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  1. So this weekend was bizarre. Went to a close friends apartment for the 1st time with another buddy of mine. was there for less than 5mins, i walked to the gas station nearby to grab a bite to eat, im walking back to his apartment, i knock on his door no answer, i remember him sayin he'll leave the door unlocked & to just come in, so i go in and the football game is on but cant find my buddies, i call for their name but no answer, i figure they went to go smoke or were playin a trick on me. then i notice, wait this looks a lot like his apartment same furniture set up, same tv, same table but no beers on the table. Im confused at this point and just then a chick walks in and asks "what are you doing here?" I ask her where my buddy was thinkin its his wifes friend she says they dont live here and im like OMG, i was shocked as hell, told her i was sorry and walked out went and finally found my friends apartment told him what had just happened of course they didnt believe me at first. I gave him 20bucks to go over & apologize to the chick cuz i felt bad. He went over and apologized. I guess the chick was still kinda freakin out until he told her it was a mistake. What a trippy day that was for me.

    that is the worst feeling. i had something similar happen. i was with a buddy and this chick invited us over. she told us her address..and said just to come in when we got there..she'd be upstairs. so we go into this front door...and we start walking upstairs..and we see a woman in her bedroom...she says "what the hell are you doing" and we're like wtf....shocked. so we quickly apologize and walk out. apparently these houses are combined...with a front door on the very left and very right...they share a drive way..and each house has a number on the front...but it just so happens that this persons house didnt have a number on the front..so we didn't notice it was a separate house. really embarrassing shit.

  2. no comments in 2 weeks? good thing im back.

    zac morris smackin the botwin. holler

    hahaha such a graphic scene,she's such a little skank..i love it.

    pretty good episode though..that little drugged out short guy who said he did meth and was super high cracked me up.

  3. I'm surprised anyone can plant their faces in front of them all the time, it's pretty ridic huge.

    I mean, I get to the point where I could use a lot more size when I'm working on shit all the time, but as far as everyday tasking, it's pretty daunting...

    ...way jealous of speed for sure...

    it's pretty big for every day stuff, i just downsize the window usually. but it sure is nice to be able to see so much of a photo working at 100% and not having to scroll around every two seconds. and to have internet/any other apps open at pretty much full size next to each other is convenient also..definitely worth it.

  4. coming out to my car in the college parking lot and finding new scratches on my door...constantly.

    also, people that talk about their job NONSTOP..especially when it's uninteresting and nobody asked.

  5. He's an auto-mechanic for the state and a fisherman by hobby, so I think he'll get some good use out of it.

    damn right he'll get good use out of it!

    yardsale...that knife looks really clean...dig the clip too. sorry you had to throw away your griptilian :( i'd probly cry if I lost my bm.

  6. as an advertising photo...their target market is 100% male, so it's shit.. from a technical perspective...it's even more shit. apparently if there's a flower in a shitty photograph it's "artistic"..hah.

    F50 you should have won!

    (solix i know you were being sarcastic)

  7. nostalgic do you think because you shoot with a mamiya and leica it sets you above anyone else automatically? your work doesn't really strike me as spectacular...your third photo looks like you accidentally fired the camera when walking into a room..is there something interesting that I'm missing?

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