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  1. 4totally off topic, but what do people think about coloured denim? I once nearly picked up a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania green denim jacket, but i didn't get it, and i've always slightly regretted it

    Colored denim is fine with me, especially there is time that i want to rotate different color jeans. Never saw the VW green denim jacket, but green denim is little too sharp for my personal taste. But i trust your taste that the VW must be a good one.

    The past few page is absolutely fantastic, from emmit sand down his trickers to Daveo clean up his stink and Rodeo posting so much pics on his trip. And with few new Alden and C&J and RW, we can expect more evo pics in few months:)

  2. thanks :) any opinions on the jcrew x redwing?

    if you are looking for anything similar to the 875, the j.crew x RW seems to be a good option. Major difference would be the color but the sole is much long lasting than the crepe sole on 875. Get it if the price is right.

  3. on a mildly related note,

    how important do you guys think it is to match the color of your leather belt and leather shoes? I don't think it's terribly important, but I have a friend who thinks that they should match down to the grain of the leather. Personally I think casual belts work with casual shoes, and dressier belts work with dressier shoes, and the color of each is secondary to putting together a good overall outfit.

    Your thoughts?

    not important at all for me when wearing casual wear, never match belt with shoe, most of the time, my shirt cover up the belt anyway...but for formal wear wear when the shirt was tuck in. I prefer the belt be at least similar tone as the shoe.

    nice belt you make there, emmit

  4. just curious, are these legit? can't imagine why they would be going for so cheap. there's a ton of different sizes in this model from the same seller.


    i think those are legit. From past few years, there have been alot of 875, 877, or other floating around. And past few days, there is a BUNCH of j.crew x RW on ebay as well. All going for low prices. But most of the time, the item can be factory second.

  5. emmitbrown:

    excellent post, +rep!

    well, you only sand off the front/side, correct? not the heel right? i can see the heel still have the ink on it. Anyway, what i find it most intersting is that i actually really love the natural color of the side after it got sand down a bit. Indeed, i am looking to see if i can resole with a natural heel and base when mine worn out. Those are the expresso isnt it?

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