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  1. just noticed someone is selling a pair of RRL Boots on ebay $2,010 BIN and description by the seller...

    RRL LIMITED Bowery Boot limited edition of only 44 pair bench-made leather boots.

    theRRshop aquired the final 2 pair.

    Made in the USA. Hand burnished with natural wax. With vintage deadstock Cats Paw heels.


  2. Anyone that has a fair amount of experience with Whites able to explain why Fresco's "bounty hunter" looks like its on a Packer last instead of a Semi-Dress.

    Also...anyone think its weak that Baker's doesn't offer brown and black dress leather (the standard offerings on the Semi-Dress) on any of their boots, and that they don't specify what their smooth brown and smooth black leather is.

    that is what i thought too Tmadd, edmond's bounty hunter looks so much different than Fre$co... please advice Fre$co, WHY is that?

  3. yes i have a suede bounty hunter which im wearing now to tokyo and hk.. really comfortable and sole are yes buller proof like specially i ordered it with the 430 ...


    oh eddie,

    after seeing the pic, i am now extremely depressed that i order my whites sd in dark brown, the brass eyelet and the suede goes so well together....can you please post few more pics?

    because of you, I decided to sell my semi dress now in size 8C , please pm if interested...$300 shipped

  4. Sorry, my questions is a little off, what size do you normally wear? Did you order, kind of, the RM in the right size? or did you downzise? or up?

    I want to order some RM williams as well and I'm so unsecure with the sizing..

    Thanks in advance

    i order the size that RMW recommended. I wear 8C in Redwing and Whites semi dress and UK7 fitting 5 in Trickers, however the width on the RM is just a bit too big, i think the RM i am selling is D width in U.S

  5. ^^^ that's good to hear... how "uncomfortable" were they to begin with?

    I have a pair of Tricker's that are really pinching on the sides and a bit on the top, is it something that will sort itself out eventually? The retailer I bought the boots from said that usually with welted boots they can stretch out a great deal and luckily length isn't the problem only width.

    my stow feel comfortable since the first day. Never scratch or pinch at all. Actually i feel that the boot got smaller then when i begin with. What fitting did u bought and what width do you usually wear?

  6. +1 I don't wear mine much anymore, but almost every time I've ever worn them, I've gotten compliments. The Craftsman in my opinion is one of the best looking Chelsea boots ever made... and can be worn with nearly anything anywhere... literally. People wear them on farms and in boardrooms. (At least I hear they do in Australia.)

    thanks opei, amlai

    yea...i actually went to style forum and loook over 100 pages of the rm william boot.

    they have a store in ny so i might go there if they have one that i want

    i am looking at the macquarie however is too sleek, need to do few more research because heard that the size are alot different

    i really like the whole cut leather and the price seems very reasonable.


    thanks for the pic tmadd !

  7. Jason: the crease on the left foot look insane, they sure do look good on denim or pretty much everything

    i also want to get a pair of the alden chukka but i am undecide on what color, i like the suede one but i dont know i should go with the tan suede or snuff suede. Anyone has pics on the suede chukka?

    by the way, any recommendation for chelsea boot, i'm looking at somewhere between $300-400.

  8. I just won these boots via ebay and I have a question. These are Goodyear welted, would I be able to take them to a cobbler that is a certified Vibram repairman and have the Vibram crepe soles that are on Red Wings put on? How does that work? Does the cobbler have a catalog to pick through or can I just tell him the model number of the sole (does anyone know this?)? Thanks in advance.

    you sure can take it to a cobble and get it re-sole, also just tell them you want to replace it w/ the vibram crepe soles.

  9. I've been browsing back through the thread, but I was hoping some folks could post/repost any White's Semi-Dresses in standard brown?

    I'm torn between brown, distressed smooth and black - the main image on the bakershoe.com page is a horribly baby-poop brown, but other pictures I've seen show a darker (almost black) brown. Can't figure out which is the regular White's brown.

    the semi dress brown is very dark brown. I think the pics you see on this thread represent it pretty well.

  10. My 405s aren't long for this world if I don't take them out of heavy rotation soon. I will be calling Bill tomorrow to place an order for some rather standard Semi-Dress, and waiting on the perf cap-toe #8 boots from Tom. Once I have those two, they will be in a pretty serious rotation that will result in two beautifully aged pairs of boots, eventually. I'm 99% positive that I am going to go with Brown Semi-Dress Leather, Single Leather Soles, Unlined, Burnished Copper Eyelets all the way up...pretty simple and understated, but for a boot that is going to get worn hard, I can't find a better combination.

    tmadd, make sure post pics after you get em,

    btw, my shoe laces on my SD torn apart after 6 days

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