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  1. Will my 007s shrink in length when I wash them? Thanks all

    Depends on whether you bought them raw or one-washed. If they are raw, expect about 2 1/2" of shrink in length when you wash them. If you bought them one-washed, you probably won't get any significant shrink at all in length.

  2. Can anyone provide me with proper sizing with the 007 and the 011 if your want a skinny, relatively tight fit.


    I sized down 2 with my XX-007 one wash, and they are really tight, especially in the hips and thighs. After 2 days of wear, though, they are starting to stretch out and feel and look better.

  3. Past Skull 6x6 jeans were partially sanforized, so they still shrank with washing, just not as much as unsanforized denim does. Jacob at BiG did tell me that the new S5000 6x6 is sanforized like past Skulls (meaning that he thought they are partially sanforized), but looking at the FabFour website, they clearly are not.

  4. 005BK raw, size 29. I just got these from BiG, these are post 30 min hot soak. I had the inseam hemmed to 34.5" before soak and they are now 32.5" which is what I wanted for these.

    Aside from length, in my true opinion I would like them to be tighter, the hem is like 7.8" which is a lot larger than the measurements for the one wash in the same size. Any idea if these will shrink more with future washes. Also I definitely plan to taper them a bit, should I start tapering right at the knees or above it? Any comments on fit appreciated.

    If you plan on machine washing them, then I would expect them to shrink a little bit more with future washes compared to just one hot soak.

    I would also expect the one wash dimensions to be smaller than your raw dimensions after a hot soak, because one wash jeans have been hot washed in an industrial washing machine and then tumble dried in an industrial dryer.

    I think your fit looks pretty good as is, but if you want to taper, I would probably wait until after your first machine wash.

  5. following Gordon's description on BiG, it's just the 6x6. Or he was being lazy and just did copy&paste. But I doubt that.

    the 5000XX is a '50s cut. Or '47 so to say. AFAIK

    I talked to Jacob at BiG about the Skull 15th Anniversary 5000XX a few days ago. He told me that the denim is indeed a 6x6, but also that the denim is indeed different from past Skull 6x6 jeans. He wasn't really able to elaborate any further, but I would guess that maybe different types of cotton fibers are being used for the yarns.

    Jacob also mentioned that the new 5000XX are still sanforized, for those that were wondering.

  6. I visited Rising Sun on my lunch a few weeks ago; as it turned out, it was within walking distance of where I was working that day. The shop is pretty nice, almost reminds of a less cluttered version of how the Lucky Brand stores used to look. Mike was not there, the only person working in the front was Zoey the sales girl, and there was some middle-aged Latin guy working in the back who never came out.

    I was impressed with the quality of the jeans, they are a little bit different from what I normally buy, but they looked and felt well made. As mentioned above, all of their jeans for sale were made from 12 oz. selvage denim, some organic, some not. I was told by Zoey that all of the jeans were completely made in-house, but the denim is not. IIRC, prices ranged from $280 to $450 for men's jeans, with the lower end being the more basic cuts and non-organic denim, and the higher end being the organic denim and the more creative styles with cinch-backs and other unique details.

    I tried on two styles: the Slim in non-organic selvage denim ($280 IIRC), which is a slim cut with a slightly flared leg, and the Standard in organic selvage denim ($350 IIRC), which is your basic straight leg 5-pocket jean. Of the two, the Standard fit me better, though it ran about 2 sizes big for me (size down 2 if you are mail ordering). The Slim ran about 1 size big for me. There were 3 or 4 other men's styles that I did not try out.

    They also carry women's jeans, though no women's styles that they had that day were selvage. The women's jeans looked really good on Zoey, though considering that I found her to be super hot, I'm pretty sure I would have thought that anything would look good on her.

    The only real complaint that I had with my visit to the store was that there was no A/C, and it was 90+ out that day. They had fans going, but when it is that hot out, fans don't help a whole lot.

  7. why do so many people have trouble buying these jeans in the right size.

    you'd think with all the questions asked...

    I think the biggest problem is that most of these brands of jeans that we like have to be ordered online, so you can't really try before you buy. I've found that the online fit charts have limitations, too. They don't really account for how the jeans fit your hips (I once ordered a pair of WeSCs that fit great in the waist and legs but were too tight in the hips), and unless you really know your body's measurements perfectly, it's hard to know exactly how the rise is going to affect the way a specific waist measurement will fit you. Plus, the sizing charts are just plain inaccurate sometimes. Throw in the fact that you have to account for shrinkage on most of these jeans as well, and it really shouldn't be a surprise that there are a number of mis-fits, even with experienced jean buyers.

  8. Meant to post up some fit pics. New 103s. Two or three days wear on each (some others have had my attention right now).

