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  1. Levi's Redloop Selvage (99% new, only try on at home)

    Tag Size:29x32 slim straight

    Measurement (BIG method)


    Front Rise-9.5''

    Back Rise-14''




    Leg opening: 7 1/2"

    Price: $58 shipped within continental U.S.

    Payment: Paypal only

    PM if interested




    Levi's 511

    Brand new without Tag

    Tag Size: 30x30

    Measurement (BIG method)


    Front Rise-9''

    Back Rise-14''




    Leg opening-14''

    Color: Rigid

    Price: $26shipped within CONUS


    Levi's coat

    80% new

    Size: small

    Arm length: 23"

    Centerback: 31"

    Armpit to Armpit: 21"

    Price: $65shipped within CONUS


    Reebok Pump Fury Glamorous

    Size: 9 U.S,

    Brand new with original box, box shown sign of wear

    Price: $220 shipped within CONUS


    Vans Slip on

    Size: 8 U.S.

    Price: $32 Shpped within CONUS


    Puma Disc:

    brand new w/o box

    Size: 9 U.S.

    Price: $65 Shipped within CONUS


    Nike Dunk Low pro SB Gino I

    brand new in original box

    Size: 8.5 U.S.

    Price: $240 Shipped within CONUS



    PM if interested

  2. the look are the same, i know malton has thicker leather. But if you look at the second pics and compare to the fifth pics. The stow are more reflective on the eyelet part. That makes me wonder the calf leather on stow is more smooth and the malton is more dull because is the gorse calf.

    So, what exactly is "Gorse"?

  3. Trickers just came in. Had to get two pair to save on shipping.

    Stows in Acorn size UK 9E

    The Maltons fit about a half size bigger than the Stows and they're the same size. Both fit very well. I'll probably wear the Maltons with thicker boot socks. I wear Aldens and Whites in 9E.

    beautiful, but isnt the stow and malton the same last? and from the pics, is it true that the leather on the stow are shinier than the malton. I like the malton more....can u describe the texture of the leather on the malton please?

  4. akilae

    well, you can see his about 20 or 15 page back, not sure tho...anyway...

    his situation i think is loosen stitches, nothing major compare to your situation?? i really forgot...anyway, you should be able to find out if you search back a little. Yea..it seems like the recent one not as durable.

    edit: page 444 akilae

  5. well, i saw the leather stitches on the back is off on the right compare to the left. But where are you referring to on the ankle? Are you referring to the twist of the tongue?

    it is very unfortunate for you, but when you try on the 7 7.5 or 8 in the store, problem hasnt shown up yet. Anyway, maybe you should consider letting those people know what is wrong and they should be able to send it back to alden for restoration even they do not refund or exchange other one for you.

  6. ^ Hard to parse that Akilae. If using the lace hooks bothers your ankles, then maybe not use them? I usually wrap my laces around the boot at the first set myself.

    Like so:

    No, I didn't like that pair either. I'm have no appreciation for undyed natural leather in general though, aged or not. Reminds me of puke.

    i agree with robin, just dont used the speedhook, i personally wouldnt want a cobbler remove the speedhook, and even if you replace it with regular eyelet and wont help, why waste the money?

  7. ^I've wondered what the evo on those shell cordovan leather goods from BB would be like (the linings are calfskin). If you look closely, all of them are stamped "HANDMADE IN JAPAN"!

    yes, but i havent look at the real item at the BB store yet, but i will go see sometimes, but the price seem too much for me right now, want something not as robust as the redmoon but still as durable as it is.

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