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  1. I don't get on here as much as I used to, I used to be on here all day, now I come on probably a couple times a week.

    I think it was stupid to get rid of rep comments. Also I'm still annoyed that every time I open a thread I have to click the arrow to go to the last page and then scroll down to see the most recent post. There used to be an option to always view threads with the most recent post first. That needs to come back.

  2. hey kiya, what the difference between ironheart 301 and pbj x011 in terms of fit?

    There's an Ironheart thread, a PBJ thread, a Random Denim Questions thread, and there's also a search function.

    Stop being lazy and go find the answer, or look at the sizing chart. It's annoying that this thread has turned into an area for lazy people to come ask questions that are either obvious, or easy to find.

  3. I'm selling my IHW-02. It's a Small, only been worn about 6 times, never touched water, and it's in perfect condition. Kept in a nonsmoking home and I don't smoke either.

    Unfortunately other expenses have come up and I can't justify keeping this, especially in So. Cal where I can only wear it for a month out of the year.

    I accept Paypal, and can only ship in the U.S., unless you're willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

    I'm asking $440 shipped, but will consider reasonable offers.

    PM me with any questions or offers thanks :)

    some photos:




  4. probly been mentioned, but the drunk ass emotional girl who fucks a guy she recently met and then cries after because she's so drunk and "i'm such a slut and he doesn't even like me oh em gee im so sad and pathetic"

    yeah i was that guy, bitch cried in the shower when we took one after. that ended real quick.

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