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  1. Sugar Cane 1947 Type-II. Twelve ounce denim.
    sugarcane 1947 type-II's are really very good to walk about in. really light.

    Agreed with the above. Philadelphia summers (~ +95F and 70% humidity) are brutal and my Sugarcane 1947 type II are the only denim I could tolerate in that heat last summer. They're a good, slim cut too. One of SE's best sellers out in CA.

    Also check out SDA's new 12.5oz D1515 lightweight slim cut. I just picked up a pair to see how they do this summer...

  2. Haha I like the white stripes tbh but like you I don't need any more for about ten years

    Ha! Truth.

    Sorry for picture overload, but I'm in love with this denim and I figure we all love some macros.


    0201 vs. 0905 SP

    Amazing comparison Max Power. Would rep but must spread.

    Agreed! Excellent comparison. Must also spread.

    Some close-ups of my Momo's


    Nice, Mistral!! You really do a job on your knees. Reminds me of your Somet. I'll mail you some kneepads ;-)

  3. . I cried all the way up until the day I bought a pair of 883's.
    good for you no picutres?
    i hope you threw those naked and famous in the trash where they belong


    883 on their way today. My 811 and I just couldn't work things out...

  4. Includes shipping.

    Studio D'Artisan 103 Natural Indigo

    30 Tagged waist (31.5 measured) 31" inseam. About 30 wears. About 3 soaks. Little visible wear. ....SOLD

    W: 31.5

    R: 10.5

    Th: 11.75

    Kn: 8.5

    L.O: 8

    Inseam 31




    Eternal 811 Contest Jeans

    32w, 30" inseam. Unworn. New soaked condition. ..............SOLD


    Left Field White Oak Cone Denim Slim Fit

    31w, 30.5" inseam Unworn. .........SOLD


    Momotaro 0701

    33w (fits like 32), 30.5" inseam. Worn approximately 20 times. Very little wear. Almost new condition. ....SOLD

    BiG Style:

    W: 33

    Rise: 10

    Th: 11.75

    Kn: 8.5

    L.o: 8




    Oni - New Blue Fit

    32w, 30.5" inseam. Worn approximately 20 times. Very little wear. Almost new condition. *These have been professionally tapered to 8" leg opening* $175.00


    Roy RS1 Straight Leg Fit

    32w, 29" inseam. Worn approximately 10 times. Very little wear. Almost new condition. ......SOLD


    All in excellent condition. Soaks only. If you know me around this forum, you know this is good stuff, and I'll take care of you.

    I don't have time to take good pictures of all of these, but can provide additional pics if requested. Just email me which jeans and what you would like pictures of. Please PM me, or better, email me at [email protected]

    Shipping: USPS Priority included for any Continental US shipments. International, please PM me.

  5. I have been following this article...


    I hang these jeans in the bathroom during a shower & let the steam freshen the up & give them some water without soaking...I am thinking about keeping this up for a year or so to see what happens...what do you guys think?

    There's two things that I've learned in my humble experience over the years:

    1. Soak your jeans in water every month or two. This will not cause indigo or crease loss, and is the best thing you can do for healthy denim and to help good fading

    2. Any other recommendations that you hear about are completely silly and circulated by amateurs

    When they say "six months, no wash', they don't mean 'no soaking', they mean no washing machine. And I have no idea who "they" is, except maybe those APC bastards...

    PS - dude in that article is a retard who needs to unlearn the "sachet of potpourri" drill and also needs to stop talking to amateur journalists who buy his shit at face-value because he obliquely works for Levis, (which does not make him an expert). Jesus. How much time is spent on SF helping denim heads to stop thinking these stupid recommendations are gospel?

  6. Totally agreed on above!

    The travel-show narrator and that canned porn-movie music is barf-worthy, as are all the pretentious douchebags feelin' up that pretty denim. But I loved the production footage.

  7. ^Doesn't really match the SE aesthetic IMO but I know Momotaro is trying to go big internationally...Wonder who else will carry them? Apparently they're going all over the US looking for stores...

    I was kinda hoping that Context and BiG would be enough for them. Maybe they'll tap Blackbird Ballard or Blue Owl...

  8. I was asking because mine are a few days short of four months and am thinking to soak. How do they hold up after getting in touch with water? Did they turn complety limp, or do they crease very well, after a soak or wash?

    Doubting if I should do it, or just hold out to the 6 month mark.

    Thanks, they hold up very well after soaking but if yours are reasonably clean and you can wait, I would hold off.

    Well, I think I should soak... I don't want them to get stinky.

    Soak, brother. It's not the same as a machine wash. There are too many reasons to list why regular soaks are ideal for any denim, but I've found it keeps them healthy and never hurts fades, indigo loss or creasing. Not soaking can lead to crotch blowouts though.

    All my pairs are stiff as hell after the first post-wear soak, and get softer after subsequent ones.

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