    Definitely will be great fits once the top-block and legs soften up. They show a bit of hip flare right now which I've gotten with any pair in the first weeks. Inseam is definitely going to shrink some more.

    Standard is 31w, the Nat. indigo is 30w. Both ended up with a 31w. Both have had a hot soak and run through the washer.

    Natural Indigo 103:



    Standard 103:



    Nice pics! Looking forward to seeing some progress comparison between the two!

  9. anyone knows what the heaviest weight denim you can get in a skinny/slim fit

    The SP-05 is a fairly slim fit, and it is 23 oz. That is the heaviest that I know of for SDA for a slimmer fit.

  10. hi .. i'm about to ask a silly question.. forgive me is this was a silly question.. i recently bought 811 from take 5.. is it an unsanfor jeans ??

    because i size down about 1 1/2 from my true waist and i can't unbutton the last button but all the way down from my thighs feels baggy.. do i have to soak it first ??

    If you can't button up those jeans all the way now, you definitely won't be able to after you soak them. They're too small for you, you should get a bigger size if you can.

  11. Whoa, wait you put evisu in there? If you are talking about selling out you can't put evisu in there. I mean evisu still makes some nice shit, but if we are going on hype alone then evisu cannot be in there. I mean puma was selling crappy evisu jeans.

    I agree with the Evisu comment. I'm a fan of their higher quality, made-in-Japan stuff, but if anyone has gone mainstream, it's Evisu, with their cheaper, made-in-China-and-southeast-Asia line that is widely available in many countries and meant to be marketed to the masses. I personally have no problem with that, and I think as long as the higher end line is still being made without exorbitant price hikes, Evisu hasn't sold out.

    Samurai may be gaining popularity, but they've done it without compromising quality, and, as far as I know, without making a lower quality line manufactured outside of Japan. And they are still pretty hard to find in the US. To my knowledge, BiG is still the only US store that carries Samurai, so you can't really say they've become widely available here.

  12. Really ? I think they're still one of Japans finest - and the've always had their Motorcycle and Club editions..

    the Earth Model for instance is insanely beautiful - one more example of Samurais creativity when it come to trying new dyes and stuff.

    I agree with Beatle. When it comes to quality of construction and attention to detail, Samurai is among the best, if not the best, of all the major Japanese denim manufacturers that I've owned pieces from.

    Samurai jeans are also among the most varied out there when it comes to trying different things with their denim (ranges of weight, dyeing variety, textures of denim).

    Sure there's hype, but aren't they among the most popular brands of Japanese denim out there? With popularity, you can't avoid hype.

  13. I spent a lot of time searching, but thought I was just not finding it.

    FWIW: I have a pair of the Eternal 10th Anniversary pair in size 36 that I'll be looking to sell or trade. That said, they're in storage out in middle USA. I'll reclaim them on/about 4th July.

    Like chantheman said above, no details are known for certain yet, but the one thing I do remember Beatle mentioning is that the cut is going to be the 811.

    I might be interested in your 10th Anniversary jeans for sale or trade. Please PM me with condition, measurements, price, and possible trades of interest to you. Thanks!

  14. Approximately how long after ordering does it take to receive shipping confirmation?

    I placed an order for a belt last week and still haven't received any emails... Am I being too worrisome or does it usually take a few weeks?

    According to the terms and conditions page here, Tanner products are made-to-order and generally take 1-2 weeks after ordering to produce. So, at this point, I think you have nothing to worry about yet.

  15. Hello,

    sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere.

    I have a pair of SD 001's 36w 34L. Old arcs.

    They shrank a bit on 1st soak but are still pretty roomy, too roomy for me really (and I hate skinny jeans).

    Is it worth a really hot soak? I don't want the rise any less but I could do with less on the legs.

    Will a hot soak destroy the patch?


    From my experience, SDA's don't shrink a whole lot with just a cold soak. A hot soak or a machine wash on delicate cycle would probably shrink them a bit more, at least with RHT. The SD-001 is LHT, right? If that is the case, expect less shrinkage than with RHT.

  16. Guess what I saw at SESF yesterday...


    They had a Straight and a Slim model of which I cannot remember the model numbers. Denim was pretty Slubby and the fit was good however the rise was a little too low for my taste. I noticed that the tabs we visibly cut off of the back pocket but a quick look into the coin pocket will relieve your worries. ;) Can't wait to see someone get a pair!

    Lando, what did you think of the quality of the Strike Golds? I saw a couple of models of that brand in 23 oz denim for preorder on Rakuten, and I might be interested in one of them if you feel that the quality is good.

  17. Guys - Gordon is almost ready for me to start the contest thread. I'm sorry to keep you waiting - it's really only one detail that he wants to have confirmed...the rest is already in the bag

    Nice! Can't wait to play!

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