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  1. i tried on my 0701 sz 29 and they didnt really come close to what they are called: tight straight. the only tight part is the waist. they've shrunk pretty much to their potential according to the momo site. debating whether i should keep them..i would like the thigh and calf to be a bit smaller..maybe should go with 28...


    I think if you want skinny tapered jeans, these aren't the way to go.

    But honestly (and I speak from experience), if you like them enough, give them time and let them break in. Downsizing more is only gonna lead to pain with Momos.

    Momo 0701's thigh and calf seem very straight, loose and baggy when these jeans are new. Yet once the denim gets pliable and softens, these will drape much better and really take on the slim fit that they are. Good denim fits only reveal themselves with weeks of wear, and that's particularly so with this amazing denim.

    (they also respond well to a pass through the dryer when they're damp but not wet- and don't turn inside out or you'll get irregular abrasion spots!)

  2. For sale: Denime New 66 (32w) and Warehouse 660 (30w)

    Priced to sell

    Denime New 66

    Tagged 32 waist 30" inseam

    Post-soak dimensions

    w: ~34"

    R: 10.5"

    Th: 12.25"

    L.o: 8.75"

    There's probably a little more shrink left on these.

    $175.00 (includes shipping*)

    Brand new condition. Unworn. Purchased at Blue Owl Workshop last week. 14oz denim. One hot soak at Blue Owl prior to hem.




    Warehouse 660 slim fit

    31.5 waist

    31 Inseam

    r: 10.25"

    th: 11.25

    kn: 8.5

    lo: 8.25


    From the new 38" inseam lot at BiG. Approximately 4 weeks of wear total. Excellent condition. One hot soak and one hot wash. Some visible fading.




    * Shipping to continental US included via USPS Priority. International shipping: please email me.

    Questions or offers please email me at [email protected]

    I can respond to PMs or posts here as well, but not as quickly.

    If you know me from around the forums, you'll know this is an honest and good deal.

  3. im mad that they stopped making the duckdiggers...

    this married life is making me fat... all of my jeans seem to fit a lot more snug... i gotta get back in shape or hit up gordons discount rack

    Yeah, this forum will make any older guy feel fat. Being married don't help. But I thought you wore all your jeans pretty loose?

    I had to dump some stuff this summer due to a sudden change in my fit preference ;-) Resale is pretty good though, especially with all your rep.

  4. gave mine a third hot soak to hope they shrink another inch in the inseam. will start wearing these soon..

    My 811s only saw about 2" of inseam shrink with a hot soak and wash. I resorted to the dryer, which actually didn't do much more. I ended up sending them back in for another hem.

  5. Just picked up the new Oni Blue 32w at BiG yesterday. Gordon confirmed the new batch is the same 14oz denim as the old ones.

    Super stoked. Impeccable service and hemming work from the boys at BiG as always. They even give a crisp, careful fold to the paper bag before handing it to you. Love that!

    Took some time and removed the back arcs (sorry to any purists!). This 14oz denim is amazingly textured and irregular. Seems closer to my Strike Gold than any of the Sams I have/had.

    I'm loving this vintage fit. Leg opening was 9" when raw, but between the shrink and the taper, they have a slim-ish fit.





  6. qKmMxl.jpg

    . Then I moved on to Sams and they both got some rest until the hottest summer ever, and they were worn on cool days (<90F). Overall, I'd say about 2 years of wear.

    Outstanding. Grail status for sure.

    I hear ya about this punishing summer. Anything but shorts here was intolerable on too many days to count. Goddamn...

    (amazing pics too, brother!)

  7. wow, that is fantastic news. i'd love seeing a lot more people hop on board in this one! (shoutout to aho)
    ^Great news indeed...I'll have to check with Gordon about getting myself a pair...ranon, looks like we'll be in competition

    (usually a 30 in everything else, but 32"waist raw on a lower rise is a bit tight for me these days :X )

    On board too as on as Gordon gives the go-ahead. Glad this happened. I was sad to have been too broke to get in on the first pre-order.

    Looking forward to getting in some contest time with all you guys.

    Aho - yeah, I feel for you. just cant tolerate tight jeans anymore...

  8. I missed that one! Bugger!!

    I'm not surprised they more or less stopped carrying Japanese denim. They were taking a pasting on it.Pity 'cos actually their full prices weren't bad and they were the only ones in the UK to carry Warehouse AFAIK.

    That's a shame. Good website, great product line. I was really rooting for them...

  9. lol I'll try to get pics up tomorrow of at least the fit, been real lazy about it but my Sugarcane 1966's are coming along exponentially as of late so I've been wanting to wear them more and more...

    Yeah, been lazy myself.

    Best get moving on that. Hungry crowd here. And those SC best be appearing in pictures in the SC thread too, or there's a whoopin' a-comin'

  10. Afterwards I have to admit that I will never wash a jeans to shrink if there are other ways to do it. strange faded creases...one over the thigh. I have to see how it evolves.

    That's happened to my S0500 and my WH 660s, mainly due to washing them inside-out. The denim abrades against itself. :(

    I've found washing on a gentle setting helps, and I'm not doing inside-out anymore.

  11. They soften up fast, boys. A little rough at first, but as Kiya said, they give back in a week or two.

    I'm liking the evolution of the rivets. The copper on mine has darkened, but the steel male rivets are still bright. A fun little bit of entertainment as the jeans evolve, for sure.

  12. Bought a used pair of sammies, the 2 top buttons were pretty loose on them and on my second day of wearing the jeans the top button fell off.

    Is there any way to get spare buttons for these? Who should i try to contact? Sorry if this been discussed before.

    thanks for help.

    Contact Gordon at BiG ([email protected]). He replaced a button for me on a pair of Momos with a Sam top button. He may not have any around though, so there may be a wait.

    Alternately, you email Kiya at SE, Blue Owl, or Denimdoctors and see if they can provide that repair service. Or check around your local tailors that do denim repair.

    Or you can look online for denim buttons. Craft stores sometimes have them. Some are hammered on, some are screw-back.

  13. Ok, is it me or is there some pentagonal pattern on his eye in some of those photos. It's like an insects compound eye, WTF!?
    ^looks like it's an effect from the flash. i think it looks pretty cool, didn't think the iris would have such depth and texture

    No flash - he's using a hexcell louver over the light (aids in blocking indirect light glare). That's the honeycomb pattern you're seeing.


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