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  1. I don't have any of the Tcb overalls but Hajime suggested saw size as jeans or one size up depending on the desired fit. A size up looks nice unless you're short and the bib may end too high.

    Overalls sizing is tricky to say the least, lots of variation depending on brands.

    I own a pair of Lee Japan overalls in size 40, my usual Tcb size is 36 and they fit me well.


  2. I think a 44 would suit you better, especially with the new 50s jacket design.

    Tcb just changed their 50s jacket design, you should try and ask directly to Ryo tcbryo182ATgmail.com and tell him you chest circumference too.

  3. @Thanks_M8 Well I think Realthing (that's the name of the fleece brands) is one of the best undiscovered Chinese brands you can find on Taobao. The one I wear here is the very first fleece design they made. the last ones are much better made, fleece fabric is thicker and better quality, lining fabrics improved a lot too. Tho this is the first one and I really like the colors. I wear it all the time at home.

  4. 39 minutes ago, conqueror said:

    how is the sizing of bronson vs bob dong tees? do you order the latter directly from taobao? my chinese isn't so great...

    edit: bob dong might be out since i'm 186cm.

    I wear an XL on both and my bare chest circumference is around 104 cm. IIRC the overall length of a Bronson is 72 cm while the bob dong is cut much shorter at around 67 cm. Plenty tuckable still to me but yeah I guess it's not suitable to very tall peeps. I have some bob dong tees that I bought in 2015 and still are absolutely perfect and I wear the white ones all the time. They outlived my [few] nice Japanese tees (Tezomeya, Pherrows) by a length. I have just bought a couple more a couple days ago, included the [supposedly] fancy tubular ecru organic cotton one, which costs about twice the standard tee cost. I'll report once it's here.

  5. Yeah they're good and they wash well though I much prefer the bob dong plain tees. They're cut much shorter so work well tucked or untucked, the collar has a triple stitch so it won't never get loose. And they stand the test of time incredibly well.

  6. I've worn Blunnies as my main boot for years, went through a couple pairs in the 00's.

    A few days ago I wanted to wear them again, dug them out of the closet and...the rubber sole disintegrated.

    they were stored in the basement where I keep the shoes I don't rotate everyday. I understand that colder temperatures and higher humidity may have ruined them a bit this happened only to Blundstones, all other soles are sound.

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