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  1. 21 minutes ago, Jared_Lee said:

    That's the one! I would say go for it. I love Moscot frames both for style and quality. 

    may give it a shot, perhaps in christal color. I like that Moscot offers clip ons for most of their models, not for the Zolman unfortunately.

  2. my friend @mariano_vittori has a pair and wore them a good bit. He doesn't speak much English though.
    they're a Lee Cowboy 1930s cut repro. The denim is rht rather than lht because back them the lht wasn't introduced yet by Lee.
    If wide is what you're after consider the 50s as well. Amazing jeans and fabric.

  3. 3 hours ago, Nayuta said:

    Is she a new student?  A fun student life is waiting for you!  Congrats!

    Is the gown she is wearing a uniform?  It's different from Japanese children.  cool!:)

    yes, first day at primary school, she's 6. A milestone in her life.
    In Italy we don't have a strict school uniform code. Kids in primary school have to wear an apron but they're not all the same, usually either white or black.

  4. If anyone fancies again to hear me talking in my perfect English I'll be doing a live streaming with Hajime and Ryo this Saturday sept 12th h 12.00 Italy time. I think it's 19.00 in Japan.

    I'll be explaining my intricate Dremel® techniques and how I intend to bring back to the land of pizza and mandolins the crown.


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