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  1. Well I just combed through this beast of a thread but couldn't find what I was looking for...

    I'm trying to figure out the differences between the White's packer and farmer/rancher. In the tiny pics on the Whites site, looks like packer has a taller heel?

    Anyone own a pair of either or can point me to some pics?


    it seems like the packer has a more pointed toe, but this farmer-rancher looks pretty nice..http://cgi.ebay.com/Whites-Boots-Farmer-Rancher-Black-6-top-Lined-sz-8-5E_W0QQitemZ310136116298QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Men_s_Shoes?hash=item310136116298&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A0%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50

  2. finally can make comment on the white's arch support, i have been wearing mine for 7 consecutive days now, the first 3 or 4 days for me is really hard to walk,, it feel weird and hurt abit. However, i guess it begin to broken in now and i am adjusting to it. Also, the arch support really feel comfortable while you are sitting.

  3. Hey BFat...

    If you do go with Alden Chukka's then might I suggest the 1339...#8 shell combined with the Chukka model on a Barrie Last is just perfect IMO...Classic and popular as well since I do believe it's Tom's best selling model from Leathersoul...Maybe when I get a bit more cash I will buy a pair...That's the plan anyway...

    thanks for your suggestion vegetaray, it would be a at least another 2 years before i will invest in another quaility pair of shoe/boot unless they were super cheap which i doubt will ever happens :)

  4. I think we need to see these again....

    FBF, where did you order the semi-dress? they look good. White's seem to have stepped up production, maybe due to an upsurge in popularity? When I ordered my first pair, production time was about 8 weeks, and now bakers are telling me 3-4 weeks for my current pair.

    fre$co, order it from white's directly, i am surprise how quickly they arrived too. They said is custom made and they dont have it in stock when i order it.

    To those who own white's, how long does it take to adjust to the arch ease thing? my instep feel kind of hurt while walking on it.

  5. looking nice. from my experience, these babies are solid as a tank, and not only they don't stretch much, they're even a little difficult to break into. especially compared to something like indys.

    if you need them stretched, you might have to take them to a cobbler.

    only thing i concern now is should i put a toe tap because is a single leather sole..

  6. got my SD today, the total processing time from ordering till i getting it is appx 2 weeks...got it in natural edge and single leather sole. Overall, i am very pleased with the service. Got it in size 8C but feels alittle bit tight, hopefully it will stretch after few weeks.

    Btw, need to get used to the speed hook as well.



  7. thanks all of you guys for answering, the waist shrink 2 inches and inseam 2 inches as well, i soak them in hot water for almost 2 hours for maximum shrinkage. i really want the length to shrink another inch..

  8. fatty:

    I think those are the Levis Big E series and not LVC's...


    please explaine the difference of Big E series and LVCs.. i am confuse now..

    i received the little booklet that said " Levi's vintage clothing, 47 501 replica" (3rd pics)..

    so anyway, what did i bought? :confused:

  9. Im not a levi's expert, but those look legit. I have the same pair and I assume it's either 2008/2009 LVC because I bought these on sale for $70 not too long ago.

    thanks invincible, anyone know where on the tag can i tell what year is the jeans produced?

  10. There is not a levi's store around me so i purchased this from a seller on ebay, can someone let me know is it legit? It has a slim selvedge, coin selvedge and hidden rivets, leather patch and on the back of the top button stamped "R" whether than 555 or some number, not an expert on levis so someone please help






  11. thanks edmond

    i decided to get the brown one with single leather sole and natural edge, dont want it to be too bulky or heavy By the way, i ask mark at whites that a C width and D with is a 1/4 of an inch narrower.

    but why does some have white interior? is it additional charge, i personally prefer the original color.


  12. Just a quick question for you guys, edmond, fresco, coleslaw, bill, mich...etc

    after two years of wearing my trickers, now i have decided to move on to white's semi dress, i traced my foot and send it to whites. I guess i didnt trace my foot correctly. They are giving me a size that i think no way i would fit.

    so for reference...

    i wear size

    US 8C in redwing

    UK 7 fitting 5 in trickers

    what size should i be getting for whites?

  13. Damn, that's a good fit, I wonder if their sizing is consistent cause that duck coat is something I'd pick up. Mind if I ask what size and for some of the measurements?

    i am 5'7 and 133 lbs

    i order xs

    here is the measurement from pointer

    shoulder 18''

    armpit to armpit 23.75"

    centerback 28.75"

    sleeves 24.5""

    but when i measure it

    the should is 18"

    armpit to armpit ( with button closed" 18.5"

    centerback 26.5"

    sleeves 24.5"

    if you go to the japanese website, it provided a much better measurement

  14. Supposingly i order the coat in august, but everytime when i call they said they dont have my size, after few unsucessful attempts in september and octoberso, i give up in november. The lady that works there call me last week and I order the pointer hickory stripe on thursday and got it on saturday, extremly pleased with the service. she also gives me the coupon code to use online as well. The fabric is prety stiff, but i think it will soften up alot after few days,





  15. I wouldn't see why polishing should make you lose more. The stitching should stay pretty stable. But, keep us posted. It'll be interesting to know the progress of the wear. Looks like new heels won't be that far off, eh?

    Just FYI: When I asked, the Pediwear people told me that the Bourton has a slightly better grade of leather than the Keswick, although you can get a wider (#6) fit with the Keswick. My foot likes the wide, but a great deal on a Bourton came up and I jumped. I'm hoping to see it sometime next week. Photos will be forth-coming. Thanks, too, for the tip on polish color.


    i will really be looking forward to your bourton, LL. While back, i bought a pair of bourton in cordovan, but is too big, so i sold it. I wear fitting 5. I will think fitting 5 should fit you well after you stretch it. Try some bourton while i was in HK, Without the ankle support, i have to wear half a size smaller compare to the boot. Now i am looking at ebay just to see any good deal pop up. Not in a hurry, so i can wait. , Actually, my ideal one would be espresson with commando sole or dainite, prefer commando...really like the way after it has been deadly worn in...

    not my shoe, find the picture in the yahoo auction


  16. I was going to suggest using a lighter. When you burn the end, it should actually ball up a little bit, which should prevent the thread from going through the hole and un-stitching. Also, if you're that concerned, be a little more gentle in the area, but I don't think you'll have to worry much about it.

    i have try that already, but i guess because when i brush the shoe too hard, the stitches actually lose more. So for now, i have to be very careful while brushing it.

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