run of overdyed 634S jeans.

    Since there is a high demand for the overdye, I would expect to see it on more IH models in the future.

  11. i hope my SDA wont stretch much, i bought them tts 32 4 months ago but just began to wear em recently but i also got a pair of pbj 007 sz down 1 to 29 which fits pretty perfect now...damn the weight loss.:)

    From my experience with both brands, I would say that SDAs stretch a lot less than PBJs do. You should be fine with what you bought.

  12. Is Skull still having problems with their production? Seem to recall hearing something like that a while back, a lot of the stores around here stopped carrying Skull Jeans as a total and told me the only place to get them was the Fabfour store in Tokyo.

    Not that I know of. Both Self Edge and BiG got large restocks of Skull jeans last month.

  13. s710's keep shrinking with every soak/wash right? I soaked my s710 twice already, will it shrink more in the next soak? I'm debating if i should soak my sammies anytime soon, i'm interesting to see how they will fit after another hot soak.

    Unless you did a hot wash with a hot tumble dry your first time, it usually takes a few soaks/washes to get all of the shrinkage out of Sammies as a general rule of thumb.

  14. hey guys need some advice :P

    I wore my 5010xx for abt 2 months then stopped (hot summer!)

    I've always felt that my leg opening and calve area could be a bit slimmer, should I do a hot soak? Theres a tiny bit of combs and whiskers coming along and I'm scared it might just shift the creases, giving TWO sets of combs and whiskers eew? Would this be a problem?

    If you've never done any kind of soak on these before, the inseam can shrink up to about an inch, which will probably move your creases.

  15. Did anyone on here buy the earth model? Inside out is a dark brown and the denim might be the darkest I've ever seen. Evo will probably be insane, or better be for the price..

    I bought the earth model, and I'm pretty sure that beatle did too. I know a few others who post in this thread that bought it as well, and IIRC, someone actually put up some post soak and early evolution pics several pages back.

  16. Am I correct about the samurai element concepts? that the weft are different colors so that when they fade hard enough they will be those colors instead of a plain white....

    Yeah, that's about right. The cores of the warp threads are still white, but the weft yarns are dyed, so that the jeans start out a slightly different color than the standard indigo, and when they fade, they do so with a tint other than just white.

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