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  1. Dunderdon j39 'Anton' classic bomber jacket. Size Medium. Spring weight cotton/poly shell, cotton plaid lining. Interior zip pocket. Will fit a 36-38 perfectly.

    Purchased at NeedSupply this month. Never worn.

    Asking $120.00 shipped.


    APC 'canvassy' jacket, red. Purchased off SF this fall. Sz Medium. Red canvas shell, khaki canvas lining. Altered/shortened approx 1" at waist. Epaulets removed. Will fit 36-38 well.

    Asking $55.00 shipped.



    Please PM or email me with questions: [email protected]

    Paypal only. US Continental shipping included in prices.

  2. The 1980 hand-dyes have been on the shelf during the winter months. FHs and other heavier weight denim were getting my attention. KMWs looking to come out to play for the warm weather though.

    The hand-dyes vs. the regular. I'll need to get fit pics up soon. Highly recommend an initial soak, or better, a first wash on these (both types) and maybe a machine dry; does wonders for the fit and denim character. The vertical slub on the hand-dyes is gorgeous.

    Hand-dyes will shrink 3/4" at least with a wash and machine dry. Maybe an inch.



  3. Hey all, Not yet an Eternal owner, but was torn between the 811 and 883. Been chatting with Gordon. Here's the scoop (and I don't think Gordon would mind my posting this, since he emailed this info and knows I frequent the forums):

    Gordon got a sample of the 883 this past week for review. Whether to stock at BiG, or maybe to modify for the contest or both I wouldn't want to guess. He didn't provide his personal opinion on the cut, but I replied that it's very much like the BiG/PBJ 013 collab cut. Here's his email:

    "So I received the sample for the 883 and they measure very close but come up slightly slimmer than the 811’s. There’s areas of the fit that they changed that don’t really show up in the measurements such as a shorter back yoke and tighter seat area that help to slim it down in addition to the extra 1” in the waist and 1/2” slimmer knee and leg opening. Below are comparisons of a size 32 883 and 811BG:

    883 one wash Size 32

    Waist 32"

    Front rise 10.25"

    Back rise 14.5"

    Upper thigh 12"

    Knee 8.25"

    Leg Opening 7.75"

    Inseam 34.75"

    811BG one wash Size 32

    Waist 31"

    Front rise 10.5"

    Back rise 14.5"

    Upper thigh 12"

    Knee 8.5"

    Leg Opening 8"

  4. 3xxx and 1xxxx don't really get slubby, I know because I've had both pairs. A lot of times, I see people refer to slubbiness in jeans like Pure Blue Japan because it is true, their denim(esp. like my 007) is made to look sooooo slubby its pure sex lol
    "Slub" isn't that abstract a concept...Here is a picture:

    PBJ (I know, this is the FH thread but he needs help)


    Not the best example, but see all those little "nubs" that stick out?

    I seee! Thanks for the info, very very informative (:

    By that example, i'm not sure if my 5100's count exactly as slubby....but they're definitely hairy haha. They're not very worn (actually only about 3 wears deep and then retired till the hot hot months 'cause i wanna wear my IH as much as possible until i can't)


    What do you guys think?

    I'm a little late on this question, but my BSP (which use the same 14.5oz denim as the 3000 series, I believe) got some real vertical slubbiness going on. They appear smooth when new, but if you know what you're looking for, you'll see the slubbiness there. Once washed/soaked and worn for some time, it becomes very pronounced. My BSP at 3 months:


    I have PBJ too. Even initially very smooth denim like Momotaro will develop vertical slubbiness like this. PBJs and some Sams are extreme examples, showing a more pronounced slub from the short-fiber cotton used (like Texan). Longer-fiber cottons like Zimbabwe yield a different, longer slub effect. All of those slub features are controllable during the weaving process.

  5. My KMW 1980's (tagged 30) are exactly what I want in a pair of jeans, aside from the gigantic back pockets/seat which don't compliment my cracker ass very well. I am wondering if the F380 would be a similar fit, and if so, how would you size them? (The guy from flat-head.co.uk suggested if my natural waist is 31", to go with that tagged size).

    Don't know the 380 cut, but my 05BSP cut had a very similar top block to my 1980s post-soak (slightly lower rise). After the awkward break-in period, which included some hip-flair but no diaper ass like the 1980s, a second soak at 2 months totally shrank them further to a perfect fit. Hip, seat and rise are all ideal now (though thigh/leg shrank a lot more too) Exactly what the 1980 is not on me.

