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  1. Lexol cleaner, then Lexol conditioner and Meltonian shoe cream on my 2 years old Bourton :)



    will polish the 5/6 years stow soon, just have it cleaned with Lexol cleaner for now, waiting for it to be completely dry and will apply conditioner to it...the stow looks dry and crack in some area, anyway to prevent it getting worse? :mellow:


  2. Just got this today, ordered them since April 5. Navy bourton natural welt with dainite sole, i wear 7UK in stow so i ordered 6.5UK for the bourton and fit perfectly. The bourton has a pointer toe compare to the stow. The shoe cream also works pretty good.






  3. I placed an order from Pediwear on Sunday and have an order number. They said they will respond by a non automated email but still havent got an email from them. Anyone has experience how long it takes for them to response? I email them with no response too....

  4. Erk, your 405 is awesome!

    Talking about Indy, i saw that there is the 405 low cut in leathersoul right now. I am very interest in those but really dont know i should get it or not. Because i always wear RW875 (8130 actually) when i was little and my first impression of that is the 405 and 875 looks similar with the white stiching stuff like that...( iknow i am so wrong...)

    Also, they only have D width and i wear 8C in whites and redwings, and dont know the size fit or not. Never have a pair of alden before..

    also, i really cant decide between the chukka or the 405 low cut but the 405 low seems to be a much more rare one...

    someone please advise regards to sizing ,

    i am so stressfulll...really dont know i should get it or not..

  5. My trickers as requested. Sorry about the bad lighting.

    I can't remember how long I've had these, something like two and a half years. They are going to be due a resole soon and I thought I might get the welt changed to a natural welt at the same time with a lighter sole.


    awesome fre$co, i am thinking to change mine to natural welt too.

    i remember long time ago someone posted their dark brown stow...is that charliebrown or charliesmith? And he has it re-do the sole at his dad's shop

  6. What color is that. Is it the classic brown. Also, is that a single leather sole and what height are they... 5in?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am thinking about picking up a pair.

    yes rnrswitch,

    single leather sole with natural edge and the standard dress brown and 5 in.

    i just want to keep it simple

  7. thanks for the many replies guys; I have always intended to use them as regular boots,not as a dress shoe so Ill consider this their first 'mark'.

    It pissed me off so much because of, like rnrswitch said, the boots still look like new which makes the scratch very obvious. Ill get to work with some meltonian and kiwi polish, just havent decided yet if ill leave the flap on or cut it off and sandpaper it. Fattyb, can you send me a picture of your repair work if possible?

    SLAB, here is a pic of the toe, i remember i scratched the right toe, however, i cant even noticed where the scratch are now after i repair it. It has been over two to three years ago...


  8. This happened to my RW few years ago as well, i m afraid it will rip further, what i did was to cut that little piece out, it will still be uneven surface. Then i use the most refine(smooth) sand paper to sand it a little bit, and finally, i just polish it with meltonian shoe cream (of course with the same color). It works very well, i can show you a pic of what i did later...if you are interested.

  9. I just came across this movie about shoecare:


    Sorry it's in german, but a couple of things may be ovious, even if you don't get what he's saying.

    The guy doing the presentation is head of one of the oldest shoemaking families in europe (take a look at the shop in the background).

    Excellent video! it shows different type of leather and the way to clean it. But what is that he using on the cordovan, it look like piece of bone to me. However,i think the shoe is still way too wet when he applied shoe paste on it. I can no longer rep anyone since it became 4.0.

  10. and a $1400 red wings??

    here is the article from men.style.com

    "Junya Watanabe's love affair with American workwear is by now the stuff of legend. Over the years, he's gussied up many a utilitarian staple with his reversible, remixed-and-matched aesthetic, borrowing liberally from the sartorial, the uniform, and the outdoors. These boots, from his Fall 2009 collection for Comme des Garçons, are no exception: half wing-tip, half Red Wing, and all awesome.

    About $1,350, available at colette.fr"


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