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  1. I'd agree on sizing up one as well. You won't get as slim of a fit on the leg, but the waist area is fairly snug. I went up one size on mine.

    Word. These are TTS when raw, so they shrink to an inch less than tagged. Combine that with an already snug top block and TTS is risky. They pretty much size like LVC '47.

    I've been finding that once they start creasing up in the top block and behind the knees, the leg fit makes sense.

  2. Agreed on the front rise. It's not for everyone, like Somet or 5010. There's something about the rises and (especially) the slim thigh and hips relationship that makes the rise feel lower.

    Shame you mentioned your pubes. I think that just took $50 off your re-sale price. Momotaros are definitely cut for 'growers, not showers' as my gf might say.

    Chambo - Dawei speaks truth - even upsizing one on these for me still gave me a snug fit. They're pretty dense and not too stretchy.

  3. Trying to get a fit similar to my size 30 APC NS but with a slightly smaller leg opening. The Skulls 5507 seem to be a great option, has anyone sized their 5507 to their apc ns? I heard they are about the same but with a 7.5 leg opening.

    It depends on how you would size down on APC NS (down 2 or 3), but I'm also a 29 NS, and I wear a 30 in 5507 and 5010. It's only down one (1) for Skulls for a good, standard fit.

    I highly suggest not going smaller unless you want major hip-pain, crotch blowouts and button loss, pocket stitch rip, etc.

    The 5507 and 5010 are pretty close in fit. The 5010 is basically the 5507 if you sized down one more. The 5010 is really the skinny jean, the 5007, like you said, is closest to the NS. 30w 5007 has a 7.5" post-wash leg opening.

  4. Eternal 864s


    (personal red tab mod:D)





    660's (contest) #116

    Comparison from a while ago on BiG site: http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=184&Itemid=51

    to now...



    what up

    somet 008 sz 28' date=' ~9 months wear



    Dang! Must learn to save Rep for this thread. Inspiring stuff.

    if somet had a cut that fit me, i would be all over it

    Word. Waiting for that mythical new straight leg 003 cut from them with a 10" rise...

    fucking sex right here shit looks great!

    Word x 2

  5. By the way mlyngard, why did you go for a 34" inseam? It will probably shrink some more, don't you mind if you can't cuff?

    Maybe I'm a bit taller than you, my inseam is at about 34" after soak.

    I'm wondering how the fit will turn out if when they are dry. We'll see.

    31L after full shrink is the shortest I can go, and closer to an ideal inseam length for me on repros. Less stacking.

    Sorta. I've notice that it sometimes remove little bits of indigo in weird places, but it isn't a big deal.

    Agreed - if I machine wash I use a 'woolen' or 'delicate' cycle - longer soak, less agitation. I've had my Skulls and BSP come out of a regular cycle with streaks and denim loss in strange abrasion areas. Washed inside out too, but that may have made the problem worse.

    Chris - I get that crease down the leg too, worse if I dryer dry them. It must be from the factory folding or pressing. Def. annoying. I iron that out for that reason.

    Well, they were dry this morning... So here's the fit after a 30 minute hot soak. Probably didn't get all the shrinkage out, but I'm happy with the fit.


    Comments, suggestions all welcome.

    Awesome! Nice fit Mistral. Try another soak in a week. What inseam did you get on those?

  6. haha i do!

    Dra - on those 33 - you will notice a difference in the fit, but not much with some wear. My 32w Momo now fit really close to those 31 I posted, but when I first got them, they seemed huge compared to the 31.

    If you want to shrink those 33 down a bit, they respond really well to a short tumble in the dryer on hot (while slightly damp).

  7. Now I understand how much of a difference 4-5 Oz makes in some jeans.

    Big time. I really notice the 15.7oz weight of my Momotaro compared to even 14.5 on others. The difference between my 12oz SC and Momos are night-and-day. Even 2 oz is pretty noticeable. Four is huge.

    visiting NYC this weekend. I just picked up a pair of S0500s in 33 (sized up 2 from the ones I ordered from 2nd). If I hadn't been able to try them on, I would've made a 2nd mistake and gotten 32s so I'm pretty happy about BiG. They were very polite and helpful too. :)I saw Gordon but was not able to talk to him.

    Would rep. I'm so thankful for BiG. It's become the epicenter of my addiction for sure. Such a great resource for getting the right fit too. Hard to believe he wasn't there a few years ago. Gordon and his guys are really awesome people and completely the best kind of denimheads :)

    wait so big can sell em with white tabs? verrrry interesting. i like the white tab.

