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  1. Guys, don't take € for £! If you take it that way, it is HUGE indeed.

    My bad on the pound/euro confusion, but even if it is Euros, it is $532.01 USD. That's still a monstrous mark-up.

  2. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed by the forever shrinking Satobiki line, which is my personal favourite :(

    The inclusion of MF stuff in their regular catalogue is pretty cool though!

    Still, 380 pounds for the sc40601 is a pretty big mark-up no matter which way you spin it.

    But SC's stuff are always marked up much more compared to other Japanese denim brands in the Western market, whereas sister brands like BR's and MF collabs. are actually OK priced (in the US anyway, e.g. the new Californian jeans from SE is actually cheaper than buying from Japan)...I don't quite understand why Toyo is doing this.

    I agree, that is a huge markup. 379 pounds is the equivalent of $607.96 USD at current exchange rates. Those jeans retail for $233.12 USD right now in Japan at current exchange rates, and even SELA which has to import them, has a couple of pairs that they are selling for $299.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys, I definitely appreciate it.

    Which soak would you guys recommend? Hot? Warm? Cold?

    Hot but not boiling. The hotter the water, the more shrinkage you get, but around boiling temperatures, the leather patch tends to get destroyed. I typically use the hottest that the tap will get, assuming that my water heater is set on "normal" for temperature.

  4. Samurai always releases product info. early for pre-orders :)

    Which is a nice move I think...

    I absolutely hate being surprised by a delicious pair of special edition SDAs when I'm geared up to buy something else.

    I totally agree, that's why I'm glad that SDA did release some advance info on the D1507. I'm gearing up to get that one when it comes out in December.

  5. My SP 013s now at 8.5 months wear:

    (The jacket is Evisu No.1, Lot 1507 if anyone was wondering.)

    Looking good, I love the way that natural indigo fades! Nice to see that SP-013 holding up so well after all this time!

  6. ^no, that's the musashi. the void model already came out, has a dark greyish weft.

    The void model (S5000GX-S) is actually not out yet, to my knowledge. It is due this month, but I don't see any stores shipping it out yet.

  7. Why do you want to hot dry them, are they a mile too big for you or something? The only reason that I have heard of an initial soak being followed by a hot dry is to achieve maximum shrinkage if the jeans are unbearably big, same as any other denim. My advice would be that if they don't need it, don't do it.

    Samurais are notorious for requiring multiple washes/soaks to remove all of the shrinkage from them. If you want to get out as much shrinkage as possible in one shot, using the tumble dry is probably the most effective way of doing it.

  8. whats the difference between their standard and black smiths regarding the denim?

    I'm pretty sure they both use the same standard denim that RS typically uses on all of their cuts. I have seen both cuts also offered in organic denim in the past year, but all of those are gone now.

  9. I thought Naoki is female :o

    PSA is a pleasure to deal with. I love the handwritten thank-you note that Naoki slip in with every purchase. That alone makes me warm inside :)

    As a general rule of thumb, any Japanese name that ends in "-ki" is a male name, and any that ends in "-ko" is a female name.

  10. oh, thanks BF, I'll take a look.

    edit - The description doesn't say Ai dyed and I think it would if it were - but the denim looks nice.

    OK, I managed to get ahold of Naoki on email and got some of the questions about the new jeans answered.

    The D1505, the newest collaboration between PSA and SDA, uses the same 15 oz. denim as the standard SD-103. Thanks to a misunderstanding between PSA and SDA, all of them are one-washed.

    The SD-S2, the Hirata model, uses 14.5 oz denim. It is not natural indigo.

  11. ^ It's the attention to detail (every stress point double-reinforced, triple stitched waist, artisan's name embroidered on the yolk, etc - basically all the wizz-bang construction of SDA with a little bit extra bang) and the fact that it was completely hand-made by one experienced craftsman (Hirata-san) from start to finish. Oh, and apparently the denim is very nice :P

    Mike, do you know if these use the standard SDA denim or something different? The description at PSA doesn't say anything about the denim used in this model.

  12. The 15oz denim is different, that's the main selling point.

    Basically what the PSA collabs are trying to do is to combine their most popular cut (the 103) with better denim than the usual 103.

    Doesn't the standard SD-103 have 15 oz. denim too? Or is this a different 15 oz. denim? Do you know what differences might exist between this and the standard 15 oz. denim?

  13. My first post here, but wanted to say thanks for the heads-up on these SdA's. They look pretty damn good! I'm just wondering if BiG will end up stocking a few pairs. I believe Gordon is looking to do a natural indigo collaboration with one of the main japanese jeans makers so there may soon be a little more choice for natural indigo luvvers.

    I hope Gordon does get a few of these in, I'll probably get a pair from him if he does.

    There is an SDA/BiG collab coming really soon, but it's not natural indigo.

  14. The second pair SDA x PSA collaboration jeans is out now!

    Much the same details as the first collab., but with 15oz denim on the 103 cut instead of the 21 oz.

    Is there anything different about these from the standard SD-103 other than the custom patch and the placement of the cloth D'Artisan tab?

    Also, they look one-washed in the pics, is that how they are sold?

  15. Price range is pretty standard for a natural indigo special edition from SDA. The XXX stuff is even more expensive.

    I think they've been doing it for years on DO-1s and limited/Xmas editions. I had a war model from 2007 which had yolk lining.

    Mike, what is the difference between the XXX models and the regular natural indigo models for SDA? Just the number of times the yarns are dipped in natural indigo?

    Also, if you don't mind my asking, which war model did you get with the yoke lining?

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