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  1. What color represents Wind? You could assume a sky blue but that is already being used for the Water model. Possibly a green blue? I can picture that for some reason. What about the Void model? Darkness representing the Void. They would do an Indigo warp and black weft achieving a very 45rpm Nando Nando color and look.

    Samurai has me by the balls this year!

    I'll buy both your thoughts on Wind and Void. Especially void.

    I'm assuming they will do something challenging with materials and not leave it to something as predictable as a green selvage line.

    No matter what, this is pure art. I'm totally kopping the persimmon-dyed 'Earth' model. I've been hoping to see that. We'll see about the others, but god knows, they've got my attention, if not my actual balls in their hand already ;)

    Not happy. For some reason 2nd canceled my order of my 710xx. I can barely make out the email I received from hem saying it was canceled. Anyone know what this might be due to?

    Clearly it's because you didn't order them drunk. I think that shows in the Babel translations...

    (actually, they cancelled an order for some FH on me too. Seems Rakuten showed stock but 2nd ("Second" ;-) didn't actually have inventory)

    Thanks for the all the info. From what I have seen, the wind element in Japan seems to have a tendency to be represented by the color green, so I am guessing that will have something to do with the wind model.

    Like you, I was also speculating that the Void model might have black weft yarns.

    Or possibly the 'Void' model is a pair of cutoffs with a hole in the crotch and no arcs or tabs?

    This would be such an awesome assignment for design class.

  2. I read somewhere that Samurai was also releasing a "Musashi" model, and I was hoping someone would have more information on that....

    "Posted/discussed a bit earlier in a video showcasing Samurai...its the "earth" element model, part of the "Go Rin no Shou" series that Samurai will do throughout the year, each having different weft dyes per element (ie: red for fire, blue for water, etc.), with this earth model being persimmon dyed. At the end of 2010 they will release the "Musashi" model (forgot what will be special about it though), Musashi being the author of the Book of Five Rings (Gorin no shou) and the guy on all your Samurai patches ;)"

    My mac is acting up and not working, but this information should be in quotes and attributed to aho

    Nice. I'm loving that concept the more I hear about it. Talk about the perfect storm of developing demand. We'll all be shaky junkies in withdraw by the end of this year.

    We need to take up a collection here for Aho. Aho knows his shit every time and for some reason gives it away for free.

    Got drunk on Friday and ordered S710xx Sz 34 from BiG when I got home. They came today

    That's the way to do it!

  3. Hello all gents and ladies,

    I'm looking to get a pair of APC NCs. This vanity sizing is a little confusing. My actual waist size is 27. So from what I heard, I should downsize by 2.

    So if the tagged size 25 is a waist 27, and if i need to downsize, I need to get a tagged size 23?

    But do A.P.C produce size 23s?

    Down 2 from tag to get to your true waist. Common practice is to go down one more to account for stretch for a slim fit. So 25 tagged for tts, 24 for slim. I don't think APC even makes those sizes, and if they do, good luck finding them.

    you're overthinking. just size down to 25.

    Disagree. Denim noob + APC sizing illogic = need to think hard.

    does anyone have any methods or recommendations on how to shrink the length of a tee

    If a wash and machine dry doesn't take care of it, I'm not sure anything else will. I sense partial soaking and shrinking of any knit is gonna get you pretty funny lookin' results (think 'hourglass' shape).

    in his words, "something more fitted than 501's, but not something skin tight." sorry, i'm realizing how vague this question is. any help anyone can provide is much appreciated tho.

    He should try Levis LVC '47 cut. Still classic Levis fit but the '47 cut is significantly slimmer than you'd think. $220 is good price to start in good denim. Size up one for regular fit, TTS for slim. For him sounds like one-up would be smart (i.e. - if he's a natural 32 waist, get 33 tagged size)

    Anyone know what sort of temperature manufacturers such as Eternal, Warehouse etc use for the wash on their one-wash jeans?

    Had a look through Encyclopedia already but couldn't find an answer.

    Guessing no more than 150F(120F is your typical at-home washer). Hotter than that does nothing to increase shrink and just boils the shit (and tag). I think each manufacturer's different drying process is what yields the end results.

  4. From what I know, all of them are in the S5000VX cut, and all have 17 oz. denim. The difference between them lies in the treatment of the weft yarns in the denim. For example, the earth model has weft yarns treated with persimmon juice, among other things, and the weft yarns are reddish brown in that one. The water model has light blue weft yarns. I don't know anything about the other 3 models yet, I haven't been able to find any real info on those yet.


    Jesus, just when I thought I was reaching a point of denim contentment....

    Those sound sexy for all the right reasons. Do know that Gordon said he's expecting the 'water' variant next month, as well as re-stock on other models. Which means my landlord should be happy that he's not getting rent in May, right?

  5. just to clarify when sizing down on 660's you size down from true waist not from BIG measurements so if im 32 id just grab a 31 right?

    Yikes. No. Be really alert and study the size charts (especially the post-wash ones) very carefully - order true to size based on the post-wash measurements. Ignore the tagged size.

    The older lot and the new batch size differently. I'm a 31 natural waist and I'm wearing a tagged 28 from the latest 660 batch (38" inseam). I'd be a 29 in the older (37" inseam) batch. BiG has stock on both. Highly recommend you email Gordon and tell him your true waist size and have him tell you the size you need.

