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  1. so you mean for the first time i just need to soak it in warm water (about 30 degrees?) or hot but not boiling?

    and then after how many days i have to soak it again?

    how many times do i have to soak it until it can get the full shrink?

    thankyou anyway for your advices mlyngard

    I found that they won't shrink fully with your first hot soak, and the best thing to do is soak them for about 1/2 hour in hot tap water+ a kettle of boiling water, air dry, wear them a few days, soak (or wash) again, and do the same again if needed. I usually use a combination of a hot soak, then the washer and even dryer for hard-to-shrink jeans. The dryer also helps soften them up, but I know some people don't have access to a dryer.

    Some denim has a noticeable second shrink, like Sams, Fullcount and Flat Heads.

    Nice fit ^^

    Second that. Nice Peanut!

  2. those are s5000vx's. it appears like he did pinch them. i remember a few years ago when he posted these.

    If I didn't know the nature of Sam and other fast fading denim, I'd say those looked a bit extremely exaggerated the way some pre-distressed stuff can be. But then you see it close-up and know it was earned.

    i think you guys have convinced me to taper my own 510's.. 3.5 years later but not too late.. they are so ugly when you stack them

    Maybe a hem rather than a taper? I'm reluctant to question the wisdom of a cut these days, but often know when jeans aren't designed for stacking...

    Really ? I think they're still one of Japans finest - and the've always had their Motorcycle and Club editions..

    the Earth Model for instance is insanely beautiful - one more example of Samurais creativity when it come to trying new dyes and stuff.

    I agree. Samurai's philosophy seems like it has always been less traditional repro and more extreme, more experimental. I'm not sure that's 'hype', but they seem to do things differently than the others. take it or leave it, I guess.

    new samurai arcs..


    That's refreshing to me. I really like it and it seems to fade in nicely on Flat Head's BSP.

  3. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I decided that if they were button fly, I would possibly push it, but I don't think I could get a zipper up. I also think for my next denim, I'm just not going to push it as hard as I have in the past. I read that someone said it's maybe not such a great idea to stretch the shit outta top blocks all the time.

    SE has a new RJB in, so I have a new massive thread to read now :D

    A good call. My days of downsizing are over for many reasons. No need to live in discomfort - better to trust in the wisdom of the cut TTS.

    Hoping to see more RJB on this forum too, so good luck!

  4. boiling,hot-machine drying, or ironing the jeans won't hurt the denim, although boiling them will do a possibly unwanted severe shrinking of the patch


    pics of worn momos are especially rare around here so i had to show them. we need a momo contest soon, this label is sinfully slept on...if it is to be denim, it is to be okayama

    Nice Salaami - Would rep but too soon. Agreed on all said - the destroyed patch is what I was trying to warn against - which is a shame and hard on the material, but I've also read some stories of burned jeans from sitting in a pot on the stove right over a burner. My pasta don't like it for sure. But should have explained more...so thanks - true that the cloth can take it for sure.

    Momo's have been my kung-fu challenge. I would have given up last year with my first mis-fit, but I stuck with it (now own three pair...). These were the most stubborn jeans to break in and they almost broke me, but man, they're getting gorgeous now... I feel a connection to my Momo that I'm only just getting with easier jeans.

    You got a pair? Kopping a pair? I would love to see a contest, but in a way I also love how slept on they are. Also learned from Gordon that Momo used to (or still does) supply denim to some of the Osaka Five before Momo launched their own pants a few years ago. Cool to know. I actually think the 0701 is a undersized SDA 103 cut. My 32 0701 are identical to my 103s...

    Need to post up progress pics this weekend.

    ill take pics after my jeans wash today. i wasnt planning on giving them its first wash for another month, but drinking alcohol leads to many things that are unplanned.

    Yes please! Post 'em up!

    (Hope it was a spill and not a passed-out pee-pee accident, 'cause I've done both :rolleyes: However, marks left by girls can stay for a little while...

  5. the sales girl gave us a complicated washing routine, most of which i was going to do anyway (wash them twice with no detergent, then hot dry to get all the shrinkage out) but i was interested in what some of the experienced guys did with their leather patch.

    Good call on the plain pocket. The Lot No 1 I owned were the usual printed leather tag - not embossed in any way. Not fragile leather though, but wear showed right away.

    I soaked, air dried, then applied mink oil to the tag from the usual shoe tin (Kiwi is fine). I do that after first soaks/washes with all of my jeans, then stop caring after that. It'll soak in like coconut oil on a Brazilian girl and all should be okay as long as you don't boil the tag like in the Dirty Dozen thread...

  6. yeah..TTS. smallest size they carry is a 29 I believe. they stretch out a bit but nothing on par with apcs. a soak will shrink them up a bit. even at the full retail price which is 69.50 these are a great value imho. Also dont forget Uniqlo can hem these for you instore.

    Correct about price.

    Had no idea they have a hemming service. Is there a charge?

    I found the service pretty good given the crowds in the soho store, but none of the staff I asked knew anything about these jeans (shrink or stretch). So definitely didn't think to ask about hemming.

    Thought I'd post this too (the budget denim section on the mezz level - brilliant merchandizing!). The MIJ jeans were 2nd floor rear (which would be B'Way street side of the building) when I was there. Past the cash-wrap.


  7. ahhh.... no.... how is fullcount similar to eternals and flathead?
    I think the fc denim is super soft in comparison to eternal. It seems to be much less hairy as well.

    Unfortunately my FC are on hold pending a hem. Not sure though if I should. After 2 soaks, a day wear, then machine wash and hot dry, inseam is still about 33". Need ~32, so it's close. I would have expected more like 3" inseam shrink for these...

