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  1. Indeed, but the stubbornness of it will be an advantage in the long run. It keeps the deep natural indigo blue well in the various creases that have appeared, and those creases have actually become darker with the slow bleeding process. This was not visible in the above pictures, but train tracks have begun to show, probably from me sleeping in them often (I toss and turn a lot).

    Yeah, I agree. With how much these go for, you'd definitely want to keep them around for a while, and they are built to last. Keep us updated with evo pics!

  2. Fade-wise they have not changed a great deal, though I predict that after 7 more months of hard wear they will appear with stronger contrast.

    That natural indigo sure takes a long time to fade, doesn't it?

  3. I went with a size 33, which pre-soak measured 35. It's now comfy at 34, which is my ideal and true waist size.

    Will get some more pics up soon.

    Cool, looking forward to seeing them...

  4. okay so i just got my 005s from a fellow sufu member and here are some fit pics. i am not really digging the ankle flares eh, and they looked hemmed to me as well although the seller said it's not but yeah. so here they are, should i taper them or keep it as it is?

    These don't flare out much at all, I would just keep them as is.

  5. SDA SP 013 @ 1.5 months wear, 1 hot soak (shot April 2nd, 2010, at point they still had minor shrinkage left). Pictures show the natural colour, and the lighting is natural and sunny.

    Right now at aprox 4.5 months hard wearing, pictures coming when I can bug my gf to shoot them. I'm aiming for a 2 year mark on these.

    +rep, those look great! I love that model and have been wanting to see evo pics of it for a while now. How did you size?

  6. Here are 3 pairs of denim that I am probably not going to ever get around to really wearing, so I might as well try to get them to better homes.

    Skull S5010XX 6X6 ***SOLD***

    Waist: 35"

    Front Rise: 10.75"

    Back Rise: 14.25"

    Upper Thigh: 12.25"

    Knee: 9"

    Leg Opening: 8.5"

    Inseam: 30.5"

    Next up is a pair of Samurai S0510XX 19 oz. raw indigo denim jeans with silver selvage. These have the hidden arcs but no tab. They have been worn just twice and show no fading at all other than on the top of the right back pocket where I clipped my pocket knife. They were chainstitch hemmed at BiG and have not been soaked or washed. I bought them with the intention of only dry cleaning them, and I suggest that the buyer of these jeans do the same unless they have room for shrinkage. These are marked size 34, here are my measurements (BiG method):

    Waist: 34"

    Front Rise: 12.5"

    Back Rise: 16.5"

    Upper Thigh: 13.5"

    Knee: 10"

    Leg Opening: 9.5"

    Inseam: 30.5"

    Price is $175 plus $12 shipping within the US. I will ship internationally, but international shipping costs will be higher.






  7. collect all 4 element models to summon the mysterious void (empty) model :D

    I think the void model will be sold separately on its own, I don't think you have to buy any of the others to get it.

    Collect all 5 to summon Captain Planet.


    This being Captain Planet :)


  8. awesome slim straight fit!

    Is there any information on when the next 2010 Element model is released?

    The GX-H, which is the fire model, is supposed to be released in July.








  9. what lot on s710 does 2nd provide?

    I don't know. The best thing to do would probably be to email them at [email protected].

    They don't have anyone in customer service who speaks English, though, so you'll have to use Babelfish or something similar to translate their response to you.

  10. First time posting somewhat of a fit on here. Size 27 sd-103's:


    I really love these jeans but the only problem I have is that when I sit down, the rise is pinching my sack, hahah. Idk if sizing up to a 28 would solve that issue or what. I might just suck it up though and beat these things up... fit-wise, what do you guys think? :o

    I think that fit looks really good, actually. How long have you been wearing them for? If not long, they might stretch to be more comfortable. SDA isn't known for stretching much, but you'll still get some.

    I'm going with the natural indigo, so I guess I'll stay with a 30. I'm looking for a flatteringly straight legged fit. Not overly tight but not overly relaxed.

    Sounds like the right choice to me.

  11. What are you guys getting them hemmed to? I'm definitely going to get several inches cut off but don't want to cut off too much.

    I don't like to cuff, and I think the legs on this cut are wide enough when you go TTS so that they won't stack great, so I'll probably get mine hemmed to my normal inseam.

  12. A quick question on pricing,

    "There is no longer New York City sales tax on the

    purchase of clothing and footwear regardless of

    the amount. The current total sales tax is 4.375%

    down from 8.375%, for all clothing and footwear.

    Sales tax only applies to New York residents and

    any purchases made in store."

    Does that mean there is no tax?

    Just want to make sure because I need to get one of those visa gift card things.

    It means that if you are an NY resident (or buying in-store), you pay 4.375% state sales tax when you buy from BiG.

    If you are located outside of NY, you don't pay any sales tax at all.

  13. Mow I'm stuck between sizes, I want to be able to wash these without worrying about shrinkage. I'm between a thirty and a thirty one, any input?

    Are you getting the natural indigo or the regular SD-103? The regular SD-103 runs a bit on the small side, I would get the 31 for that one. The natural indigo SD-103 runs 1-2 sizes bigger, so you should go with a 30 or possibly even a 29 if you go with natural.

  14. I can't decide whether or not to go for the 101xx or the 103xx, they both sound like great cuts. On the other hand BiG is out of stock in the 103xx in my size and whoever was working when I called them up said they would have to check and see when the next stock was coming, if it's even coming at all.

    It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want a regular jean that fits slightly on the slim side, go with the 103. If you want something looser fitting, then go with the 101.

  15. get the 872 from pants shop ave. they still had tabs when i bought them and they speak english, no need to get proxy.

    Yes, you are right, I forgot to mention than my 872 from Pants Shop had a red tab on the back pocket, but the 872s at vari seem to only have the blue tab on the coin pocket.

    You won't need a proxy with vari either, though. They ship internationally, speak English, and have arguably the best customer service of any Rakuten shop I've bought from so far.

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