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  1. anyone know how about to go and fix this? any ideas? help me save my 811s!!!4827650263_e4b8228731.jpg

    Give Kiya at SelfEdge a holler, brother. You'll wanna nip that hole in the bud asap. Self Edge has got repair machines that can fix that beautifully without a patch. I think he's only charging ~$40 for denim repair on jeans not bought at SE:


    Holy Crap thats amazing for 2 months

    Hell yeah. Agreed.

  2. Good to see you in some Momotaro, Brown Metallic!

    You guys need to 'friend' up with Momotaro on FB. They have great photo galleries of evo pics, plus press releases on stuff like the BiG and NF collabs, and news on their more budget-friendly line that's being launched.


    Like this:


    I have my older pair of 0701 in for their hem at BiG this week. Once back, I'm giving 'em their first real wash (other than their first pre-wear one). Will post up some pics soon.

    Sadly, it's just been too punishingly hot and muggy in Philadelphia this summer to wear them much. Bums me out.

  3. Anybody know if i take my sams that i bought from BIG to BIG would they be able to repair them for me?

    I think Gordon stopped taking repairs, but will always do hemming on his double chainstitch Singer. SE and Blue Owl are offering extensive repair services though. SE seems to be set up to do almost any repair.

    light blue selvedge looks nice. laces are already turning colors

    Silver lame thread like all Sams, I think. The Earth ones I saw at BiG were.

    Naw they're all RHT.


  4. Yup I'll be buying a contest pair chambo...Too many jeans in my closet right now but I can't help myself when it comes to Warehouse...

    And...post soak pics! Have to say these are my favorite pair yet, so glad I didn't size down...Would be better if hemmed but I'm just going to cuff em...


    Aho - gotta say Woo-hooo! (and lulzed at your 'giant fan' signature technique). Will rep.

    Those look awesome, I think I might be sold on those (and dammit, want to kop 811 contest too, but my bank account says otherwise...)

    Also am now, more than ever, totally understanding Salaami's loose-fit wisdom. This sweaty, muggy El-Nino sweat bath we're all getting on the east coast is just reminding me of that even more. Bring on the manly repo-fit.

    (ps - some WH FS folks- see sig)

  5. SGJ1 - repped. Daily wear? Rotated? And what kind of wear?

    That's what I'm seeing mine were getting to, but had to shelve them in this sticky, muggy Philly summer. Already 95F and 65% humidity which is seriously bumming me out.

    (0701 31w FS - see sig)

  6. "I have no idea why anyone needs 24oz denim, let alone anything over 17oz, but the noobs who want something radical can keep spending their money too. I won't talk them out of it." - Mlyngard

    Road rash protection? Cold weather?

    Sorry, when I try to use the quote button I wind up with no place to write in a message.

    I ride motorcycles, and jeans are unwise if you think you'll get anything other than tissue-paper protection. If the weather is that cold, re-think your choice of pants. There's better gear for both situations.

    I'd rather have jeans I can wear as all-rounders except when summer demands shorts. The men of the last century did just fine with 12oz denim.

    Not to be a smart-ass, but get back to me when you've owned a bunch of various denim weights for a year or two and let me know how often that 19/21/24oz denim still makes it into your rotation.

  7. Thanks guys. Post-soak, you;d never know the arcs were there. Removing them is tedious, but you get into the rhythm (and it's not my first time)

    a.khan - totally understood. Philly winters are just as harsh.

  8. I have no idea why anyone needs 24oz denim, let alone anything over 17oz, but the noobs who want something radical can keep spending their money too. I won't talk them out of it.

    Back pockets after taking off arcs. Pre-soak. Post-soak, no evidence of stitch holes existed.


  9. My 1005s (32w) just got prepped/soaked last night.

    Jeans measured ~34.5" across dry. They had been hemmed to 35" inseam.

    One 1/2 hour hot soak took them down to ~33" across waist and 33" inseam.

    A full machine dry on hot and a second hot soak and air dry took them down to the 32" waist and ~32.5" inseam. I'm expecting more inseam shrink. Fit is amazing. Will post up fit pics soon.

    Edit: leg opening saw ~.25" across shrink. It's now 8.25"

  10. A lot of this shit doesn't look coherent like someone just gathered pictures and made up a story around them.

    - The police uniforms are different in almost every picture (and some are Marines?)

    - The gold guns look like they're taken in various museums

    - The animal's cages don't look they have the same construction (one could argue that they were just kept that way but why would someone with 22 million dollars laying around do that?)

    - What the fuck is on fire?

    - Wood floor in room full of money, then tile floor and money is packaged completely differently in the other picture.

    - Picture of rack filled with Uzis (?) looks like it was taken in a factory.

    Just saying.

    Oh, and:

    You fucking serious? How stupid do you think people are? That is an exponentially large sum of money.

    + rep for your scepticism and good eye. Man, so much of the stuff here is faked, photoshopped, or written by bored middle-management stiffs to entertain their buddies (K-Mart memo).

    And yeah, maybe $22 Billion is more like it...

    Gotta be vigilant.

  11. And the cut should incorporate Klein bottle leg taper so my friends will bug the fuck out. And the leather patch should be digital, with a clock or a singing Kanye gif or some shit built in. Oh, and I only want to pay $50... MAX.

    But you're okay with the hip-flare then, I take it?

    edit: get TTS. they won't stretch that much, unless you're fatter than the size specified.

