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  1. any architects in the LA/OC area needing photographs should contact me, I'm still building my portfolio so it'd be beneficial for both of us.

    don't mean to plug but I figure there's not a lot of photographers on here who specialize in architectural photography so it's appropriate.

  2. I'm selling my Supreme Bolts Crewneck, it's a little too big for my liking now.

    It's in excellent condition, no stains or anything. size Large.

    price is $100 shipped anywhere in the U.S.

    I accept Paypal only.

    If you'd like to see feedback my ebay username is Bustosc, I have over 100 transactions and 100% positive feedback.

    some photos!




  3. Well I don't think you need pussy and tits showing to make it fap worthy myself but each to their own...

    thats why there's a supererotic thread for all the stuff without pussy and tits

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