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  1. Coleslaw:

    always love to see when a boot has be shine. Did you buy any boot magazine like that? I will be going to hk next week , buy i will be in limited budget.


    those florsheim looks beautiful too. Looks like the seller has been taken well care of them.

  2. ^ it is possible to cut it out, just buy a sharp leather cutting knife, is like around 8 or 9 dollars. You can get it at Michael's or tandy leather

    and for the Lexol, i know that if you try redwing shoes, some car dealer, or any cobbler should carry em.

    regarding the leather dressing, i never use it before, but i heard from the guy that work in the tandy leather shop said mink oil is not good for leather, it can dehydrate and result cracking. Since the purpose for mink oil or beeswax is mostly for waterproofing.

  3. i have both and both are 42. its quite easy to slip your foot in and out of the shoe and in fact i feel it fits a little larger than the arizona. never seen that colour before tho... provide a link please?

    well, birkenstock recommend to have 1/4 inch on front and back for sandal, but for my arizona 39 it pretty much fit perfectly with not much room at all. So anyway, i guess i will hold on to it until i find one to try on. Actually i find my new arizona tighter than my previous one even they are the same size..

    here is the link ..


  4. For Arizona, i have the proper fit which is 39 with no toes hanging out, and it feel perfect, but when i try on the boston size 39 and when i walk, my toes keep hitting/touching the front which feel very uncomfortable. That is why i dont know if the 39 would feel different for open back(clog) and shoe, or will i be hitting the front for the shoe too.

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