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  1. Replacing my lost Filson bag. I used to have one of these:


    But I'm thinking maybe I should get one of these instead:


    Any thoughts? The field bag is slightly more expensive. Also: khaki or olive?

    no doubt, go with the field bag instead of the laptop bag. Since you have one previously, whynot go with something newer since is only slightly expensive. Go with the khaki which i think is more classic on filson. Its leather and canvas are stiff and top notch quality.

  2. It's funny, I don't particularly like chucks either and haven't worn them for many years. I do however like trickers monkey boots like the ones below. I guess there is no reasoning.



    beautiful! also, redwing has some lace-to-toe that looks pretty good as well, just cant find the pics yet..

  3. Now i see why he needs a knife. Thanks for the insider information. That is why i assume the reasons he always pm's you. Bill are actually the helper by providing the weapons and clothing. I wonder what boot he would be wearing during those bloody night.

  4. dscf0302vj9.jpg

    換個角度看雖然鞋身長度很長(約43 & 9號尺寸) 但是經常彎折處皮革確呈現很淺且細密的皺摺



    take this two pics as an example, so is it that if the crease on the leather are more condense, smooth, or close together, it means is a better quality leather because is more balance?

  5. ^Maybe you can sell them to your brother? Since they shipped them so quickly to you, they seem to have good customer service, so hopefully you'll have no problem returning. You'll probably have to pay for the shipping, though. Whether they'd exchange would probably depend on what they have in stock, which is hard to predict.

    I've just been using wax polish (Kiwi) on the GTs. I was thinking of switching to a paste polish like Meltonian, but it's true that the wax polish helps the leather resist water.

    I wouldnt want to exchange anything right now, cuz the size and i dont want to pay for another shipping. Well, just a learning experience i guess. It did shakin my online buying habits abit. First time ever i have problem with sizing. I usually do a pretty good research b4 buying online. I better return it or sell it on supermarket or other forum before my brother took it from me...

    I heard that Lincoln shoe wax are pretty good as well. Never try tho.

  6. "Send him message regarding the return policy stuff like that..havent heard yet so i guess it is probably still early there. I dont know it is saturday over there right? So maybe they wont be open today..."


    but at least i can have a good look at the cordovan shoe. I really love the smell of leather...weird me...

    I know what you mean- I have a friend who works in a good shoe shop, and he pointed out to me that calf leather shoes smell like cows, and cordovam smells like horses. Sounds weird, but I really think it;s true! Obviously I'd only recommend checking this on brand new shoes:D

    I'mglad if they fit you;re brother, but can;t you just exchange them for the correct size?

    is a factory store, or outlet. So they would only list whatever available at the moment...i guess. I ask him in the message other size upon available but that is the only one. That's why i m so desperate to buy it now cuz i dont want other to outbid me.

    Definitely going to talk to him over the next few days, but i dont think he will return me the shipping from there to here. And i have to pay the shipping back there. So whatever happen, i lost $100 no matter what, unless he is willing to refund my shipping as well, which i doubt. Anyway..seems like that you focus on language or grammar alot. Without you telling me, i see nothing about the cordovan tag.

  7. Can anyone suggest a way to keep denim from dropping beneath the ankle? I keep stepping on them at the heel in my Vans. They're already starched, I dislike pinrolling.

    few reason/suggestion...

    1. your vans's heel is worn out...

    2. tailor it to taper

    3. hem it shorter

    4. wash/soak and wish it shrink back to original

    5. roll it up

    6. dont wear vans, try something bulkier..

    7. wear suspender

  8. RW GTs on a rainy day:

    I've had these for a while but hadn't posted pics; boots look redder in 2nd pic b/c there was a bit more sunlight!


    Your GT are very water repellent. Did u use mink oil or sno seal something like that to keep the water out?

    My RW and my trickers absorb water alot and it leaves water mark on it. It take quite a few clean and polish to remove it

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