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  1. Can anyone tell me how the width is on the Tricker's Stow? I'm a 10 1/2G UK in my Grenson Ilkey boots (also 11 1/2D in RW 1907s and 11E in Alden 405s). Would it be safe to size up to an 11 UK in the Stow since it's a medium width or would it be way too long? I'd go with the wide fitting Malton if it came in more colors but I'm really set on a pair of black brogues.

    ok, let me try to help ...well, you are referring to the width correct?

    fitting 5 would be equivalent to u.s. E width according to shoeinternational which is where i got my stow. But i find it to be similar to D width.

    Since that you wear G in grenson. I would assume a fitting 6 would fit you better.

    About the length

    i worn my RW 8130 boot size 8D

    but i order my stow Size UK 7 fitting 5 and it fit perfect

    if you are going with the RW size, i would assume the UK10.5 fitting 6 or UK 11 fitting 5 would most likely fit you.

    Also, have you consider the Expresso, maroon for the stow, they are amazing:)

    Regarding the sizing, is all my experience, it might differ from other since my size are much smaller than yours.

    also, the rakuten site has the exterior measurement for the stow....


    but is in japanese...

  2. I have one job currently and looking for another job. I dont have the money to make a bespoke suit, but this is what i got while was in Hong Kong.

    Not super slim like dior, but fit pretty well...:)




    Muji suit and pants (dark blue with stripe)

    Muji shirt (very light pink close to white)

    j.crew tie

    Ralph lauren shoe

  3. So these were my first pair of selvedges worn last year in 8th for about 3 months. Color is actually pretty dead on. I know the companies pretty lame but they were a starter pair and I really like the vertical falling and some of the stacks (especially on the back of the right leg). Oh yeah and theyve had 1 soak and a machine wash. Hope you enjoy somewhat.


    these look extremely well! Remember seeing one of it in urban outfitter, or is it vans?...anyway...Very good look man! But i have to say that i dislike the back pocket. But the buttonfly is awesome and the whole jeans again turn out nicely. :) + Rep

  4. Thanks a lot. How long have you been wearing these? How many soaks/washes?

    I soak it once when i bought it new. No shrinkage at all, even it does, just tad generous. Then i start wearing it about 4 to 5 days a week for 6 months. Since it is the first raw denim i ever experienced. Cant wait to wash it. So wash it at 6 months. Then wear it again for 3 months or so and wash it...something like that...can remember:confused:.... but total wash, i dont think exceed 5 times...

    by the way, what i like is that mine were still made in the u.s.a

  5. I went to Macy's and got a pair of what I think are the rigid 511s.

    They had a weird thing stitched on the back of the waist like this picture. It says Levi's in block letters.


    The back thing looked like the one in this picture. It was just brown and did not show the cut or sizing as a lot of other Levi's do.


    Did I get the pair that I wanted? I'm pretty sure it's one-wash denim or something. Because along with it came a little tag that said to wash it as little as possible to preserve the dark dye. And to dry clean if needed. The jeans themselves are pretty dark and some of the indigo has bled onto one of my white t shirts. So is my pair legit?

    The top one is not the rigid 511 or the one wash either.

    The rigid 511 is one wash, but the top one look it has been wash multiple times already.

    The rigid 511 i bought before has no fading at all.

    by they way, the one that is in urban outfitter are leather patches

  6. Nice pics bill. Is that denim floor????

    I just paid a visit to my local shoemaker in London. He quoted me £80 for a full resole in leather. I have no idea if that is cheap or expensive. I've also only heard one report about him from my tailor who didn't think a lot of his bespoke shoes. I might give him the benefit of the doubt and have a superleather indy a la GregNYC (Where are you?). This may be of interest to fellow London members.

    I think cobbler job is more expensive in the UK then the US. For a full leather resole, it is around $65-$120 in my area. But of course, all depends on word of mouth from other.

  7. what happened to you and that other dude that one night fatty? its odd how it all just disappeared and there was no explanation..

    oh, i report violated post and comments to the mods to remove all the stupid things that he starts. Just to keep this place more friendlier than other thread. I think i should just ignore him the whole time...

  8. :cool:

    My first post. Just had to weigh in on the LS X SuFu Cigar boot. Yes, Leydon works for me, on double leather sole, speed hooks, definitely plain toe, closed heel.

    I hope this becomes real. I can wait three years, no problem.

    welcome to Sufu and put your debut post on the friendliest thread.:)

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