    According to Gordon: No tabs at all. Anywhere on the jeans. When I indicated the blue coin pocket tab on 811 Eternals, he just smiled and shrugged. Said he still remains vigilant though. That lawsuit was heavy business for many people.

    it depends what lot you get. just email them your waist and see what gordon thinks and what different lots they have in stock. you absolutely should hot soak or wash them when getting them. all samurais will shrink a great deal for at least the first 3-4 times they touch water. if you dont feel comfortable doing this, maybe sams arent right for you and you should try a pair of sanforized denim.


    my 710s fit like garbage bags before three hot soaks got them down to fit slim. Just another thing to keep in mind if you dont soak em.

    Well said. Multiple soaks are a must and even a machine wash and dry can be the best way to start. A few bad second-shrink experience have really made me let go of any remaining thoughts of being 'delicate' with good denim. That's not what it needs.

  8. with all due respect.... I dont see any light in this "special technique"... by all means i do pretty much the same thing (without trying or boasting about it)....what's the big deal? I have very wrinked versions one washed fob factory, 45rpm, Sams and i dont see how it makes them so "insane" just because they are hanged dry...

    I cant believe you a Hyping over hanged dried crinkles....

    I get ya. Totally. I mean, we could both really do this at home too, just with a soak and a hang-dry in our own backyards.

    Not saying it makes them more 'special', or anything. Just that if anyone gets them in this o/w state, they should expect an uncomfortable first few days. They're really crinkled and crunchy as hell.

  9. My two cents on this (was thinking about this today):

    1870-1960: America sets new standards in manufacturing. America pioneers new benchmarks in industrial innovation and design.

    1960-present: Oil Crisis. American-made innovation and design fades against new competition from post-war Asian and German markets. Foreign-made goods become competitive or better

    1990-present: foreign-made replicas of American-made goods now cheaper. America outsources overseas to remain competitive. US design becomes a parody. US a cheap hooker.

    2005-present: US-made goods are revived by trend-setters enamored of an American manufacturing past that is almost forgotten.

    The goods these hipsters ignored while in Liberal-Arts college because it was 'townie-wear' is now fashionable because of new trendiness in vintage/sustainable/green/back-to-the-land-move to a-farm in Vermont Thing

    US realizes the cheap prostitution it succumbed to. US industry, prompted by trend-forecasting mall-brand money revives old mills and machines. Pottery-Barn tchochkes and Gap pants made in Vietnam become embarrassing to own.

    US manufacturers learn new marketing and manufaturing methods and develop new labor philosophies. US learns to market products with "your grandaddy" and "they don't make 'em like this anymore"...US learns how to make shit without using ten gallons of oil per ounce of product. US learns how to sell GREEN! US learns to turn 30 years of punishment under EPA regs into and advantage!! They develop websites that work! America is saved by its own history kept alive by the Japanese and revived by a trend-following bunch of bearded Brooklyn hipsters with disposable income.

    It's all about the beard, I guess?

  10. SC 2009 model o/w, '47 type II (slim cut version). The fit is amazing. SE purchased a few weeks ago. First wear today. 30w tagged (I'm a 31 usually - measured waist was a 31w when recieved).

    Hemmed to 32L. I'm 5-8, 150. My first SC, and am in love with the TX/Zimbabwe blend. A very close fit to my '47 LVC. So, for comparison, since I just kopped both (both are post-shrink):

    SC 2009 47 Tp II:



    '47 LVC, 31w, 34L:



  11. Heheh...can they possibly put more tags and labels on them?

    Holy crap Mistral, those are going to look great. Big difference from the Somet :)

    Just soaked '47 501 (thanks Chris N!). 31w 34. I'm usually a 31, so can see why it's recommended size-1-up on these. But I got the waist damp-stretched after second soak back to 31, and I think it was a good sizing call. Fit is crazy-good. I think I'll need to wear these a few weeks and re-soak or wash, even with two initial soaks, to get that last bit of shrink. They still have a 32.25" inseam.



    edit: 31w, tts, 5-8, 150lbs.

  12. maybe the only people in the d with momos?

    I actually just sent mine back for a 33. i think i could have made the 32s stretch like i wanted, but i think ill get the same fit with a 33 and itll be more comfortable.

    Might have been a really good call on sizing. It's pretty tricky on these. Not much room for error and not much stretch. You guys should give us feedback on your spring/summer experience with these in TX. East Coast summers are so damn muggy.

    Fit pics from today. 0701, These are TTS 31w, 32L. Just getting started on these.



  13. So pretty psyched about these. 5001 via Rakuten from Second/2nd. Can't say more for those awesome people at that shop. A few google translated emails later and I had these in three days.

