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  1. LeicaLad

    actually, i was told by a cobbler just use a lighter to burn the tip so it will curl up. It works for few time, but whenever i polish the boot, it will will keep losing stitches. I wont worry about it for now since is not that big of a deal. The color i used is the Meltonian #6 Light Brown, that is the closest i find that match the acorn color. I am considering buying a pair of bourton/keswick in expresso with dainite sole.

  2. DCDenim

    my 29x30 slim straight is 5 button fly

    back rise measure 14 and front measure 10

    i dont know what size u order but 8.6 seems too low to me, i am just not the low rise person, hopefully it will turn out right when it stretch..

  3. Which day's better for you guys to do a meetup in:

    Fri Nov 28

    Sat Nov 29

    Choose one, and I can make it happen.

    i prefer on friday for dinner, but still i dont know for sure until that date

    so who else is in?

    i am in incheon now waiting for transit

  4. I totally agree -- here are some pics of my Muji wallet:



    I only got it in June, so there's not much evo yet. I didn't tan or oil it, just natural wear. I'm thinking about trying Lexol to clean and condition when the time comes... maybe?


    you didnt put it in your jeans pocket like that right? there is no indigo stain at. Thanks for the pics, it is really nice. i cna tell that it does get just abit darker. Congrats on the 100 posts, cannot rep you again tho.:)

  5. Ichiran:

    that gotta be after i got my coincase, otherwise i would know it was you that got the muji wallet, someone else also has a muji wallet too. Anyway, when i first saw the muji wallet in the store. I like it so much that i almost bought it. But too bad that i really want a mid length so i go with the coin case. Would love to see some pics from you when you have a chance. I would go to hk next week and might get me a muji belt. It is so nice too.

    I really like muji things alot. Just plain simple

  6. Beautiful McCoy's Coleslaw:) I saw these in the Daikanyama store- the build is incredible!

    imightbechad's Florsheims look great too- looking forward to more pics!

    I went to visit some friends who live in the country today, and we want out for a walk across farmland. Picked a load of watercress in a very boggy field by a stream, walked through quite a few hedges etc etc....

    My Alden Cordovan wingtips when we got home:

    and after a bit of TLC:


    That just extremely beautiful. But too bad i cant rep either rodeobill or coleslaw anymore.:)

    When did you figure out how to post a pics rodeo bill, it save alot of time from previously clicking the link. First i thought you did linking on purpose because you want us work to appreciate the pics.

  7. ngo sik teng joong mun. ngo joong yee sik ngo dee see. yew mm yew moh ngo geh pet pet ah?

    canto is so useful in sf.

    so are u going to hk too? but honestly, i only understand 33% of what you type up there..can you translate the secnd and third sentence?

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