    I slightly downsized on them, so yeah, go TTS (31) and give them a second soak before you pass judgment on final fit.

    I'm a cracker-ass too, btw.

  6. Many thanks on previously answered questions! FH_Uk is out of stock, but Rakuten has some left...

    A few quick questions to anyone with experience ordering FH from Rakuten.

    1. Lead time - what can I expect for delivery time once I order?

    2. Customs - should I expect to have to pay duties upon arrival (I know this was partially answered somewhere but couldn't find...)

    3. Shipping rates to US (2 pair) - Bad? Reasonable?

    4. Payment - any issues with just using a Visa?

    Edit: one more - stock - if they show stock on an item, how confident can I be that it's real?

  7. Anyone here have experience with the 5001 slim-straight?

    Anyone here have any experience with ordering from http://www.flat-head.co.uk ?

    Even better, can anyone do a head-to-head of the 3001/5001 and the BSP model in terms of snugness? I have the BSP, which is just too slim in the leg - both thigh, taper and knee (top block is great though).

    Would love any feedback.

  8. give it like 5 years when people are tired and embarrassed of the superslim dior cuts and tapered legs and you won't regret buying the 103's.

    Poly, I gotta say this statement, (dated back in '07 in this thread) was so spot-on. Truer words haven't been spoken.

    That's exactly why I just picked up some SC 2009s and am kopping the 103s next. There's a reason the 103s are still here...

  9. flathead1.jpg

    flatheads f310. actual wear: about one month. only cold soak at the start.

    Highly suggest you consider a warm/hit soak in another few weeks. Those are gonna shrink a hella lot more. My BSP really surprised me when I soaked again at 2 mos.

    Currently soaking/washing my Uniqlos. Pics to follow.

    Looking forward to that.

  10. Cobbled this together with some shit I had lying around.


    Post hot-soak shrink, waist 29" :-(

    Post stretch and dry: 30.5" :-)

    You'll need:

    Compression clamp. Hardware stores. ~ $Thirty-something

    PVC pipe joints: Hardware stores ~ $1.29 ea

    Girl and Boy Dog ceramic salt and pepper shakers ~ Lancaster County, PA diner giftshop ~ $7.95/pair


    Reverse clamp format:



    The usual...











    Do not try this at home. Only trained professionals were used.

    No animals were harmed in the making of this feature

    Any resemblance to your jeans is purely coincidental

  11. Need some advice on sizing for 103s.

    I'm between a 30 and 31. 30s for stretchier denim (SC, PBJ, WH), and 31 for lower-rise and tight-weave stuff, like my Momotaro 0701 and Skulls.

    These look to have almost the same denim as the Momotaro - Kojima-woven, tight-weave Zimbabwe cotton. 15+ oz. I tried 30s in Momotaro and they killed me with almost no stretch. Skulls too.

    How would I fare with a slightly downsized 30 in the 103? I usually do a warm initial soak, but I'm done with super-slim and more than normal break-in pain. Looking for a looser slim-straight too, so not interested in downsizing for that. Just don't want these baggy in three months.

  12. yo Aho, i got the 883 a few weeks ago.

    what i can say for the fit is they are slim cut , something similar to FH5001 im having with more moderate taper down the knee compared to 5001.

    the top block is boxy, rise is low but not super low i can wear them around 1' down my naval.

    Leg opening is small..i got size 29 the hem is around 18cm.

    Pocket is smaller than 811 which i love so much.

    Thanks for that review LC. I'm seriously considering the 883 in size 30. Can you give us a dimension for the rises on yours? Fit pics are also welcome if you can post them.

  13. 140433.jpg

    Just got my Skulls from dy616, they fit amazing but there a little long, im thinking about a hot soak jsut the shrink up the inseam.

    You seem to be right on the fence with those. That's ideal for stacking, since some of that slack will be taken up by the creasing that will form. Plus, leg shape will change as you break those in. I'd recommend wearing them for a few weeks before hemming.

    does anybody have experience w/ removing the cross from their skulls?

    i've modified the arcs on my flatheads a couple times with no hitch but i have a feeling the cross will be more cumbersome...true?

    any tips would be appreciated!

    Seam ripper ($1.95 at CVS) and a pair of tweezers to remove the thread-ends. No harder than arcs, just denser stitching.

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