    Identical to 3001 but button-fly and 14oz weight vs 14.5 on the 3001/BSP. Same awesome denim. Sorry for the bad lighting. Just dried after soak. 31w, 32L. I'm 5-8, 150. Get TTS



  14. Dunno guys, I'm on the fence on the wash/fade thing. I do believe the 6-month/no-wash is hype, and that's mainly thanks to APC's tag 'sea-wash' hype, and also the slower-fade first gen. Japanese beauties (SDA/Eternal/FC/Evisu).

    I just keep finding evidence that the faster faders like Skull and FH don't even need three months to show pronounced fades. Blue hands tell all on fast faders.

    I'm also getting pretty fond of the softer vintage fades. Since the jeans already do half our work for us these days, who cares? Nowadays, I avoid washing more from laziness :o

    I do know that waiting six months to wash has nothing to do with dirtiness for me. I've just had too many jeans start to self-destruct quickly if I don't wash or soak them often. Denim needs water. Is the goal to have character from earning it, or immediate gratification?

  15. eternals one wash has always been really creased up and wrinkled, unique compared to one washes from the likes of sugar cane

    Yeah, I didn't go into BiG expecting to see anything extreme about the O/W. But you speak truth. Yikes. Cool shit though.

    I'm sure they'll make for great fades, but it's definitely not for the noob or faint-of-heart. I decided to do my own shrinking from raw (at home on my own tree ;-)

  16. quote bumping my previous post, is there a better place to post this question?

    Hm. First attempt?

    And how much can you budget for machines?

    I mean, a denim purist would say you need the obvious machines. I really don't know my nomenclature for industrial machines, but I think you'd need at least these to make a faithful replica (including, but not limited to):

    - chainstich machine (Union Special or Singer, ideally Union Special, pre-1960s, factory model that can do a double-thread chainstich for felled seams, waist and hem). This machine only does that.

    - Standard lockstich machine that can also has a loopstitch ability for raw-edges like fly areas and outseam if you're not using selvage denim. You might also need to do bar-tacking if you don't want to rivet the back pockets, front pockets, etc... and even then you should bar-tack the back pockets if you add hidden rivets. See blue-thread bar-tack on top-edge your jeans back pockets (above hidden rivet)

    - Rivet punch tool or machine

    - Keyhole button-hole cutter with keyhole stitching ability for button-fly

    - Button fly punch (this could ideally be a mallet and block of wood)

    This doesn't include whatever you might need to drive the rivets and buttons, make and sew the belt loops, or sew on a zipper if you opt not to do button-fly.

    Otherwise, I think you could cobble something together with an at-home basic $100 machine. I think it's awesome that anyone would be up for trying that. I'd love to learn.


  17. 1108 13.5oz are my next kop, I hope. And I can't wait. Gordon was saying that there's only two times a year that he can place orders for FC. He's expecting re-stock in the next few weeks, but didn't have a firm delivery week.

    Salaami - agreed - those 15oz did feel significantly heavier to me too.

  18. what the hell are you talking man..... this is hilarious.... what the hell is a hang-dry technique?? there is no technique in hanging dry jeans.... you just hang them.... dont have do to anything buddy.... i doubt eternals puts special emphasis into hang drying....

    Well, okay then Dawei. Let's just say I wasn't at BiG last weekend, and talked to Gordon about the new o/w, or felt them and tried them on and saw they were incredibly stiff and deeply creased up from a hang-dry from the back belt loop. Let's just say I went to the website and read this and then wondered why Gordon would take the time to emphasize this:

    811BG One-Wash 36" Inseam

    *Special Edition longer inseam version produced exclusively for Blue In Green

    One wash

    (the jeans are machine washed and then, using the center back loop, are hung outdoors from tree limbs in direct sunlight and left to dry; this method of non-agitated drying with exposure to a natural heat source helps keep a rigid and crisp feel to the washed denim)

    14.5 ounce Japanese selvage denim

    This picture barely does the cardboard sandpaper texture justice:


    only a couple more days for details and thread...

    Very excited to see them. I'm appreciating your involvement in this, Beatle.

  19. . My new pair is so thin I can see my cell phone screen through the back pockets. I'm looking to wear them raw until they loosen up enough to prevent death by soak.

    Yikes! Please don't do that. Soak them twice and figure out a way to stretch that waist if you have to.

    I agree Airfrog.

    12oz is 12oz Oak denim. Cone Mills has a deserved reputation. So does Levis. Why would LVC suddenly revise sizing or denim on their true repro. Their reputation could be destroyed easily.

    We shouldn't under-estimate these forums and their memory. LVC has been working hard this year on all the bricks-and-mortar shops to sell LVC, and they know it's a denim-purist market. Tough audience.

    A friend of mine was highly courted here in Philly by LVC to carry them. They know their market well Web/blog hype would destroy them if they suddenly changed the Coke formula.

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