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  1. so i installed the game and played a little online, then started the campaign, pretty good so far.

    question though, as I was installing the 12gb game, it took me to blizzard and starting downloading a 6.99gb downloader or installer? and it said it would take like 5 hours, did I need that shit? cause I cancelled it. if so, how can i redownload it.

  2. so last night at midnight my buddy and I were on the way to Del Taco after smoking at this park, and we were about 5 seconds away, and I got pulled over for my window tint, and we were both prettty high. the cop took my license and registration and ran it, came back and asked if we smoked tonight, and if we had weed, cause he could smell it. we told him no, we just came back from a party where other people were smoking. he made us both step out, patted us both down. then he proceeded to completely search my car, found my buddies weed in my backseat (he's licensed but had it at home, along with his ID). while he was searching, the cop's partner is telling us how he wishes they'd legalize weed because it'd make their job so much easier and it's not even bad compared to other drugs (i have no idea if he was being serious or fucking with us, but he seemed serious). so after about 10 minutes of sitting on the curb and freezing our asses off, the cop comes back and finishes running our licenses. we got off with "alright guys have a good night"

  3. a couple photos out of a series I did for a photo class I took at OCC called Personal Expression. We had to recreate a dream using any method of photography, I chose digital B&W.

    I had a dream I was in nazi-occupied Poland and was being chased through a war torn city. there were 5 photos total..here are just 2.



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