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  1. BSPMay242010_0000-1.jpg

    Could have been so fantastic, but the leaf ruins it for me.

    ^^ i want to rep you so badly, but sadly you're on my "wait to rep" list, as governed by sufu.
    ^^ Same as ashkaun...

    Meee threeee :(

    Now, let's just get by the hot summer days now....

    So true. Funny, I never thought that way until heavy denim came into my life. Thank you muggy-hot sauna Philly summers. What gives?

  2. Next level goth-ninja?

    Where is this taking place? Midwest?

    Think they said San Antonio, TX

    This is some seriously next level American Psycho/Christian Bale interpretation. His facial expressions are spot on. Apparently Miles Fisher has also doubled for Tom Cruise. He's like a Christian Bale x Tom Cruise bastard child.

    omfg - would totally rep you twenty times for that. Pure genius.

  3. bullshit skull produced 3 models in standard cuts that have the unsanforized stf hairy denim which i think is denime like the ww2 ,66 and xx cut 2 years ago... so there he should fire that guy stupid shit giving customers wrong info

    I'm not agreeing that the guy should be fired at all - he's only passing on what he's read or been told - unwise, but I hope he learns better soon. Too many take that info as gospel.

    But I agree that there's often better knowledge here on SuFu than from some of the stores we buy from.

    Gordon works with the feedback he gets and he's wise to never promise anything. Ever. But we all need to assume that everything we're told is only possibly accurate if the person hasn't worn the specific jeans for a while. And even if they have, the experience is specific to them and how

    they wear and care for them.

    In my own experience, it's unwise to size down on Skulls - they do shrink more than people assume. But it seems that sizing down is done often and successfully here, so I can only state what I've learned.

  4. So do people buy a new belt for each pair of jeans they have? It seems that whenever I see pictures of people's collections, they have a different belt for each pair. Or do y'all transfer belts from pair to pair?

    I don't always buy a new belt for each pair, but each pair eventually gets its own belt. Once the combination works, the belt remains on the jeans. But I definitely don't like breaking in a new pair of denim and a belt at the same time. Makes me too conscious of wearing both.

    yo farmer, stop fucking playing games man, it's too early on a saturday for this bullshit. we demand more pics and info that belt is the maybe the most beautifuly ugly shit ive ever seen. if there was no such thing as grail belt status, there is now

    Agreed. Grail status for sure. That gave a new meaning to 'saddle' leather. That's been ridden hard. Props.

    what happened ?????

    I think the thread cavitated there for a sec, but I sense we're back on track :rolleyes:

  5. ^ it doesnt matter. You could wash them and get more shrinkage and starch out than if you just soaked them. just do it

    Agreed. Lately I've been doing a hot soak in the tub and then wash on gentle, (inside out for the first time) and then a short machine dry to soften them and finish any shrink if any is needed.

    I guess everyone finds what works for them, but there's no rule. Except get that starch and shrink out early.

  6. I think some of what looks like fading might be due to the light in the photo. The Zimbabwe cotton denim has a nice sheen to it (but is also still hairy).

    These do fade pretty fast in the first month or two.




  7. Some 0701 detail shots. Three months old. About one month of continuous wear. 32w, 32L. Two soaks, two washes. One machine dry. Fading fast enough, total luxury, but stubborn as hell. And who doesn't love the pockets?

    I busted the top button a week in, and Gordon was kind enough to replace with a Samurai button. Thanks Gordon!






  8. ...i had my 700s soaking in a bucket in my mom's yard, and by the time i got back around here today it's like 5 days later....

    ^ record for longest soak?

    Snake, can't rep you again yet but thanks for that amazingly thoughtful photo essay.

  9. yes but sometimes if f it its too loose you can make it shrink in initial soak so you can arrange the best fit. i dont know but sometimes i love sanforized because it is easy lol

    Sanf = boring denim ;)

    renatho - I agree about being able to get oversized jeans down to a good fit. A machine dry can really help. That's what I did with my Momos. My32w 0701 (sized-up one) are turning into my favorite fit. Still really slim. I should post up some pics...

  10. how tight are you pulling the tape measure? it should be kind of snug when you're taking the measurement.

    also, i would measure your other pants BIG style and compare that to BiG's measurements for the 811's.

    TTS has worked well for me on 811 and 883's. (sized down 3 on apc as well)

    fit pics of 883s are a couple pages back or something.

    Agreed with Chris on this, Ranon. I measure about a 32.5 measured waist but wear 31w tagged. Even pulling the tape tight may not be totally accurate depending on where you measure, so best to take stretched measurements off a good pair. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time (and money) bracketing my size. As in "30?...nope...32?...nope... "

    And of course it's even harder when you deal with strange sizing issues because of the snug cut (Momotaro), vanity sizing (APC) and undersizing on the tag (Denime 66xx, Evisu Lot 2000 No. 1).

