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  1. 11iid82.jpgkchy8h.jpg

    Two shoe related painting by Van Gogh in the 1880s. The first one remind me of Bill's alden chukkas. To me the boot has a rubber heel and leather sole with some stitching in the center which is very similar to...is it vibram 705?? Anyway, believe this two painting is interesting, just to share with you guys

  2. ^ÃŽve been looking for low cut 875 style shoes, but I dont think RW produce them at the moment.

    On the japanese market I think South2 West8 (s2w8) produced a shoe like that this s/s, but I cant find any links right now.

    Let me know if you find any RWs in that style.

    never seen the 875 low cut in the u.s., but RW used to carry the low cut Worx with the 875 style. The color is more toward yellow/orange mix. But the quality is much cheaper, i think they retail at about 50 or 60 usd. And was imported. Try it on once and they were at least half size larger than the 875 boot. So i guess if you find a 875 low cut, you might need to size down half a size.

  3. very interesting...never seen it before, and i doubt i will ever see one in dallas. show us how it fade later on, but i guess not to wear it during rain. It might shrink. Since they have leather patch and selvage on the shoe, why not put the rivets as well? It would be better if it is red selvage.

    I think the price would be somewhat outrageous and it would be kind of weird to goes with jeans...just my two cents.

  4. You can order them from Tricker's factory. It's going to be about 250 - 280£ but you get to choose everything.

    for real, didnt know about that at all.

    You mean the retricker on ebay or you have to go to the physical factory on northampton in person? The price seem very reasonable if i get to choose everything.

  5. trying to look for my brother RRL jeans jacket from 10,12 years ago but fail, indeed i find this.. Think i have this maybe 8 or 9 years ago?? Maybe $12 or so... I assume it is the older version of RRL because some of the things are different compare with my current model





  6. damn those are awesome, more info, like where to buy, what price and how to size would be extremely welcome... :D

    not my shoe, you can sometimes find it on ebay tricker factory store, it would be around 150-200 pounds i assume. Or get proxy from japan and that would be 500-600 dollars

  7. Welcome to what I would argue is the friendliest thread in Supertalk..


    well here is the size comparison

    i wear

    8D Redwing boot

    8C Redwing shoe

    8 in vans slip on

    9 in nike

    9 in new balance

    hope this help, by the way, where are you? Not a redwing store around you can try on? I think my brother wear 42 and he wears size 9...not sure tho..

  8. I didn't choose the sole, i bought them off Retricker on ebay.

    Polished it once.

    ok i see, but i believe that it would be better if you change it to a leather or commando sole. I just dont think the crepe matches the shoe. Just my opinion. That is the c shade with 7 eyelets so they are 6 inches boot right?

  9. i have those exact same sole on my redwing. To me, i can accept that because my shoe worth only $99, but for white's price. I would prefer something much better. It is super slippery when it wear down too.

    Is there any reason why are there 2 speed hook and on the top one is just regular eyelet. Doesnt that contradict the speed hook suppose to tie the shoe faster? But with the regular eyelet on top, doesnt it make it troubler unless people doesnt tie the top one.

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