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  1. sexyyyyy 10char

    Try to avoid quoting the whole picture series if possible.

    APC NC 8 months, one wash. Crotch is blown out, taking em to Self Edge SF this week to get fixed.

    Let us know how that goes. I'm interested to hear feedback on their repair services.

    Sized down alot on these, so the button broke about 3-4 months in,

    I've found a few places online that sell replacement button sets (hammer-on rivet kind). Like these:


    These are for suspenders but would work fine too...


    I busted my top button on my Momotaro and Gordon was kind enough to scrounge a leftover Sam button for me. Wonder if SE might be able to help?

    Consistently amazing stuff as always today. Man!

  2. I've heard conflicting things about the Skulls, and now I'm really worried I may have made the wrong decision. For reference, I'm 5'10, and 155 lbs, with a true waist measurement if 31.5", and I wear a 29 in APC NS (which again, have about a half inch of room in the waist).

    Well, don't sweat it until you get them. You won;t know 'til you try them on, really. It all depends on what fit you want and what you can tolerate in terms of top block fit. I didn't intend to worry you.

    The fit on Skulls is determined more by the top-block span at the hips, not the waist size, which I've learned the hard way. At least re-sale is good right now...

    Thomasec, you should be fine with your Skulls. Mine are a 31 and my APC NS are a 29. Both are a slim but comfortable fit on me as opposed to a roomier straighter fit.

    Agreed. I think if you can tolerate the PBJ and NS top-block, you'll probably be okay.

    lol yea i also have 6 or 7 other brands and soon a pair of momotaro's

    Love my Momos. You're gonna love them too, if your fits on Skulls are anything to go by. If you got 0701s, they're tough to stretch.

  3. sibellaAPR016.jpg

    Nice. Rep on those.

    My skulls size 32, about max 30 days of wear:


    shud I size down?

    Strongly suggest not sizing down. It's counterproductive on Skulls and will only bring pain and regret (in my opinion) and those look good.

    wow, finaly got my black skulls!!!!!


    Nice man! +rep for consistency!

    sorry guys noob question here.....if my measured waistline is 90cm(35') should i go with a size 34 for the 5010xx 6x6 or should i size down to 33...or for skulls i have to go with my true waist size?

    Go true to size, regardless of what the size charts tell you. These are incredibly slim (narrow) in the top-block. Unless you're rail-thin in the hips, the jeans don't take well to sizing down. The fly gaps like crazy and they're prone to crotch blow-out.

    It does make for good lap fades though. :rolleyes:

  4. i shall make a feeble attempt to turn your double digit rep to triple digits.


    on a serious note, these are nice, you should continue wearing them if they still fit. i'd bet they look good in real life.

    Smile...you know how that is: "um, my 'friend' has these jeans he wanted to post pics of"

    JK. Those are pretty sweet. Friend or not, time to ask for them back ;)

  5. Just got a pair of F380s in a 34.


    I'd say that looks great. Pre-soak judgement (imo) should be about the fit of the waist and hips, which sounds good. The rest of the fit is silly to waste your time worrying about. You'll have to soak them to know.

    FH will shrink a fair amount, and even more after a second (and third) wash. They also have an awkward break-in, but it's over quickly. Be patient and give them time.

    Edit: for example - the ones above your post are only two months old. You won't know what your fit is like until they've taken that shape. But sizing down on jeans is a good motivation to stay trim. Keep us posted!

  6. I wonder how dark the water model is now that I see how dark the earth model is. and Vanquish post full pics now!

    Man. So tough to tell with photography.

    I'm being cautious about drawing conclusions until I can see them. Plus, we have no idea how that weft dye will wash out. Could be fast.

  7. hey all. just ordered my 710s from BiG today. how should I soak?


    Sam's tend to continue to shrink even after a few washes. In order to get maximum shrinkage, i would suggest a few hot soaks and a hot wash with no spin cycle. Even after these soaks/wash, the sams will still shrink some after a few more washes; however, this should get a lot of the shrinkage out of the way. Hope this helps, good luck.

    Ryan, What, ya didn't believe me, huh? :cool:

    Do what Ducati guy recommends. Wise words.

  8. i wear a size 31 in the samurai S710XX and the 0500XX, what size should i go for in the XX-011 if i want to end up with a fit like braidkid, BUT post-soak.



    Go with 30 for a fit like his post-soak. That's how mine ended up when I did a 30 (I wear a true 31w)

  9. They look great, I especially like the button engraving on them! I'd have ordered these by now too (They were released in Japan on April 7), but I have a large store credit with BiG that I'd like to use on them. BiG has them up on the website now, it says they are arriving on 4/31/10.

    3rd on full pics. Don't leave us hanging.

    ^ Saw that too. Had some other denim lined up to buy first but must now re-prioritize. Those being more moneyz and limited edition means must decide which to act on first.

    Sigh. I guess there are worse dilemmas to be in :rolleyes:

    Edit: does anyone have a guess as to how fast that persimmon weft color will wash out? That's pretty deep red/purple is pretty intense for me. I'm not looking for an overdyed looking jean.

  10. Ya. I'm into the wallet damage. Doesn't bother me that it pokes through. I usually get them hemmed anyway so I have extra denim to do repairs. It's just the matter of getting around to doing it is all. I have a pair of Eternals that the damage is getting so bad that it is sometimes difficult to get my wallet out when paying for goods and services. Just put up some pics of those too.

    Angry wallet: $225. 4 pairs of shredded jeans: $1,200 and counting.

    Peace of mind: Priceless. :rolleyes:

    so knee down will shrink another .5" ??

    i can't find a jean with small enough knee/hem and large enough waist/thigh. any suggestions?

    Yes, they will have another shrink phase. Please, please trust me on two things: give those a few weeks to break in, and please let go of immediate expectations.

    Trust the designer and the cut. They're called 'shrink-to-fit' for more reasons than just from the initial fast shrink in the tub.

    The cut is fine and you'll look great in it. Allow the wisdom of the cut to override your impatience and current need. The cut was designed around a broken-in fit, not the first-week fit. Every time I've jumped the gun and made snap decisions like that I've deeply regretted it,

    They'll show themselves soon. You're in good hands.

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