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  1. girls who have stupid ass red paint all over their bodies for a high school football game, then hug me and get it all over my Imperials, and it doesn't come off, and they laugh.

    yeah, that just happened.

  2. I work at CVS pharmacy, and shoot photos for a company called Southcoast Photographic, which does high school sports and yearbook photos. I'm also going to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa getting my AA in photography, then probably going on to a Cal State to get my bachelors or masters.

  3. this thread just got me craving pho.

    i go to a place called pho 99 in Lake Forest, which is in South Orange County, which is the only place I've tried. like was stated way earlier in the thread, the food is amazing...service sucks.

  4. I would personally soak them to get the starch off..

    I prefer to set the whiskers and honey combs while the jeans are still damp...

    just personal preference though..

    if i do a cold soak for an hour with no agitation do you think that'd be sufficient to shrink them a tiny bit and keep the indigo?

  5. i just got these, i think the fit is pretty good, i wanna say they're about 1/2 inch too big in the waist.

    i really wanna keep all the indigo/stiffness i can, should I just do a hot soak of the waist for about an hour?

    here's the fit..lemme know what you think.




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