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  1. well, i personally just hate the name.

    imo, i feel like when people wear DKNY or kenneth cole or armani exchange, and more...those were the people that wants to show off to other and telling other that they know about fashion brand...Whatever...

    by most important of all, it just doesnt look good ....

  2. sorry for the misunderstanding , it all comes with leather insole, it is just that i guess the more expensive one like the cordovan one comes with a better leather insole compare to the stow which just the regular leather insole. Sure, for the stow i assume it is because it is thinner leather compare to the malton that is why broken in not require.

    Right now, i just want to get a pair of low cut Tricker's and i would be very happy.

  3. i will say that so far i am very happy with it. When i first got it. The shoe seems to be big, but now it fit perfect. I dont know it shrink or it just adjusted to my feet. I feel that the fitting 5 is abit narrower than the D width than my RW 8130. Speaking of walking comfort, some tricker's comes with a soft leather insole, and some doesnt. At least when i got my cordovan trickers, they have softer insole compare to my stow. To compare it with RW, is lighter, so it feel more comfortable to me. Oh, thing that impress me most is that it doesnt really require breaking in like the RW does. Which take me one week before it stop scratching. I guess because the leather is much softer too.

    Would like to see some aged wesco, but not much on here so far.

  4. So here is the weight scale for 5-6 inches boot ( light to heavy)

    Tricker's < RW 875 < Alden Indy < White's Semi Dress

    I assume that with double leather and cats on yours make it abit heavier as well.

    I know that White's gotta be heavier than tricker's but surprisingly that the Alden Indy is heavier than RW 875 (cuz RW is pretty heavy for me already) I guess that is what makes the White's so tough for outdoor and work. One day i might try out a pair of white's.

    Thx for the info Mich.

  5. beautiful mich

    so far that all the semi dress has been beautifully worn by everyone

    i seriously consider buying one earlier, but then decide it just didnt fit my personality/style.

    How heavy is the semi dress actually, let's say compare with the redwing 875 or tricker's.

    i know that my trickers is lighter weight then my RW 8130

  6. ^ one thing that i do not wear chelsea boot because of the experience with the elastic part, it tends to stretch alot over time. It happen with my RW. And i can see that you have done a very good polishing job and you do walk a lot too. I really like the 2nd and 3rd pics. Very shiney and beautiful.

  7. morse:

    that would actually be a pretty good deal that he ship you a actual pair to try on. Cuz they actually have the sizing chart in its cataloge that you can just cut out and send them back with your measurement. $450 sounds very reasonable for a custom pair of white's with two tone leather and other custom features. I guess that is just the starting price, correct?.

    Triple leather sole sound too crazy for me. Is that like, one and half inches tall? i think single leather sole looks the best on the semi dress but double leather on the smoke j's.

  8. no doubt that college player play with more heart than nba player, but i still watch the nba. Not as often as 10 years ago when i will watch other teams. But now i only watch the mavs occasionallly. One thing i hate the most about the nba now is David Stern and stu jackson.

    Here is what i saw today from the box score and stats

    Mario Chalmer play well in his debut

    G.Oden leg is made out of broken glasses

    New York seems to be more fun to watch

    and i more looking for tomorrow when the mavs play rockets..

  9. fbf - thanks for sharing! That's pretty much exactly the color I'm looking for. One more question: do you know if they tend to come in different widths? I have very narrow feet, so I usually need a b or c ( unless the last happens to be narrow)


    it has been a long time ago when i bought it, but i do think they have different width. I have narrow feet too ©, i bought the D width since it doesnt have other option for me back then. My was the last pair. But It fit very well, but it stretch abit over time.


    thanks for the info on the leather sole, i will go check to see if they are available, but maybe i will try with the cork sole first.

  10. these are great fbf- thanks for posting :). I can see they've aged really beautifully, although I'm guessing if you've had them over 7 years you can;t have worn them all that often?

    my only comment would be on the laces- I read somewhere that casual shoes should have flat ribbon laces (like yours) and formal shoes should have tubular, or at least narrow ribbon laces. Personally I agree with this, and I think yours would look better with less chunky laces. Only my opininion though, they;re beautiful shoes!

    thanks rodeo bill, it comes with two ribbon laces when i got it. And i should have thought about tubular laces. Good that you let me know, maybe i will go get some today and try it out. for the past 5 or 6 years, i probably did not even wear it.

  11. ^^^ so your shoes a couple of pages back were ralph lauren? It'd be great to see some closer-up photos if you have time

    here for you rodeo bill and jubei if you want to look and compare it with the one on ebay. This is label as the chestnut color. But it has darken alot since i bought it. It used to be kind of orange like the trickers but now is more like brown. Give it a good shine today. Lexol cleaner, lexol conditioner and finally applied meltonian cream. I really like this pair, it is my first real leather shoe. 7 or 9 years ago. my mom said is too old for my age at that time. But i told her it is a must buy for that price and never regret buying it. One thing that amaze me the most is the gold printing inside the shoe. It is still very shiny and show no sign of fading. Compare to my trickers, it disappear already. Hope this is not too many pics here.






  12. ^ seem better than what i have right now, which is sheepskin, anyway, it reminds me of birkenstock footbed.

    by the way, cork should be more sturdy correct? i have try leather insole by meltonian but it bend while walking...

    i might try this one out...


    it is thinner compare to the filson one. Anyone has recommendation for a thin leather insole that wont bend.

  13. ^ it's more of an overall assessment I'm looking for. Are they any good? Comfy? How does the sizing go? And what's a fair price for them? I've heard that some of them were done by C&J, but I'm assuming those are more rare these days

    here's one example I was looking at the other day (not my size, but you get the idea):


    those look gorgeous. :)

    well, regarding sizing...my ralph lauren shoe, which is on the last page or two. Is size U.S. 7.5 D which i normally wear 8D in RW boot. So i will say they fit true to size since it is a shoe not a boot. Seems to me that the sole are dainite sole but with ralph lauren stamps on it. Done by C&J, i dont know, but guess u can ask the seller where was it made. Mine is handmade in England and is dressier than that one you shown. but i doubt the wingstip one is done by C&J. But the quaility from Ralph lauren should be pretty good. At least for the current price.

  14. is anybody here an expert on Polo Ralph Lauren's line of laceups? They show up periodically on eBay for decent prices and I was a little curious about them. I was hoping to find a simple chestnut colored plaintoe blucher that I can wear casually...

    can you provide a pics so maybe i can help with the sizing.


    the glove darken alot and it certainly will age nicely. I dont have any leather glove personally but maybe i will get some in the future.


    Go with what Tricker's said if you do not wish to use conditioner now but i think using a colored shoe cream rather than netural seems better. Let us know how everything turn out.

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