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  1. Starting to make food, and realizing you don't have the one ingredient you need to pull it all together. Like pouring a bowl of cereal and realizing you have no milk.

    i did this shit the other day. Told the GF I'd make her a sandwhich ONCE because she didn't believe I could make a good one.

    SO I got out all the ingredients to make an amazing turkey sandwhich. fuckin bread, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, pepperonchinis, provolone. I look in the meat drawer...the turkey container has the tiniest slice of turkey I've ever seen. I nearly shit myself.

  2. 4 hours into DeadSpace 2 (360), in Chapter 6. I like how this game forces you to explore every foot of the map for power nodes, money, etc., not a campaign you can just run through..this is in my top 3 along with bioshock and half life 2.

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