    That said, once you find your true size, sitck with it. 95% of the time there's specific wisdom and reasoning behind how a cut is sized...(in the long run, which may not be apparent from initial post-soak fit).

    It's also a shame that APC is a starter jean for many people, which just causes so much more confusion.

    I'm trying to pretend that sizing jeans is fun... :(

  11. does anyone knows how much is the waist of size 31 in 0701?

    On my 31w and 32w from the latest batch, the waist measures about 1" more than tagged when dry, and will shrink to tagged size with a hot soak.

    That said, they feel a size smaller than tagged because of the snug top-block, and don't stretch very quickly. I like my sized-up one 32w better.

  12. really cool man. thanks for posting. i also found it on youtube for embedding:


    So funny - that was actually posted on one of the first pages of this thread, and I just watched it yesterday. Cool stuff.

    quote=AL-9000;2287171]on a similar note

    too bad he can't speak english properly

    But boy does he breathe, Deep, meaningful pauses too. Do you?

  13. Whoa, wait you put evisu in there? t.

    I can only speak for myself, but I think I see two levels of hype: the marketing we see in the US (via BiG and SE), and the way jeans are marketed in Japan and other overseas areas.

    In the US, we see them as 'lesser known' or well-kept-secrets - commercially made, but still 'mythical' status stuff made by craftsmen and milled by virgins on antique looms. But we see very little press and get our info here.

    But one look at Rakuten, Second, Take 5 or the websites and press of Samurai, Dry Bones, Iron Heart, FH or any of the other bigger companies tells me they all thrive on strong promotions, hype and very vibrant subculture trends.

    I'm just saying that we shouldn't confuse what we see in the West with what the true commercial nature of these companies has always been in Japan.

  14. Check the "how many pairs do you own" thread to see some of my collection 4-5 month ago...

    I'll catch up to edmond one day hopefully.... (after i graduate from medschool)

    Sounds like an awesome collection!

    they mock the idea of someone using the dryer and machine hot wash allt he time for that specific jean so from my experience they will keep on shrinking and shrinking

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

  15. because i size down about 1 1/2 from my true waist and i can't unbutton the last button but all the way down from my thighs feels baggy.. do i have to soak it first ??

    That sucks, man. It's wise to get TTS on any STF jeans you haven't worn before. Downsizing can mean trouble. Those definitely should be sold asap.

    If they don't fit you now and you're not willing to sell them, then you better make sure they never touch water... and definitely don't feed them after midnight...


    wtf? what size is that? whered you get them?

    I think he said Take 5

  16. Meant to post up some fit pics. New 103s. Two or three days wear on each (some others have had my attention right now).

    Definitely will be great fits once the top-block and legs soften up. They show a bit of hip flare right now which I've gotten with any pair in the first weeks. Inseam is definitely going to shrink some more.

    Standard is 31w, the Nat. indigo is 30w. Both ended up with a 31w. Both have had a hot soak and run through the washer.

    Natural Indigo 103:



    Standard 103:



  17. i agree with dawei. fc is like old levis smooth but nice 13.5oz

    Yeah, I'm feeling that these may end up closer to my WH660s once broken in. It's interesting how denim reveals itself over time. I guess if loom-state factory stats were all we needed to know, this forum wouldn't need to exist to recount personal experience.

    Question for anyone who has the 1108s unhemmed and worn a lot:

    what is the eventual inseam you guys are getting after multiple washes and full shrink/wear?

    I'm still wondering if I should hem. The hard-wash 1108s Gordon has are ~31" inseam in my size, but he can't really figure out how they shrunk that much, since we all seem to have ~33" after washings.

  18. NOPE! I still disagree....

    firstly FC denim is a medium shade of indigo,

    FH and Et... denim is one of the darkest shades of indigo...

    FC denim is period accurate.... there is not much slub at all... unlike FH and Et... not too much of that vertical irregularity...

    it's also lighter in weight..

    FC uses 7x7 yarns

    FH and Et both uses 6x6 yarns

    Momotaros is a completely different concept.. they use extremely high tension that undergoes a preshrink process. 5x6 yarns.

    All denim is essential stiff and crispy due the present of starch.... crispyness is directly proportional to the extent of starch use...

    the closest denim to FC is in my opinion LVC japan

    My point had nothing to do with indigo color or new starched condition. Purely about weave irregularities. Hand-feel.

    Have you owned and worn all those brands for an extended period of time, or are you just referencing Forum knowledge?

    thanx for the warp yarn gauge info. i love shit like that to ponder while i waste my life away at my deadend job.

    Lulz. I know the feeling. Thanks for the review Salaami.

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