    Denim, when new, feels like it has a lot of vertical irregularity like FH and Eternal, and is really crisp. It relaxes faster though.

    Texture is less pronounced than FH and Et, and may be closer to Momos when they soften up (which seems to be a blend of vertical slub and smooth). Dunno - just first impressions.

    Thanks Chris_n!!

    Now that they are totally dry the measurement are basically the same as the ones that I posted when they were slightly damp.

    Waist 32"

    Thigh 12"

    Hem 21cm

    s3lam - did you get inseam measurement?

  8. There is an amazing doco called "Crude"

    You consistently impress me with your insightful posts. I saw that doc - was amazing and sickening. Ironically, BP may think they're safe, but Senate may actually pass a full-accountability, no-cap cleanup measure soon that's retroactive. I'm not sure if it's legal or how they'll enforce it...

    I also saw what is left of the incredible CA Redwood forests last month, logged almost to extinction by US companies at the turn of the 20th Century. Where there's demand, there's a public turning a blind eye and profiteers willing to do what they have to to satisfy the thirst.

    I loved that Bruce Lee ping-pong vid, and am once again broken hearted that it was 'digitally enhanced' (faked), so here's this to enjoy to appreciate what fake dancing dogs can't really do:

  9. Uniqlo +J (MIJ) denim. ~14oz Kaihara redline selvage. Smooth texture like APC, and dark indigo. Dry, sanforized. Details are on par with any good sub-$200 denim. Slim and Regular fit. Bought on sale for $58 ea (steal!). Reg retail is about $79 now I think. Great fits on both. IMO the 'Slim" is close to the KMW 1980 and the 'Regular' is close to the STF 501 fit. Buy TTS. Uniqlo had only 34" inseam for sale when I was at the SoHo shop. Inseam shrinks 1" with a wash and machine dry. A small amount of perceptible waist shrinkage (~.5").

    Regular fit


    Slim fit





    No hidden rivets on back pockets, no tag.


  10. A few more not quite ready for evo, evo pics. Couldn't resist posting these two. The LHT has become so soft over the last couple of weeks. Perfect mix of comfort and durability for people that actually work in their "workwear":)



    Gorgeous stuff. So explain to me - I'm a LHT novice - LHT develops less vertical falling and more 'horizontal falling'?

  11. the going to battle jeans are sanforized already. and on my battle jeans, i also sized down one, and no one would ever call me skinny.

    :) That's right! I keep thinking they're the 0701 with paint, but they are sized differently. My bad.

  12. i will definitely give it a boil soak

    No boiling!!! If the water will harm your hand, it will harm your jeans. Warm water is just fine, and you may need to wear them a few days and soak again to get the full shrink.

    what do you think about the fit?

    My 0705sp


    down one size

    Classic Momo fit. Looks fantastic. Down one though?! Damn, only uber-skinny dudes can do that. Unless those aren't soaked yet, in which case you may be in for some pain :(

  13. that's why i like the way eternals fit! hip flaaaare. so much character IMO

    New Eternal fan here, but that's the embrace-it enthusiasm I love!!

    It's all about them making you channel your inner bad-ass swagger.

    lol apologies...probably not helping with my impatience so I'll stop the hype for everybody else's sake!

    I leave you with more Eternal greatest hits:

    jooles pair (Tiger model)



    ipkus at 7 months


    ...and I'll leave it at that!


    Build the passion.


    You know you want them.

    I'm gonna own my psych(:mad:) midterm today, pawn my books tomorrow and I should have enough to be in on this fun mofuckas.

    Kick ass on those mid-terms brudda. I can't imagine a better reward than a new pair of jeans for all that work and hocked books.

  14. fuck, can't wait!

    having seen you in person, those are gonna be extremely long for me. but who cares they look great. I'll rock a multiple cuff

    Lemmywinks/Pomata? The crossover is too crazy fun to try and figure out.

    I'm lining up to kop some 0500 so any new fit pics are much appreciated. Especially since I'm a 32 inseam guy, not an uber-stacker.

  15. hey mlyngard, what were you doing in marin county? visiting fam?

    Riff - LVC looking great (that knife is really doin' a job on them, huh?) Would rep all but am out. Damn evo thread is crazy good these days.

    RJ - my gf was out in SF for work, so I followed and we rented a cottage near Inverness for the last two days and romped, ate fish tacos and hot-tub soaked. Dreamy area.

    Never made it to SESF...must make it next time. But Marin is another world. Crazy pretty.

  16. Not great detail pics, but 660's in action in Marin County, CA. About a month of wear. Great jeans to go on a trip with :)

    Near our cottage...


    Muir Wood redwood forest



  17. X-posting from Evo threadddd

    Samurai S0500


    Panther - those are f-ing gorgeous. I had already planned to kop once BiG restocks, but now I'm totally sold. Thanks man. Would rep but can't.

  18. anyone know anything about the momotaro 2105 jean jacket??


    I usually wear a 38 in most jean jackets, u think this would be fine for this particular brand?

    Anyone with any info on this jacket would also be appreciated, or Momotaro vlothing sizing in general

    where can i buy this?

    For sale here, but you'll need to translate/convert:


    Check out Momotaro on Facebook too. They're really great about responding and post photos and updates regularly.

  19. before

    I've always wanted yellow arcs! (I guess I got a little carried away but I like em!)


    I might redo them cause the other pocket came out a little funky looking.

    I think everything came out pretty well (seeing how I havent picked up a needle and thread since home ec in middle school.)


    Totally awesome! Would rep if I had any left.



    Amazing stuff man.


    ;) Nice

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