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  1. ---------------------------------------------

    A bit more info-- I ordered size 33 based on Gordon's recommendations. I have a couple of pairs of PBJ's (xx-005 and xx-007) in size 32 which fit but are a touch on the tight side, and a pair of xx-005bk's in size 34 which were too big until I tapered the thighs, and the waist is still a touch too big. So I figured size 33 in the S710's would work fine, and Gordon agreed. When I received them, the waist measured 34", and after a hot wash and 10 minutes in the dryer on high, they shrank to 32", which freaked me out a bit. I put them on damp and I could button them all the way up, but it wasn't easy, and after a few hours I started worrying that they weren't going to stretch out enough in the waist (everything else was perfect). Long story short, after my 2nd day of wear, they have stretched to 35", one inch past raw measurement. That's right, my waist (well, my hips, where I wear my jeans), is 35", I had no idea. Had I known this before, and ordered TTS, they would have been too big I think. I have average size thighs, not emo-skinny. I could get away with a size 34, but not 35. So I think sizing down 1 is probably the best advice for anyone with average thighs.

    You're over-thinking everything, friend. Let go and embrace. Let the denim evolve and learn from it.

    If all else fails, sell them and move on. Save Gordon your worries. All he can do is best-guess. Take charge of your evo!

  2. boy or girl???????????????
    I hope for the latter
    The feet have me confused.
    girl or boy?? yeah feets off man..

    Aw, c'mon. Really? You guys need to spend more time around girls, or at least pay more attention when you do. (and feet dissing is mean)

    Nice fit, are these the 703s?

    commodore pays attention...

    Just ironed my D1388 (Leepro) because I'm going to sell them. The rise is too low for my liking and the inseam is too short.

    I have to say after I touched them again, the LHT denim is amazing with nice loom chatter and interesting texture. The craftmanship is among the best if not the best of all Jeans I own. Alone because of this I'm going to get another pair of SDA in the future that will fit my just right.

    ;) lololol

    Awesomely funny. And right on, beautiful Freak. If you can do it, I highly recommend the nat. indigo if that's your bag. Amazing denim, though low-contrast fades and lighter blue as usual with nat. indigo.

  3. Your belt is long as your jeans?

    Sure! my waist and inseam are almost the same. Think about it...

    Though it is weird looking at the my leg and thinking that it's almost the same length as my waist.\

    Mistral and all - must spread, but great progress! Nice to have some real evo here.

  4. Nice job on those so far, man!

    ^Beautiful denim...Funny how Zimbabwe cotton has a distinct look...Smooth yet coarse if that makes any sense?

    Totally makes sense. And they feel smooth yet ropey at the same time too. Plus, I love the sheen that Zim cotton gets.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts/direction. Much appreciated.

    Had maybe 5 pairs over the past few years? Never read about the effects of tumble drying, since I never had any desire/need to, and never really cared to... Also, never had a pair that was too big that I was trying to make smaller. Anyway, I did a quick tumble, and perhaps noticed a slight bit of shrinkage.

    Gotcha. Didn't mean for my remarks to seem unkind. We're all going to have a great time with this, and I love how many people are involved.

    The one-wash size chart shown on the contest jeans page at Blue in Green reflects the true shrink potential of these. It's accurate (I tried some o/w on and damn...)

    Granted, I think they're industrial dried and then re-soaked and sun-dried, but I know there's more shrink in mine even after two hot soaks and a machine dry.

    Looking forward to seeing yours, man!

  6. #92 here!

    Screen printing is non-existent on mine...

    Same here, bruddah. We should have a Philly contest thrash some time. We can compare pockets ;-)

    Wondering what detriment there is to tumble drying. My pair is still a little too big after a couple hot soaks. Would the tumble dry shrink them even more? What effect would that have on the fabric moving forward?

    These are likely questions that have most certainly been asked before, but I didn't see anything in this thread, so thought I'd post a quick query.

    How much denim have you owned to be jumping in on a contest? Not bashing you, but that's an amateur question, and not asked here for a reason. The only detriment (as I experienced on my other 811 and other jeans) is that machine drying jeans this new can lead to unwanted abrasions and random indigo loss/white streaks.

    (Best to not turn them inside out in this case, IMO - new denim against denim can be bad. But a black bic pen resolved my issue. Machine drying generally improves my fits, I feel. But you won't see much add'l shrink on these until you wear them a few weeks and wash/dry again).

  7. would u recommend initially soaking them or just wearing them raw?
    personal pref, though i would always soak, i hate that starchy stiff feeling.

    but if they are they are the momos that arent sanforized, then u definitely should soak them so u wont have sizing problems later on.

    For the record - stacks are over.

    Daniel - Peanut is right as always, the Vintage Label DO shrink (an inch in the waist and ~ 2" length). Soaking them is a must. Some starch comes out with a soak, but they will still be very crisp and stiff when dry.

    My momos had the longest break-in period of any jeans I own (except maybe Sams). They fade fast and take creasing well regardless of how soft they get. Soak now so no surprises later. They will also stretch about an inch with a few weeks wear.