    As for downsizing - they stretch perfectly for a comfy fit. I downsized one on my last pair and sold them. TTS is ideal for me. In my opinion, the fit doesn't improve with downsizing - it just stretches out funny and the fly gets pulled badly.

    how much does the warehouse denim stretch??

    if they fit just right pre-soak, will they stretch back out to the pre-soak measurements?

    I'd say don't downsize on your true waist. I went true to the post-wash chart and they have become totally comfy and haven't stretched to a point where they seem too loose. And they're still snug after a wash.

    A run through the dryer can solve any slight oversizing. You'll loose another inch in the inseam with a machine dry though - so you might want to keep that in mind. The denim is really 'elastic' and forgiving, but it doesn't seem to stretch out and stay that way like some denim.

    The only reason I'm mad about the J.Crew collab is that J.Crew is wasting Warehouse's time when WH could be focusing more on making my cinch/1004XX with arcs and tab for their 15th Anniversary that I've been begging for forever....;)

    Awesomely funny :)

  6. hi. please how you sized on them? and what size it is? thanks.

    and what are you think guys? is this good pair of jeans for me if im skinny and i want slim fit? my thight is 20 and waists are 30-31. what size/cut is best for me?

    These would be good for you, especially if you're skinny but with 20" thighs. I have 19" thighs, and these are pretty slim on me. The tagged 30 shrinks to 31. As a slim cut, you might not want to go tighter.

    [shameless plug] - I've got some 013 fs - see sig.

  7. ^ Agreed - mine were pretty loose when raw. Those will cut you in half. And don't depend on too much stretching to save you.

    (Vesper - you a Duc man?)

    Edit: thanks beautiful Freak - would rep but I'm out.

  8. Mine took 4 weeks but I ordered during the black Friday sale. They're quoting 1-2 weeks for production in Terms and Conditions.

    I never got much in the way of order confirmations or updates after the initial one. They ship UPS I think.

    Worth the wait though.

  9. My 34 inseams usually wind up at around 31 after full shrinkage.

    Agreed. You'll end up with 31" on a 34 raw inseam eventually, and maybe soon. It's pretty well known that the won't show 31 until a few washes/wears. I did two initial hot-soaks of my 31/34 '47s before wearing and got 32 inseam.

    However, I just washed them last night after only five wears and they had a definite second shrink phase everywhere and my inseam is now 31.

  10. soak


    back. i know you just want to see the white tag anyway.


    Awesome. I love bathtub pornz. Repped.

    Lol'ed at your bribe post. Nice. I've had the winky-wink conversation with Gordon before too, but need to stop in next time I buy instead of online ordering.

    Need sizing advice on SO500xx. These look fine to go TTS. Am I right on that?

    Hey I'm looking for a new pair of jeans and I'm thinking about going for some Samurai

    Thinking about going for a straight, anybody have any favorites?

    Hmmm... ;-)

    - (Shameless plug - some Sam LE's for sale in my sig...(just moving away from slimmer fits right now...)

  11. I think we're all used to the 005/007s slim fit and low rise so maybe we aren't used to seeing them worn contrary to what the cut is usually inclined to look like.

    I didn't mind that fit on him at all, but I do think the cuff/hem is unresolved.

  12. The weird white lines I believe are called "marbling"... And from what i understand, what is most common cause of this is the spin cycle of your washing machine. It makes sense.. .

    Totally. I've gotten marbling from washing inside-out just as often. I think the cycle you choose (or when you take them out) is kep. uber-fast faders can show marbling in one short spin cycle.

    In fact, I've heart it explained here by a denim kung-fu master why washing outside-out is recommended to also help prevent wear on the inside (weft) fibers.

    My actual measured inseam is 29". So should i go for a tagged size length of 32 or 34 to get this effect ?

    34, imo. If they shrink too much over time, you're screwed, right.

    32s will shrink to 29 in a few washes. And then you have to account for the extra leg shortening from basic wear/creasing/stacks. etc. I don't find the 11" washed front rise makes much of a difference to perception of inseam length on 501s

    So if you're really a true 29 in well-worn 501s, go for 32. Otherwise, get 34 and hem in the future.

  13. "he" discovered warehouse. I interpret this as a personal discovery. I dont think he's claiming Magallen status.


    Heheh. True. But I think it's very strongly implied in the "he discovered" part that "he" is also 'JCrew", since he's speaking for the brand in this context:

    "Frank Muytjens, J. Crew's head of men's design, said he discovered Warehouse denim while on a trip to Tokyo last year.

    "I haven't been able to take them off since," said Muytjens of the pair he purchased.""





    he discovered warehouse like al gore invented the internet.

    This has been an interesting discussion to read. From the beginning I've been fine with it. Let them educate more people about heritage/classic jeans. How is this a bad thing for anyone?

    lulz. Ultimately, that's all that matters I guess.

  14. good pick on the sizing matt, curiosity, what length did you hem them to? 31?

    32. Double cuff isn't my usual M.O., but works so well with this cut. They look good single-cuff too, but the denim is still softening up (and it was nice and warm today and also tryin' to get that hip-flare to relax a little)...

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