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  1. fuckin hip checks and some good hits. really exciting game. and yeah crawford had some incredible saves. Chicago was sooo close on that first pp in ot. I guess Vancouver had to win eventually..fuck

  2. speaking of Cali...got my haircut at Hawleywoods in Costa Mesa. 25 bucks for an hour haircut and straight razor neck/edges shave, also old school neck massage machine at the end. Guys only/pabst while you're getting a cut. pretty solid imo.

  3. after shaving my head for 3 years..decided to try something new. combo of murrays/layrite super hold. not a really "high sheen" combination at all.

    sweet georgia brown red has a lot of sheen...but not much hold at all.

    p.s. I dont have herpes...I got high sticked.


  4. dude wtf, who are you? Her and everyone else in those pictures are friends of mines.

    edit: they're actually really good friends of mines

    dude wtf, tell your friends they're hot...

    ..minus the dude

  5. hawks 8 game streak cut tonight... :(

    yeah by one fucking goal, against florida. boooooooooo.

    hawks deserved that game, i think the panthers goalie saved their asses.

  6. how long do IH jeans take to start getting...... how do i say..... soft?

    well if you're looking at anything made with the signature 21 oz denim it's already pretty soft when it arrives, it's sanforized.

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