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  1. On 7/23/2017 at 11:25 PM, Coolguyzack said:

    This is definitely not from today, probably around a week and a half ago. While touring Europe with my university's choir, we took a day off and got to hike up to a glacial lake near Briançon, France. And I was totally eating a baguette.

    SugarCane 60s




    Slow Down...Eat Baguette...Smile

  2. On 4/15/2017 at 1:59 PM, BrownMetallic said:

    As promised: G014-MB in CopperLabel denim.  What's really the incentive on this particular model is that, the silhouette is quite similar to my EW-0110 ... w/c fit I seem to favor ATM.

    Fitpix to follow when I get back from vacay.



    I'm way late on this, Brown, but you're gonna love the vintage Copper label denim. It's totally unlike the standard 15.7oz Momo denim. It takes a lot longer to fade, it's lighter, stretchier and it's definitely more fragile (but you prob already figured all this out).

    With extended wear it gets a damp,greasy feeling, unlike the "leathery" feeling of the 15.7. Anyway, the way you work on jeans though, I bet you'll get good results. Mine started to shred in the 3rd year of wear.. and I didn't get pictures.  Glad to see a veteran denimhead getting these on.

  3. On 8/22/2017 at 3:19 PM, M1stral said:

    Some nice looking pairs here. I should take some pics of my 0701's.

    Damn, been away for far to long.

    Mistral!! I'm glad to see you here. Yeah, I've been away for a long time too. I see you still can't stay away from the Momotaro. I'm planning to get some 0306v for my next cold weather pair.

  4. On 9/8/2017 at 2:24 PM, smittydadon said:







    You must be a messenger or at least ride a bike a lot. That's some serious crotch blow-out. How did you deal with repairs?

    Edit - just saw where you sent them for repair. What's your opinion on the work?

  5. 8 hours ago, mikecch said:

    Will be trying to wear in my Red Cast and Retro jeans...way too many to get through so really can't justify getting more pairs





    Best not to say these kind of things on this forum...

  6. Thanks for the info Mike! I realized after I posted that all the info I needed was in your blog post. I'm even more on the fence now deciding between the Z or RC denim. But am now a fan of your blog. Excellent writing and insightful reviews. We need more devoted denimheads like you doing what you do.

    You may want to try Jay, the owner at Blue Owl to see if he has any means of getting access to your size... I'm sure he could ship to Oz.   [email protected]



  7. Is there a thread on the Scandinavian brand SOSO Clothing and does anyone have any experience? Denimhound reviewed some of their custom jeans, and despite some of their denim options being China-made, the quality looks good and I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair with the 13.5oz greenline indigo. You can't beat the price or the custom options.

    Any input appreciated. 




  8. Mike, eagerly waiting your review of the Z denim. (I'm assuming those are your photos above). Might be my next pickup. It's a tossup for me between the redcast and Z models. 

    Despite the skepticism at the beginning of this thread, I was sold on Tanuki purely based on what I saw on BOW's website. This company reeks of credibility, and the fact that Jay picked up the line speaks to their quality. I rarely go on price to tell me what's what, but provenance, fabric expertise and dealer vote-of-confidence often persuade me. 


    Edit: just went to your blog link. Reading now...

  9. Anyone that has experience w/ the Gustaves care to post some fit input or pics?


    Late reply, but I've been working on some Gustav w31 since Feb. I'm regretting not sizing down at least one.

    The taper is great, but the vanity sizing at the waist is a pain if you go TTS. Plus, the thigh and waist are far too big for the degree of taper. It's not a slim cut at all, bit a tapered fit. If you have big thighs, it would make a good cut. Someone with skinny legs like mine it only makes for a slightly awkward fit (again, if worn TTS). Otherwise, the denim and quality are top-notch.

  10. i have problem like crotch of my 0201 is really not durable, is there anyone have same problem like me?

    how to prevent it?thx for the information

    That's inevitable on most jeans, particularly if they're downsized, tight or low-rise. All my more fitted cuts get wear quickly on the creases around the crotch and inseam. No way to avoid it but you can put in reinforcing stitching or have SE or Blue Owl put in some preventative area reinforcement.

  11. 0705s bought from BiG about two winters ago. Six to eight months effective wear, and still breaking this fabric. Two soaks. No honeycombs really, due to looser knee fit. But this is beautiful denim. Went TTS which is a bitch after a soak, but TTS for me was a good call.


  12. Hi boys. Loving this thread. Haven't visited in a while. Mistral - great to see you rocking those Momos. Update on my JB0101, bought from Jay over a year ago. 6 months effective wear, two washes. Denim has a nice greycast that's really different from the Zim denim used on my 0705s. These havent gotten much wear the last two months; I'm working on the 0705s and some Eternals for the winter


  13. Just got the JB skinny cut last week from Blue owl. The skinny straight are more tapered from the knee down and have a noticeably lower rise. Not much, but it's there. The fly is also shorter than the 0701.

    Great jeans for any price for sure. According to Jay at Blue Owl, Japan Blue is pricing these at a relatively low price-point for their initial introduction to generate buyers.

  14. 1461 shoe. Made in the UK Doc Martens factory on the original '59' last. Top-grade.

    Worn once. Excellent, as-new condition in box.

    Asking $125

    Web Page: http://www.drmartens.com/ProductDetail.asp?PID=12877001

    Please email me at: [email protected]

    Continental US shipping included. Paypal only please. Will ship internationally. Please email me for rates (shipping is discounted but not included in sale price). Thanks.



  15. Update : Momo 701__ 9mos old= 5mos effective wear :: 1 double cold wash + x6 soaks [+PbJ 007 w/similar amount of wear]


    Must spread, Brown, those look awesome and great comparison. But man...time flies. Seems like yesterday you put those black stripes on. I actually borrowed your idea on my 0705 and inked the stripes with black. I'm liking.

  16. Is the indicated weight on a pair of Samurai's post shrinkage.

    For example, I have a pair of 0505XX's that said 15 oz. on the tag. Does that mean 15 oz. after shrinkage?

    yeah... it is. at least im pretty sure thats how they do all thier denim... my s0500xx is 15 after shrinkage, as shown on the back flasher
    so what you're telling me is that denim weight is exactly like mcdonalds 1/4 pounder?
    Nah, I think all companies who actually weighs their denim post shrink. It would be stupid if some companies did it post and some companies did it pre.

    Or I would atleast find that stupid...

    As far as all my experience has taught me on this forum and from Gordon and other denimheads, all denim weights are while in loomstate (raw, pre-shrink). Period. All manufacturers honor this system.

    Denim is weighed per square yard while raw (this applies to sanf. and unsanf). If you have 15oz denim, with an expected shrink of 10%, then your post-soak denim weight is closer to 16.5oz.

    Edit - I just saw the dates of the above posts too! Holy crap, sorry, boys. Good thread and never a dull topic!

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