    I personally wear a size 33 811BG and my actual waist ranges from 34" to 35". You should be able to get the waist to 34" if you need to. Just make sure that the rest of the measurements will fit you, especially the thighs.

    Agreed on both statements. TTS worked great for me with a small bit of room to spare. They'll stretch as much as you need (within reason), but these aren't really jeans to downsize on.

    Beatle - if you mentioned this before, forgive me, but what is the drill going to be for actually letting Gordon know we're participating? Just pre-order the jeans once he posts them?

  12. Also, why do people look at hairy denim as a definitive positive? Hairy denim usually points to short cotton fibers, which usually coincides with less durable denim. That being said I love the lht okinawa denim and it is pretty hairy.


    I think the hairiness of denim is not just related to a shorter staple-fiber cotton, but also the tightness of the yarn twist, and number of times it's twisted. Not sure that correlates to cheap vs. premium. I'm not a textile engineer though...

    Almost all my denim has had a peach-fuzz phase in the first few months before it smooths out. That's just loose fibers being worked out.

    IMO, It's only when a cloth continues to get hairier with time that it's a sign of less expensive material. Think: cheap wool sweater pilling up.

  13. In my experience with other denim like this, you'll see more shrink when you wash after wearing them for a while. Sometimes the denim needs to be stretched a bit with wear so that it'll 'settle' and fully shrink with the next wash.


    With out a doubt the greatest denim ive ever seen, it is unbelievably rough.

    Theres a strike gold red tab in the coin pocket, great touch

    Nice. Repped. Denim really is pretty sweet, huh? I think Kiya's FH/Sam Texas cotton comparison is right on the money.

    Glad you were able to to get the 32s in NY. I kopped the last 32s on the website. Sorry :rolleyes: Looking forward to getting these.

    Post up soak and measurement info if you can. Would love to see if inseam shrinks the full 3" on the first soak.

    Re: red tab - Skull and others cut them off for the American market after production, and have to stitch the dagger on there to patch the cut. I'm pretty sure the tag you've got was never sewn on, so if you really care enough, a tailor can do that for you. Other jeans Ive owned have come with the uninstalled tag in the coin pocket.

  15. but the thing is, my bsps are size 31. and were apparently cut oversize to shrink TO tagged size.

    could anyone shed some light on this?

    EDIT: self edge online measurements says they'd be waist 32. so that's a little bit less extreme. I mean, I'm probably just bad at measuring or something.

    Depending on when you checked the measurements, they may have changed. Self Edge re-measures each restock.

    My size 30s (from the first BSP run) were 30in in the waist when raw, but now I see the current size 30s are 31in in the waist.

    All FH should shrink to tagged size eventually, with the exception of BSP, which will shrink to ~ 1/2" less than tagged size, which is why sizing up one is sometimes done.

    I found that both my FH didn't shrink fully the first hot soak. I've also read that many times here.

    To pathermodern's point though, every batch can be different, and the shrink rate different between two pair form the same batch depending on where/how it's done.

    Wear them a while and wash/soak again. I find denim needs the stretch from wearing to finally settle and fully shrink with a second wash.

    I'm on the fence about immersion in boiling water, but a kettle full into the tub doesn't hurt.

  16. Absolutely not. I'm very tolerant of teen identity crisis. I had a few doozies. However, the hilarity of the one girl calling other flimsy teenage sub-"cultures" posers and implying that their WOLF TALES lend authenticity to their "bond" makes Juggelos look like a legitimate interest group. Lobby-worthy even.

    Pieces of shit.

    Subject exhausted.

    I actually revise what I said before. I hadn't read the piece on the dog. I agree.

  17. nice fit! definitely looks like mine too

    1st initial soak. do you think it needs 2nd initial soak?

    Those look great on you Renatho. Mine had some second shrink, but I'd say the first hot soak took care of 90% of it. I don't think you'll see more shrink until you wear them for a while and then wash, but it won't be much unless you use a dryer.

    Great to see this thread gathering speed again, and great to see more pics.

  18. Alpha dog? They said she's the alpha dog? Look at them. Nobody dresses like that anymore. This must be in the middle of nowhere.

    Oh man this loser is the worst. This fucking mall queer decapitated a dog?

    That stupid little fantasy sword won't help her when Franny X comes to town for a mall goth rape spree.

    Let them be silly children and evolve as they go.

    We all have lessons to learn from the mod/ska/punk/skinhead scenes in London, every goth subcatagory up until now (which I hope these kids learn).

    At least they seem to understand the rules of being lone wolves with a welcoming wolf pack, which is what we do here every day.

  19. just ordered myself, and now that Edmond promised fit pics two years ago and flaked, I'm stoked. He must be keeping them a secret.

    Fondled these in NYC last weekend and was really impressed with the denim and works. Needle-work reminds me of PBJ. Raw denim is somewhere around a Eternal/Flat Head texture. Knotty and silvery-grey with tons of vertical irregularity.

    Can OP revise thread title?

  20. Really? How about that IHE-05 21 oz Selvedge Denim Messenger Bag... ;)

    snap! rep for courier bag

    ^"damnit" was a fun stage with my kid. Wife is still sure I'm responsible, which is probably true 'cuz had he picked up her favorite saying it would have been the "fuck you" stage.
    my parents say that "damnit" was one of my first words and i would say it every time i would play with my toy hammer. i guess i was mimicking my dad when he would fix something around the house. the little things you pick up as a kid from observing your parents

    lulz for jaded daddies. Awesome.

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