  8. of course you may!

    yeah would like to see how you take care of your patches. any tipps on how to let them age beautiful but still let the printing intact and visible?

    I apply a little mink oil from time to time. It makes a difference.

  9. P-Oak, how much shrinking did u get after the wash, i did two hot soaks but i felt like i saw the most shrinking after a cold wash hang dry?

    Two initial hot soaks took care of all the shrink for me...

    After two weeks of straight wear and then another hot soak, they tightened up again, but no noticeable additional shrink, but that seems to be the nature of a loose-weave - it doesn't knit tighter after some wear with another soak. Higher tension weaves seem to have more of a second shrink.

    The water was tinted brown from remaining starch though.

  10. ^ Nice Mistral (I like the porn movie music they use with that vid)

    I hope this isn't stepping on any DenimDebate toes, but Ryan Huber from Context (and awesome guy) recently retired his 0701 from that forum and they deserve to be featured here. Incredible evo:

    (edit: retired at nine months)



  11. its not like you are gonna soak them and go thru all the "hassle" every day or every week, is it!?

    Well, it depends on the level of discomfort you can tolerate, dunnit? Unlike many other jeans I've made size mistakes on, Momotaros are damn painful.

    Plus, I rotate about six pair right now and soak or wash at least twice a year. With that math, if it takes one week to get each pair back to a comfortable state, then that's a minimum of 12 weeks a year of discomfort. And tight =/= better fades.

    what would they be closest to inline with other momotaro's?

    0701/0705 is correct as per Nordic and BiG. Except these are 14.7oz sanforized, so break-in behavior will be different.


    I've read every page in this thread and it really made me wanna get a pair of these. Still want some suggestions from you guys tho.

    Which size should I go with between 29 and 30 on 0705SP?

    I think i'll be able to fit in size29...roughly, imo. What do you guys say?

    Those are one wash if I'm not mistaken. I would go with the size 30, since the denim on Momo's is tight weave. They won't stretch much.

    It's true - suggest true to size or size up one on this cut and denim.

  12. You think? I've hot-soaked them twice, 2 hours in total. I'm hoping any more shrinking will be minimal.

    Based on too many expensive lessons, I can promise you that most jeans have a second shrinking after they've been worn for a week or two and then re-soaked. The stretching-out promotes the final shrinking.

    You'll be okay if you plan to wear those for extended periods without washing. But every time you soak or wash, they'll return to that tight fit. Keep that in mind...

    This is one of the biggest challenges for sizing on denim. And part of why I get annoyed when people say "just get your usual waist size".

    (knee bagging, hip flare and diaper ass are all part of the break-in process, and with Sams can take weeks to soften up and drape properly. Suggest 'massaging' the problem areas with your hands while hanging out (and not in public) Softens the denim up to drape better faster...)

  13. Yea its a bit funny...I'm used to my Skulls which practically made my hands bleed for the first 6 months the pockets were so tight, but with these, I find myself putting my hands in the pockets all the time!

    Totally, man. Skulls are such a pain in the ass, and the pocket rivets were like razorblades. Love those roomy Eternal pockets.

  14. sizing down is doable. the trick is when you soak them, wear them at the same time so they won't shrink too much. in fact they will fit your body just nicely. wear them till they're dry. it's worth the effort.


    As long as you're willing to do that every time you soak or wash them.


  15. Really good fit and I think the best collab BIG has done. Love the patch. I sized down 1 on my 0701 and I still can't get the top button done up after a week. These things will stretch eventually though.

    Or maybe not.

    I learned the hard way (twice) about sizing down on 0701, especially with the high-tension weave denim on those which makes for a painful fit with very little stretch. Hate to say it, but unless you never wash/soak them, you'll probably give up on those like I did and size up one or even two...it'll be a painful break in.

  16. S003JP sizing advice? For best estimate of my size...my size 28 unwashed/unsoaked Skull 5010xx 6x6 raws which I guess have stretched since wearing them fit me very well. Should I go for a 29 or 30 in S003JP's which i plan on soaking?

    TTS. I downsized one to my regret.

  17. Joe McCoy picked up and hemmed at BiG last Saturday. Six days of wear in. Went TTS at 32w. The denim is amazing. Soft and pliable, and starting to really show some roping texture in the weave. They;re gonna be fast faders too. Blue hands all the time.

    Two initial washes and machine dries. Surprisingly, the inseam didn't shrink close to the 2.5" expected. Fit is very close to my favorite fit - the Momotaro 0701, though it's also similar to the SDA 103 and Strike Gold slim fit.

    Edit: post-wash/dry and one-week wear dims on these (BiG style):

    w: ~34

    R: 10.25

    Th: 12

    Kn: 8.75

    L.o: 8.25

    Inseam should have been 30 post-soak. Is now 31. These don't shrink 2.5" in the inseam (accounting for stretch) as I was recommended. Maybe allow for 2" inseam shrink.

    I would recommend downsizing 1 on these, though TTS will give you a more classic 501 '47/'66 fit. That said, considering the lower rise on these when sizing the waist, allowing an extra inch seems to be the design intent.









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