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  1. Chicken

    what did you do this winter? It seems you alden wear pretty quickly?

    When do you plan to resole the bottom?? Actually i am asking everyone, about at what point should the bottom be resole for the Goodyear Welt??

    Very nice alden:D






  2. VERY NICE!!! :)

    i actually receive mine today, but i get it the acorn antique color

    i didnt get the espresso because i already have too many pairs of brown shoe/boot

    i wouldnt put lexol on mine because it will darken my boot, but your wont change since the color so dark already. How long have you have those?I'll guess about a year and half?? It look much nicer compare to the left after you condition them!!!:D :D

    Tricker Stow Espresso, halfway through lexolx2/lincoln/urad treatment. I'm doing one shoe a time so I know for certain what effect each stage has.


  3. bumping this thread from the tomb.

    Thought about starting a new thread, cause I couldn't find one on the Wrangler 945U, but it's not a jean that's been mentioned (that I could find) and I'm planning on getting a pair of 13MWZ soonish (didn't know I could just buy it from the US. People are selling that jean for $55AUD + shipping on Australian ebay. wtf, even with EMS from the US I can get that cheaper).

    So the descriptor says "regular fit," so like an idiot, I buy it like a "regular" pair of raw denim (one size down). Absolutely could not button the front. Gave them a cold soak to get some of the starch out (yellow water) and then gave it an overnight stretch with the old bakertowne waist stretcher (these jeans are unreal - the waist stretcher almost broke in half) It says 14.5oz denim, but it feels thick enough to stop bullets. Even with the stretching, I can barely button my waist up, and right now its crushing my nuts. So anyway, my question to everyone is... has anyone ever owned a pair of these, and do you think these would eventually stretch out. I'm going to tough it out for a few more days then probably give them up to charity (got these really cheap).

    i brought mine size 29 waist and now stretch to 31 waist, so i'll say it stretch

  4. Well, I would have to say Tricker's Stow in Acorn Antique color. Very nice with jeans. I have Malton which is same cut but heavier coarse calf leather. I would have bought Stow but at the time I wanted those "commando soles" and heavier leather.



    any tricker's expert here?

    Anyone know the diffrence between the acorn antique and the "C" shade??

  5. Can any one tell me the diffrence between the Stow and the Malton??

    Which sole are more durable?

    The dainite or the leather stitch aloft

    Also, which one are lighter color??

    The C shade or the acorn antique

    Thanks alot!!!

  6. really love those !!!!will get me a pair for sure...someday later

    Yeah airfrog, I'm liking them more and more. Because they FIT! They make lots of widths and their Truebalance last fits a wider foot. Unlike lots of boots from Crockett & Jones, Lobb, Church's and even Trickers.

    That's right, Trickers. Today I tried on the Stow. (Pic from a Japanese vendor's site:


    Today I went to Brunello Cucinelli in the West Village (379 Bleecker Street, 212 627 9202). They've had Trickers for a month now, and had the Stow in 10 in a khaki colored suede. It turns out that if you are a retailer and order like 12 pairs across different sizes, they will make any leather/color/sole combination represented in their inventory. Since Bunello Cucinelli is featuring a Spring season line, they are doing lights, brights and whites in color. Oh well, at least I got to try on the Stow - in case I loved it, I could order it from the U.K., maybe Pediwear.

    So how was it??

    The Stow last is most like a longer and narrower Truebalance Indy last. Kind of a broad, flat shape. But a little narrower than an Alden EE. Anyway, the smallest they had was a 10, and I'd be a 9 or 9.5. and . It felt a little long and narrow for my foot. And that store can't do special orders, so one must wait till next season. So I'll call Nom de Guerre and see what they have.

    Interesting factoid - the manager at Brunello thought they were the only retailer in NYC carrying Trickers!

  7. Synthi - how do you like your Skye's? I'm seriously thinking of these since I love C&J. The next thing after the White's!

    Here's your photo


    Or maybe the Trickers Stow (on the left):


    Or maybe the Villiers, to borrow another of your C&J pics:


    those are such a beatiful boots:D

    love the trickers:D

  8. This belt is made with 8-9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. This belt is thicker than regular belt you find out there. I have a redmoon wallet and i will say this is pretty much the same kind of leather redmoon use. You can suntan them and they will age beautifully. Other sizes and color available upon request. PM me if interested, thanks

    Width available: ( 1 1/2")

    Size: 30 to 40

    Price: $40 shipped within continental U.S.

    $48 to most other country

    Payment: Paypal only


    The first picture is after suntanned, the reason to post two pictures because the bottom picture show the comparison of the color before tanned and after tanned. Which the after tanned process you have to do it yourself and just put it under the sun and suntan it for few days and you will get the richer color like the top picture or other desire color you want and this is the whole point of getting an untanned belt or a redmoon wallet and watch them age overtime. The color of the belt that you will receive will be similar to the second picture bottom belt. Sorry about the confusing

    Thank you very much




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